Kobe Bryant thinks Dahntay Jones injured him intentionally like Jalen Rose

Kobe Bryant Dahntay JonesKobe Bryant suffered a sprained ankle at the end of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 96-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday, and the Lakers star thinks he was injured intentionally.

Bryant was hurt attempting a game-tying jumper on the baseline. He was fading away from the basket as he shot the ball, and he landed on the leg of Hawks guard Dahntay Jones.

Bryant went down immediately and was in pain. He left the game and had X-rays which were negative. The Lakers said after the game that Bryant was out indefinitely with a “severe” ankle sprain.

The story gets much more interesting from there. Bryant said after the game that he thought Jones hurt him intentionally like Jalen Rose did in the 2000 NBA Finals. Rose, then with the Indiana Pacers, stuck his foot out to intentionally hurt Bryant during Game 2 of the Finals, causing Bryant to miss the next game with a sprained ankle.

Below is video of Bryant calling Jones’ injury intentional, and Rose, currently an NBA analyst for ESPN, admitting that he intentionally injured Bryant:

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Kobe Bryant out indefinitely with sprained ankle (Video)

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant is out indefinitely after spraining his left ankle at the end of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 96-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks Wednesday.

Bryant attempted a baseline jumper in the final seconds and landed on defender Dahntay Jones leg, which caused him to land awkwardly and roll his ankle.

X-rays on Bryant’s ankle were negative, but he is said to have a “severe” sprain. The team reportedly says he is out indefinitely.

Bryant had 33 points on 11-for-33 shooting in the loss. The Lakers play at Indiana Friday, host Sacramento Sunday, visit the Phoenix Suns on Monday, and host the Wizards on Friday. They are currently eighth in the Western Conference standings.

Even if Kobe is out for a week and a half, the team should be able to do fine without him given the favorable schedule.

UPDATE: As Nate Jones points out, an interesting twist to this story is that Dahntay Jones has a history of trying to injure Kobe. Watch this video from the 2009 Western Conference Finals when the Lakers faced the Nuggets:

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