Claude Giroux scores 100th career goal with impossible backhanded shot (Video)

Claude-Giroux-100th-goalPhiladelphia Flyers center Claude Giroux is one of the best offensive players in the NHL. He reminded us of that on Thursday night when he scored the 100th goal of his career in incredible fashion.

Giroux’s 100th goal came with 1:38 remaining in the game and proved to be the game-winner over the Columbus Blue Jackets. All of that would be impressive enough, but the goal also was easily one of the best you will ever see. Giroux was falling down after being shoved in the back, yet he somehow managed to backhand the puck and lift it over the glove of Blue Jackets goalie Curtis McElhinney.

The fact that Giroux was even able to get a shot off from such an impossible angle was amazing. What a fitting way to reach the 100th goal milestone.

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Claude Giroux needs surgery after injuring finger playing golf

Claude-Giroux-FlyersHockey players are some of the toughest dudes on the planet, which is why they rarely ever make our ever-growing list of weird injuries that we have featured on LBS over the years. However, Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux recently had a golf course mishap that we like to hope is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Giroux was golfing in Ottawa on Thursday when he broke a club during a swing. He suffered a bad cut and some tendon damage.

“It was just a freak thing,” Giroux told the Philadelphia Daily News. “I was taking a swing and my club hit a little behind the ball. The shaft of the club shattered, but my hand kept going on the swing and the shattered part went right into my finger.”

Giroux also told the paper that there was “blood everywhere” after it happened. There were no broken bones, but Flyers GM Paul Holmgren said Giroux will require surgery because of the tendon damage and is expected to miss 5-6 weeks. Fortunately, that should give the 25-year-old plenty of time to recover before the season begins.

We have seen football players suffer bad injuries while playing basketball and MLB pitchers go down while playing with their kids, but the golf course has always seemed like a safe escape. Apparently that is not always the case.

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Claude Giroux says he needed wrist surgery because of Sidney Crosby

Claude Giroux had surgery on both of his wrists after the Flyers were eliminated from the playoffs last season, and now the assistant captain says Sidney Crosby is the reason why.

Giroux told the Timmons Press in Ontario that Crosby’s hacking throughout the playoffs injured him.

“[The scars] are from (Sidney) Crosby,” Giroux told the Timmons Press. “Every time we’d line up against each other for a face-off during our (2012 playoff) series, instead of going for the puck when it was dropped, he’d hack me across the wrists. I ended up playing the series against (New) Jersey with one of them fractured and had to go for surgery on both of them after we were out of the playoffs.”

The Flyers beat the Penguins in six games before losing to the Devils in five. The 24-year-old winger led the team with 93 points and 65 assists, and he racked up 17 points in the playoffs, though just 3 came in the second round.

Giroux should be fine for the start of the regular season. I mean the guy is still playing beer pong despite his wrist injuries — how bad could he be? And who knew that Crosby could do some actual damage to an opponent?

Having both his wrists in casts didn’t stop Claude Giroux from dominating beer pong

Flyers center Claude Giroux has both his wrists in casts after having surgery on both of them shortly after his team’s season ended, but that hasn’t kept himself from enjoying some beer pong. The team’s leading scorer apparently entertained guests both days over the weekend and played some beer pong with them.

A girl who goes by the name Alexandra on Twitter shared the picture and says Giroux still whooped her butt despite the casts. If he’s able to sink some ping pong balls in cups, I guess we shouldn’t worry about his ability to wipe after doing his business.

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