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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Chris Webber

Chris Webber warns Blake Griffin to stop flopping so much (Video)

Blake Griffin may be one of the most physical and ferocious players in the NBA, but he’s developing a reputation for being a flopper. Chris Webber played with known flopper Vlade Divac on the Sacramento Kings, and he understands that’s not a reputation a player wants. That’s why he warned Griffin about flopping so much…Read More

David Kahn: Chris Webber’s a ‘Schmuck’

I guess it’s name-calling day. Earlier we told you about Glen Beck calling Brian Urlacher a neo-Nazi. Now, we get a continuance of the war of the words that has rapidly developed between Chris Webber and Minnesota Timberwolves GM David Kahn. The latest jab was thrown by Kahn on KSTP radio in Minneapolis, when he…Read More

Chris Webber-akalapolous?

This kind of flew under the radar over the weekend, but it’s so strange it definitely merits our attention. Not long ago I mentioned that Stephon Marbury was thinking about going to play ball in Italy when his Knicks contract expired. Similarly, former UCLA star J.R. Henderson became a Japanese citizen to compete on their…Read More

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