Derek Dooley After Tennessee Win: The One Thing We Always Do Is Kick the **** Out of Vandy

Here I was thinking Derek Dooley was some Shakespeare quoting intellectual, only to find out he’s actual a real life dude when the media isn’t around.

After his Vols beat Vanderbilt 27-21 in overtime Saturday for their first conference win of the season, Dooley led his team in a locker room celebration. At the end of his speech, he dropped a now-infamous quote: “The last thing that I’m going to remind you before we sing, is that the one thing Tennessee always does is kick the s*** out of Vandy.”

Here’s the video as shared by Outkick the Coverage:

Whoever took that video and uploaded it to YouTube is probably in trouble. That’s the type of video that’s not intended for the public. However, it is awesome, and because of that, we felt like we needed to share it.

Think Vandy won’t remember this when the teams meet in the future? And what does it say about Tennessee? There was once a day where they ruled the SEC East, and now they’re celebrating their only conference win against a below average team. How the mighty have fallen.

Here is audio of Dooley’s locker room speech:

Derek Dooley Bans Mother Barbara from Paul Finebaum Radio Show

Barbara Dooley was once a regular guest on the Paul Finebaum Show, which is one of the most popular SEC radio shows in the country.  Although her husband is a Georgia Hall of Fame coach and her son is the head coach at the University of Tennessee, Barbara’s weekly appearances were highly anticipated by fans from all regions within the SEC.  Her hilarious sense of humor and warm southern charm have made her into one of the most popular women in Tennessee.

Now that Derek Dooley has forbidden her from appearing on Finebaum’s show, SEC fans will be missing out.  Barbara confirmed to Outkicking the Coverage on Monday that Derek had banned her from the show because he doesn’t like that she speaks without a filter and believes she is hurting Tennessee’s recruiting.

The real question is whether or not Barbara could actually be hurting the Vols’ recruiting process or her son is just embarrassed.  Keep in mind this is the woman who shared with the public that she once answered the door for her husband in the nude and told him, “Play me or trade me, coach.”  She also let listeners know that her nickname for Derek is “Precious.”  Derek was a tight end in college at Virginia and his mother once made up bumper stickers that read “Throw the ball to Precious” and sent them to the starting quarterback who was also Derek’s roommate.

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Renaldo Woolridge aka Swiperboy Makes ‘Teach Me How to Dooley’ Rap Video

Renaldo Woolridge is a member of the University of Tennessee men’s basketball team.  He’s also apparently an aspiring rap artist that goes by the name Swiperboy.  Renaldo recently decided he’s not ready to let the Dougie sensation die out just yet.  Guys like Spencer Hawes, John Wall, and Drew Stanton did their best to keep the Dougie going over the last year but it has since died out a bit.  Swiperboy has decided Tennessee coach Derek Dooley deserves his own song, so here it is.  Check out the Renaldo Woolridge “Teach Me How to Dooley” video, courtesy of Outkick the Coverage:

Considering Dooley is a coach who gave his players a Shakespeare speech I doubt he’s a big fan of the Dougie.  It’s important for me to admit that I don’t understand anything that’s going on in this movie.  We just thought you guys might find it entertaining.

Derek Dooley Quotes Shakespeare’s Richard III to Teach Vols a Lesson

As if student-athletes didn’t already have a tough enough time with their studies in the classroom, now we have coaches referencing historical plays from the late-1500s on the field.

Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley apparently read from a selection of William Shakespeare’s Richard III after practice Wednesday. His purpose was to send a message about attention to detail, and how even the smallest mistakes can have crippling effects.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel explains it well:

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Derek Dooley Fits the Leavitt, Mangino Mold Perfectly

Tennessee shocked many people by hiring Louisiana Tech coach Derek Dooley as their replacement for Lane Kiffin. Obviously none of us can predict the future so it would wrong of us to pronounce the hiring a failure, but we do know that there were plenty of coaches out there who had more impressive resumes. Tennessee did not hire any of those coaches and really screwed up by botching the David Cutcliffe talks. Outside of his last name and where he came from, we don’t know much about Derek Dooley. Early signs however point to him fitting the Jim Leavitt mold perfectly. Check out this video from The Wiz of Odds:

Yeah, I’m sure that video will go over well given the current climate in college football. All you have to do is look at a player wrong and that’s grounds for firing someone these days. No surprise Vols fans have already come to Dooley’s defense for slapping the player in that game via YouTube’s comments. Well this will be an exciting ride and forgive me if I feel the Vols will be far from a national contender, much less SEC East contender in the next five years.