AJ McCarron’s mom asks on Twitter if Jameis Winston is speaking English

Jameis Winston

A.J. McCarron’s mother Dee Dee Bonner is in some hot water for a tweet she sent during Jameis Winston’s postgame speech after the BCS National Championship Game.

“Am I listening to English?” Bonner asked over Twitter.

She quickly deleted the tweet, but it was captured by many people on Twitter.

Dee Dee Bonner tweet Jameis Winston

In response to Winston’s postgame speech, I retweeted a tweet and said the speech was “brutal.”

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AJ McCarron’s mom goes crazy, Katherine Webb nervous (GIF)

It’s not often that we see Alabama trailing or struggling during a football game, but that’s how things were for them against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday. The result was Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron’s mom, Dee Dee Bonner, going absolutely nuts cheering on her son’s team.

As Bama got the ball back following an Oklahoma punt late in the third quarter, ESPN cameras flashed to Bonner, who went yelling for AJ. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, had a pretty nervous look on her face.

AJ McCarron mom Dee Dee Bonner

A.J. has said in the past that he could hear his mother cheering him on during a game. I’m guessing he could hear her after that.

Dee Dee also came dangerously close to Russell Wilson’s wife status with that reaction:

For the record, Alabama had only trailed 157 minutes with McCarron at QB prior to the Sugar Bowl:

Alabama trailing AJ McCarron

This was definitely a new feeling for Dee Dee.

AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb and mom Dee Dee Bonner together for last time

Katherine Webb Dee Dee Bonner

AJ McCarron and his family have achieved royalty status in Alabama. That sort of happens when you are the star quarterback for the Crimson Tide — you become a legend at the school, and you are an icon in the state for the rest of your life. But with McCarron, it’s not just him who has become extremely popular.

At each of McCarron’s games, his mother, Dee Dee Bonner, and girlfriend, Katherine Webb, are usually in attendance. The two are frequently shown together on TV, and they share pictures on social media of their time at the games. Both Bonner and Webb expressed disappointment on Thursday that the Sugar Bowl would be their last time together at an Alabama game where AJ was the quarterback:

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