Coco Crisp’s latest haircut is definitely worth checking out (Video)

Coco Crisp of the Oakland A’s seems like one of the more fun loving guys in Major League Baseball and when it comes to his appearance, he generally attracts attention.

coco-crisp-haircutA couple of years ago, Crisp caught eyes with this tattoo/piercing. And who could forget the glorious afro he blessed us with after taking his braids out.

Sticking with Coco Crisp’s hair, check out the do he was sporting against the Minnesota Twins.

More power to him, because I definitely couldn’t pull that off. From the front, it looks normal enough. When Crisp turns around, is when you get the full effect.

That’s so Coco Crisp.

Coco Crisp robs Josh Hamilton of home run; fireworks accidentally go off (Video)

Coco-Crisp-robs-homerJosh Hamilton has not hit many home runs this season. Much of that has to do with the fact that he has been injured, but Coco Crisp is also partially responsible. Hamilton made a bid for his fourth homer of the year on Wednesday when the Oakland A’s center fielder robbed him.

The best part? Whoever was in charge of setting the fireworks off for the Los Angeles Angels cost the team a little money. He or she was too quick with the trigger, and the fireworks that are typically reserved for home runs were set off after Crisp made the fantastic catch. Coco even gave a finger wag as the ballpark filled with smoke.

Better make sure the ball actually lands over the wall next time.

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Oakland A’s to give away Coco Crisp ‘Bernie Lean’ bobblehead dolls (Picture)

Coco-Crisp-AsLast season, the Okland A’s rode their laid-back style all the way to an AL West division title and their first playoff appearance since 2006. No team in the league appeared to have more fun down the stretch than the A’s, and it’s one of the main reasons their young roster was able to find so much success.

During their improbable run, Coco Crisp introduced the “Bernie Lean” to his A’s teammates. As you likely know, the “Bernie Lean” is a dance that started from the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.” There have been several YouTube videos featuring people doing the bizarre dance and the A’s even made their own video with it. Now, there is a bobblehead version of the dance. The A’s plan to give these bad boys away to their first 10,000 fans before their game on June 29.

I guess that’s more of a bobblebody than a bobblehead, but either way I’m a fan. In an era where teams give away bobbleheads of players that aren’t on their team anymore and can’t even manage to accurately depict their own pitchers, it’s refreshing to see a new idea. I give the A’s an A (see what I did there?) for creativity.

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Coco Crisp robs Prince Fielder (Video)

Coco Crisp robbed Prince Fielder in the second inning of Game 3 of the ALDS to help keep the Tigers off the board on Tuesday.

Crisp raced back and perfectly timed a jump at the wall in right center to rob Fielder of a potential extra-base hit.

The catch helped the A’s maintain their 1-0 lead. The play was redemption for Crisp, who committed a costly two-run error in a Game 2 loss on Sunday:

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Josh Reddick pies Coco Crisp in the face while wearing Spiderman costume (Video)

The Oakland A’s have made a habit of coming away with walk-off wins this season. On Friday night, Jemile Weeks hit a lead-off triple and Coco Crisp followed with a sacrifice fly to give the A’s a 5-4 victory in the 15th inning. It was their second win in 15 innings this week, as they also needed six extra frames to beat the Rays on Monday night. It was Oakland’s league-leading 13th walk-off win of the season. They have won 32 games at home this season, meaning an astonishing 40% of those wins have come by way of the walk-off.

Since the A’s have become accustomed to dramatic endings, they have to look for ways to spice up the post-game celebration. The shaving cream pie-to-the-face isn’t exactly an innovative procedure. We’ve seen it done to Bryce Harper during a random interview and A.J. Burnett made a habit out of it when he was with the Yankees. Josh Reddick is the first one I’ve seen do it dressed in a Spiderman outfit. I guess that’s what 13 walk-off wins in less than a full season will do to a team.

Oakland A’s went a little overboard dousing Coco Crisp in celebration (Video)

The A’s swept the Yankees in a four-game series, so it’s understandable why they were pretty stoked after winning in 12 innings on Sunday 5-4. Coco Crisp smacked a walk-off single to give Oakland the victory and then was pelted multiple times during the postgame celebration. His teammates got him with a freezing cold bucket of water — which he was expecting — and then two shaving cream pies and a bucket of gum and sunflower seeds — which he wasn’t expecting, leaving him dripping with frost and other assortments.

The A’s lead the league in walk-off wins with 11 this season so they’re used to the shaving cream pie celebrations, but they went a wee bit overboard on this one. They’re also 14-2 in July and now only .5 games behind the Angels for second in the AL West and wild card. As they said in “Moneyball,” “What is happening in Oakland?!?!”

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What’s Up with Coco Crisp’s Weird Neck Tattoo/Piercing Thingy?

I must be out of the Coco Crisp loop because I had no idea he had this thing in his neck. Watching the Yankees-A’s game on Friday, the announcers focused on it and were astonished MLB allowed him to play with it in. To be truthful, it’s hard to figure out exactly what it is. Is that a bullseye? A bee bee stuck in his neck? Is it supposed to mimic someone spotting him with a scope and hunting him down? I don’t know what it is, but I think we can all agree it looks pretty awful. Maybe he should just stick with awesome ‘fros if he wants attention.

Here are a few more looks at the neck tattoo/piercing thingy:

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