Dexter McCluster does Victor Cruz salsa dance after touchdown

Dexter McCluster salsaDexter McCluster scored on an 89-yard punt return for a touchdown Sunday in the third quarter against the New York Giants to give Kansas City a 17-7 lead, and then he decided to mock one of his opponents.

After scoring by breaking tackles and weaving through defenders, McCluster did the Victor Cruz salsa dance in the end zone. Cruz, who has been doing the salsa dance celebration for three seasons as an ode to his Puerto Rican roots, scored on a 69-yard touchdown catch earlier in the game.

Below you can see McCluster’s beautiful punt return for touchdown.

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Dexter McCluster delivers Thanksgiving meal, hears it from Chiefs fan (Video)

The Kansas City Chiefs are hearing criticism from all angles. Even when they try to good things, they still are razzed about their abysmal 1-9 record.

Receiver Dexter McCluster was one of the players who took part in the team’s annual delivery of meals to low-income residents in Kansas City this week. As KSHB captured on video, one elderly lady couldn’t accept her meal without sharing some thoughts on the team.

“Y’all better start winning some games. I be praying for you all, but you’ve been coming up short,” the woman told McCluster.

When he responded that she needs to pray a little bit harder, she gave a zinger back.

“Y’all got to work a little bit harder.”

What can you say to that?

This is just the latest chapter in a contentious year between Chiefs fans and the team. They’re have been snafus over Twitter, airplane banners calling for the GM’s firing and quarterback’s benching, and in the strongest example, there was this. Chiefs fans are passionate about their team, and they won’t put up with this losing nonsense much longer.

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I am No Longer a Dexter McCluster Fan

After seeing this video and his awful rap. I know many athletes are aspiring rappers and many rappers are aspiring athletes, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Certainly not Dexter McCluster. The Chiefs’ sparkplug rookie filmed a PSA encouraging people not to text and drive. He did so in a rap. Let’s just say he can’t exactly carry a tune:

Love the message, hate the rap. Did he not listen to it after he finished? No way his friends aren’t giving him crap for it. Video via the Sporting Rave and SI Hot Clicks.