Bobby Valentine rips on himself in hilarious fantasy baseball commercial (Video)

Bobby-Valentine-CBS-commercialSay what you will about Bobby Valentine and his inability to hold a job in professional baseball, but the man clearly has a sense of humor. Valentine’s career with the Boston Red Sox lasted about as long as most of us expected and went about as well as we would have imagined, so he decided to take a safer job as the athletic director at Sacred Heart University this year. It would also appear that he is making a few bucks from CBS Sports.

When you have been fired as many times as Bobby V. has, it becomes a punchline. And what do companies do with punchlines? They turn them into advertisements, which is why CBSSports.com has decided to feature Valentine in a fantasy baseball commercial. As you can see, the advertisement is dedicated to Bobby V. basically heckling himself for being fired so frequently throughout his career. It’s hilarious.

“I know, I’m fired.”

Talk about having no shame in your game. Valentine may say stupid things that inhibit his ability to land new jobs, but he still has his marketability.

Leon Sandcastle-Deion Sanders drafted by Chiefs in NFL Network commercial

NFL Network had an excellent commercial that aired during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl that sparked the question: who is Leon Sandcastle?

Sandcastle was the fictional alter-ego created by NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders, who shows up at the 2013 NFL Combine to prove that stars like RG3, Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck are not the most dominant rookies ever.

During the commercial, Sanders wears a wig and signs up for the combine under the name “Leon Sandcastle.” He runs a 4.2 40-yard dash, and gets hyped up by NFL Network analysts Mike Mayock and Kurt Warner. Eventually, the Kansas City Chiefs supposedly select Sandcastle No. 1 overall.

The commercial led to some solid jokes:

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Bar Refaeli makes out with nerdy Jesse Heiman in GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial (Video)

Bar Refaeli Jesse Heiman Go DaddyMany people watch the Super Bowl strictly to track the commercials, and we can already tell you that this spot from GoDaddy is going to generate plenty of buzz.

GoDaddy has become a regular Super Bowl advertiser and is know for its commercials featuring copious amounts of T&A. This one hardly has any variance.

In an effort to show how GoDaddy merges “sexy” and “smart” features, the company has beauty Bar Refaeli make out with nerdy “Walter.” The commercial is narrated by driver/company spokeswoman Danica Patrick.

We post this video for two reasons. One, the shock value for this spot is off the charts, so we’re trying to give you a heads up on what to look out for Sunday. Two, we must discuss that lucky nerd.

The dude who gets to make out with the gorgeous Refaeli is Jesse Heiman, an actor whom you have probably seen in many movies. Heiman has appeared in 65 titles according to his IMDB page. He was one of the dudes sitting on the couch for “Topless Tutors” in Van Wilder, and he was the real Petey in “American Pie 2.”

Our favorite Heiman role, though, came in “The Rules of Attraction.”

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Video of football player flipping over defender is part of AT&T commercial

A 19-second video clip of a football player flipping over a defender went viral on Friday (seen above), but there were no details about the awesome play in question.

Deadspin posted it and called it “The Most Athletic Football Play Of The Year Took Place In A High School Scrimmage.”

“Since the video was uploaded more than three weeks ago, and barely has 400 views, it’s safe to say it’s either legit or the worst-marketed viral video ever,” wrote Barry Petchesky.

Well it looks like the video was part of a viral marketing campaign, and it did force me to take notice. The clip was part of an AT&T commercial featuring Bob Stoops, and the point is to show how awesome moments can spread rapidly, and how AT&T devices can help you share cool things. Here is what the AT&T commercial looks like:

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ESPN kills it with hilarious John Clayton ponytail commercial (Video)

Say what you will about ESPN. They’re too mainstream. They steal people’s stuff without giving credit. They protect certain sports figures. Whether you agree with the complaints or not, you have probably heard them all. But don’t you dare try to say the most recent “This is SportsCenter” commercial that the World Wide Leader released isn’t solid gold.

Since he is almost always shown from a straight-on angle, very few people realize that John Clayton has a mullet/ponytail of sorts hanging from the back of his head. The man they call “The Professor” has a hairstyle that has been a running joke among the blogosphere for quite some time now, and ESPN finally decided to get in on the fun. Thank goodness for that. Anything less than a round of applause for John Clayton the headbanger would be a drastic injustice.

H/T The Big Lead

Jerry Jones raps in Papa John’s pizza commercial (Video)

Jerry Jones has hit a new low in his quest for endless fame and attention. The Cowboys owner appears in a new Papa John’s pizza commercial where he actually raps.

“Cowboys, five stars, is what I get. It’s like a Papa John’s/Pepsi double-threat,” he says midway through the commercial, and I could swear, he was in rhythm to replicate Prestige Worldwide’s “nachos, lemonheads, my dad’s boat.”

Mr. Noah Vanderhoff reincarnate has actually appeared in a Papa John’s commercial before. As Cowboys Blog reminds us, the last time he was seen break dancing:

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Nike made ‘The Ring Maker’ commercial to celebrate LeBron’s first title (Video)

LeBron James and the Miami Heat weren’t the only winners on Thursday night. Nike cashed in big, too.

The swoosh already had a commercial prepared for when James finally won his first ring. They released it on Thursday night after the Heat beat the Thunder in the NBA Finals.

The commercial is called “The Ring Maker,” and it depicts a jeweler crafting a championship ring for LeBron James. The crafting begins when LeBron is a high schooler, and it’s finally completed on the night James finally wins a title. It’s clear that this commercial wanted to emphasize James’ path to finally becoming a champion, and that Nike was there with him along the way.

LeBron James is one of Nike’s most recognizable athletes in the world, and he already has his own shoe line and clothing line through them. He just lacked the validation of being a champion. Now that he’s finally won his first ring, his marketing appeal should skyrocket. Nike is undoubtedly ready for a boost. This was a big night for them.