Woody Johnson, Derrick Mason Defend Mark Sanchez’s Work Ethic

Anonymous Jets sources ripped Mark Sanchez in a New York Daily News article published Wednesday. One of the notable criticisms of Sanchez was that he was “lazy.” Sanchez may not have grown as a quarterback, and he may be protected by the team from the media, but several Jets have disputed the accusation about his work ethic.

Center Nick Mangold says Sanchez puts in more work and more time than anybody else in the locker room. Team owner Woody Johnson said the same thing.

“He’s the first guy in the building every morning,” Johnson told MSNBC, “and the last guy to leave.”

Former Jets receiver Derrick Mason, who was traded to Houston in October, expressed similar support for Sanchez.

“I never seen the lack of effort [from Sanchez]. He worked extremely hard on the practice field. He studied his butt off and he’s a guy that wanted to get better each and every game,” Mason told FOX Sports Radio’s Andy Furman and Artrell Hawkins. “I just think he was inconsistent throughout the whole season last year.”

Mason didn’t have an explanation for Sanchez’s inconsistency, but he defended his work ethic.

If everyone says Sanchez is working hard, then why do people think he’s lazy? I think the issue is perception. When people see Sanchez posing in GQ spreads and hear him linked to women like Kate Upton, they immediately assume he’s just a partyer, even if he’s not. That’s why it’s best to wait until you’ve achieved high levels of success over several years in the NFL before you begin expanding your profile off the field.

Derrick Mason Rips Jets, Says They Can’t Run the Ball or Stop the Run

When you have nothing left in the tank but still refuse to hang it up, life can get frustrating. Just ask Derrick Mason. Mason is 37 years old and has spent the last year or so bouncing around from team to team. For whatever reason, his release from the Jets earlier this year really seemed to irritate him. In an appearance on the NFL Network’s No Huddle Wednesday night, Mason criticized the Jets and questioned their ability to reach the playoffs.

“They can’t stop the run, they can’t run the football,” Mason said. “This is not the vaunted Rex Ryan defense from a year ago. I just don’t think up front that they can stop any of these teams the next two weeks.”

The Jets are 16th in the league in rushing defense and 21st in rushing offense, so Mason has somewhat of a point. That being said, one of the teams they are facing is the Giants, who are dead last in the NFL running the football.  A lot of that has been because of Ahmad Bradshaw’s injury, but if the Jets lose to the Giants it wont necessarily be because they can’t stop the run.  Mason also took aim at the Jets’ offense, saying they don’t know how to properly use their receivers.

“They just don’t know how to use him,” Mason said when asked about the lack of success by Plaxico Burress. “I just think the quarterback, when you get inside the 20, you should look to Plax’s side every time. Not taking anything from Santonio (Holmes). Santonio’s a great receiver. But you’ve got a guy 6-5, there’s not too many 6-foot corners out there, so throw him the ball.”

The Jets’ passing game has been a problem all year, but it sounds like Mason has the answers.  New York has no shot of making the playoffs. They can’t run the ball, they can’t stop the run, and they can’t throw the ball. Unless they bring Mason in as a wide receivers coach and defensive coordinator, their season is probably over.

H/T to The Huddle for the story.

Derrick Mason Responds to Trash Talk in Bill Belichick Documentary

Whether you were fortunate enough to catch the first installment of A Football Life on Thursday night or not, you have probably heard a little something about Derrick Mason and Bill Belichick going at it.  In what was perhaps the most surprising twist of the entire first segment of the Belichick documentary, Mason and the Patriots coach got into it near the sideline and Belichick was raining f-bombs everywhere.  While shocking to hear from the mouth of the Silent One, in reality it was nothing more than typical football trash talk.

Now that the two-year-old exchange has been put out there for the public to see, Mason has decided to respond.  Check out these tweets he posted on Friday afternoon.

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Bill Belichick Cusses Out Derrick Mason (Video)

If you thought Bill Belichick was some stale robot with no personality, you were wrong. NFL Network debuted Part 1 of its A Football Life documentary on Patriots coach Bill Belichick Thursday night. One of the highlights was watching the Patriots coach cuss out Derrick Mason during the week four meeting between the Pats and Ravens in 2009. Here’s the video as posted by Jimmy Traina:

The Patriots beat the Ravens that day 27-21 but Mason almost had the last laugh. You may recall that receiver Mark Clayton dropped a 4th and 4 pass with 30 seconds left and the Ravens at the 14. He catches that ball and they have a good shot at tying the game with a touchdown. Belichick had “scoreboard” on Mason that day, but the Ravens avenged the loss by slamming the Pats 33-14 in the playoffs.

Part 1 of the documentary was extremely interesting and insightful. Part 2 will be shown next Thursday on NFL Network.

Derrick Mason: Channing Crowder Is Horrible, Not Walking the Walk

Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder was talking crap during the week leading up to Sunday’s game with the Ravens but Baltimore got the last word with a 26-10 win. Crowder not only lost the game, but he bitched afterwards that Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain spit on him. Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason, who was the target of Crowder’s words during the week, responded after the game.

“[When] he’s in the game, he’s getting knocked down, he’s getting pushed out of the way. The guy is horrible. Honestly, the guy is horrible. He’s probably a good guy. I’m not taking that away from him, but he’s horrible. He’s not a good football player.”

Mason also recommended that Crowder keeps his mouth shut in the future because his play doesn’t back up his words. “I don’t understand why this guy continues to talk,” Mason said. “This is not boxing. You can’t scare your opponent. You’ve got to go out there and play football.”

As for the spitting incident, it sure seems like it may have not only happened but it also could have been intentional. Mason says his teammates told him they had his back and that they were going to get Crowder back during the game. I don’t know if that means spitting on Crowder, but McClain denied the allegation. Regardless, what we have learned is that Channing will need to start playing better to earn the right to talk crap.

Derrick Mason Probable With.. Diarrhea

Yeah man, no joke. I was thumbing through Rotoworld to find out the latest injury news from the NFL, only to come across this one for Derrick Mason. Let me just say that I’ve seen some strange ailments on the injury reports, and I’ve heard of Andy Roddick losing a match because he got sick eating fast food, but I don’t know if I’ve seen anything quite this personal:

Wide receiver Derrick Mason sat out with an unusual ailment, according to [Head Coach Brian] Billick.

“He’s got – as Tess [trainer Bill Tessendorf] says – gastroenteritis,” Billick said. “In my neighborhood, that’s [diarrhea]. So you put whatever label you want to.”

Apparently Taco Bell strikes in Baltimore as badly as it does in LA. I feel for you, Derrick Mason, I feel for you. And next time this happens, just have Coach Billick say you have the stomach flu, OK?