Connor Barwin: Nick Foles has the biggest baby maker on the Eagles

Nick-Foles-EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin held a very entertaining Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Monday. Many fans who participate in AMA’s love to litter the chats with inappropriate questions, though the subject doesn’t have to answer them all. Barwin did his best to host an uncensored Q&A.

Crossing Broad highlighted some of Barwin’s best answers for us, but one of them stuck out above all the rest. You might say it stuck out as far as a certain part of Nick Foles’ body allegedly sticks out. We’ll let Barwin and the “lifelong Eagles fan” take it from here.

Question: Lifelong Eagles fan here to the point of being able to rattle off strength and conditioning coaches, practice squad lineman, etc. One factoid I’ll never have access to: Biggest weiner in the locker room? My sleeper picks are Alex ‘Moose Knuckle’ Henery and Nasty Nate Allen. Your astute clarification would be appreciated.

Barwin: Doesn’t the internet know it’s Nick Foles?

I guess the internet knows now. This could either be Barwin’s way of pumping up his young quarterback, or it’s true. Either way, Foles’ lovely fiancee probably isn’t going to be happy. He’s already an NFL quarterback. Now he’s going to be beating girls off of him with a stick. Or…never mind.

Connor Barwin gives concert tickets to fan with most creative use of his Texans jersey

Connor-Barwin-TexansPhiladelphia Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin gave us another example of the benefits of Twitter this week when he held a contest to give away free concert tickets. The idea stemmed from a thought that Barwin had about how he hates when players switch teams, rendering their old jerseys useless. In an attempt to avoid that, Barwin told his followers he would give away two tickets to the Free Press Summer Festival in Houston to the person who came up with the most creative use of his Houston Texans jersey.

And the winner was:

I must admit, that is pretty damn creative. It’s not surprising that Barwin held the contest, as gestures like this incredible thank you note prove he genuinely cares about his fans. However, the competition did lead to some entries from disgruntled fans, like this very NSFW idea that one fan had for his Barwin Texans jersey:

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Connor Barwin: Blaine Gabbert is my favorite QB because I sacked him the most

Connor-Barwin-Blaine-GabbertEarlier this week, Connor Barwin took out a full-page ad in the Houston Post to thank everyone who helped him get his career started with the Houston Texans. When we say everyone, we mean everyone. Barwin didn’t just thank the fans, he also paid tribute to everyone from the delivery guy to the popcorn guy. And then there was Blaine Gabbert.

The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback was one of the many people on Barwin’s list, and the now-Philadelphia Eagle explained the reason why during a chat with Robert Klemko of USA Today Sports on Friday.

“That was just me trying to have some fun,” Barwin said. “But obviously he’s my favorite quarterback in the NFL because I sacked him the most.”

Fair enough. Barwin also explained a few of the other items on the list. “Cheesecake” actually refers to a person who Barwin says is a doorman at several venues in the Houston area. He has a stuffed animal named “Bernie the Bear.” The “popcorn guy” he was talking about walks around small shows in Houston with a bag of popcorn and is always offering to share with people.

This is clearly a man who is in touch with his roots. Although, Gabbert probably isn’t flattered by the fact that he made the cut.

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Connor Barwin thanks everyone in Houston from the delivery guy to the fans


Connor Barwin signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason after spending the first three seasons of his career with the Houston Texans. He was one of the more versatile linebackers in the game with Houston, particularly in 2011 when he racked up 11.5 sacks. As many players do, Barwin wanted to think his former organization and their fans on his way out the door.

However, the former second-round pick did things a bit differently than most. We have seen full-page ads thanking the fans and even heartfelt hand-written letters. But to my knowledge, no athlete has ever taken the time to thank the delivery guy, his cleaning lady, the popcorn guy and cheesecake. Those were just a few of the bases Barwin covered in his thank you letter to the Houston area.

We knew he was a generous guy after this offer to Jeremy Lin last year, but Barwin truly went above and beyond with his farewell message. Very unique and nicely done.

Photo via Twitter/Jayme Lamm

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Connor Barwin offers up his couch for Jeremy Lin (Picture)

Toward the beginning of last season, Jeremy Lin had a slightly different financial situation than the one he currently has. For that reason, he was sleeping on a couch in his brother’s living room. Considering Lin wasn’t sure if he even had a future in the NBA, it was a fiscally responsible decision. Now that he has signed a three-year, $25.1 million contract with the Rockets, Lin doesn’t have to worry about sleeping on other people’s furniture anymore. But if he still wants to, Texans linebacker Connor Barwin has him covered.

Barwin tweeted the photo you see above on Tuesday night with the following text: “It’s official @JLin7 can shoot free throws from his new bed!”

He’s even got a hoop set up and everything. Some Knicks players felt as though Lin’s teammates would be bothered by his big contract. Now, they don’t have to worry about it. The Houston community has wasted no time taking him in.