Jose Bautista yaps at Darren O’Day after hitting home run (Video)

Jose Bautista got the sweet feeling of revenge when he homered off Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Darren O’Day on Saturday.

The issues between the two began on Friday night when O’Day struck out Bautista to end the seventh, stranding a runner at second and maintaining a 6-6 tie. O’Day gave a skip/hop after striking out Bautista, and the Jays slugger thought O’Day said something to him. Below are the GIFs that started the whole thing:

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Buck Showalter gets Darren O’Day with excellent prank (Video)

Manager Buck Showalter has a reputation for being a no-nonsense type of guy. Having that type of reputation keeps you from being widely beloved, but it creates an excellent front for pranks.

In this excellent prank set up by MLB’s FanCave, Orioles reliever Darren O’Day thinks he’s doing an interview for The Wall Street Journal about an electric unicycle he likes to use. Instead, he was just being set up by Showalter, Jim Johnson, and the MLB FanCave crew.

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Kason Gabbard err … Darren O’Day Debuts for Rangers and Blows Game

So the Blue Jays beat the Rangers on Wednesday night going to 11-5 on the year. Texas was super thin on pitching which isn’t exactly something new for the team from Arlington. They were so thin on pitching entering Wednesday’s game that they had to claim Darren O’Day off waivers from the Mets. That’s where I’ll let the AP recap tell the rest of the story:

O’Day was at home in Panama City Beach, Fla., when he got a lunchtime call from his agent telling him he had been claimed by Texas. Within two hours he was on a flight to Memphis, Tenn., where he connected to Toronto.

“I got off the plane in the eighth inning and had to go through customs and all that jazz,” O’Day said. “The traveling secretary was texting me back and forth. We originally planned to go to the hotel and he said ‘Go to the field, we might need you.’ I got here, got on a uniform and went out there.”

O’Day pitched wearing Kason Gabbard’s jersey because there wasn’t time to get him one of his own.

Gabbard’s a left-handed fastball pitcher. Darren O’Day is a right-handed side-armer. The difference between the two is quite distinct. How crazy is it to meet your teammates when you’re warming up on the mound during a game? How about having the traveling secretary tell you that you need to get to the field because the team needs you? Baseball is a crazy, crazy sport. Any wonder why pitchers kick around the majors for years after their best days are done? Teams are just desperate for arms. They’ll even give you another player’s jersey too. Oh yeah, and O’Day gave up the game-winning double to Kevin Millar.