Dirk Nowitzki Glad the Mavericks are Done Celebrating, Says it ‘Dragged Out’

One of the reasons winning back-to-back championships is so difficult is that the celebration never seems to end.  Every team wants a shot at the champ which puts a bulls eye on your back, but it is tough to come back to reality after experiencing such a high.  If you want proof, just ask the Boston Bruins.  It feels like they stopped celebrating their Stanley Cup victory last weekend, which is almost certainly why they started so slow this season before turning on the jets.  Now that they have received their championship rings, Dirk Nowitzki is looking forward to getting back to business with the Mavericks.

“It kind of dragged out,” Nowitzki said according to the Dallas Morning News. “We had the banner raised, then the White House and now the rings. It’s kind of like we all wanted to get this over with and move on and start obviously the new season. But it’s definitely a great thing getting the rings. They’re beautiful. But, I’m kind of glad it’s behind us now.”

Championships don’t last two years.  Winning two in a row is a tall task, but the only way to do it is to get past the first one and remain hungry.  Dirk and company have been average thus far this season.  Perhaps no longer having to worry about what kind of ring they’re getting and being done with guest appearances will help them regain their focus.

Dirk Nowitzki Does Some Mavericks Play-By-Play…And It’s Awesome (Video)

The Dallas Mavericks held their championship ring ceremony on Wednesday night before they took on the Timberwolves.  The reigning NBA Finals MVP, Dirk Nowitzki, is sitting out while he nurses a knee injury, but as you can see from the video above he contributed plenty to the evening.  Dirk sat at the Fox Sports Southwest commentator’s desk during some of the first half.  When Jason Terry threw an alley-oop to Brandan Wright to give the Mavs a 37-31 lead, Dirk did what any good commentator would do.

“Oh my God! Ohhhhh! Shut it dowwwwwn! Lets go hoooome!” was the call television viewers were treated to.

And just like that, Dirk Nowitzki became even more of a star.

German Bank Commercial Where Dirk Nowitzki Eats Sausage Offends Vegetarians (Video)

Come on, Dirk.  You know better than that.  When you are one of the world’s most famous and beloved athletes, you can’t be eating meat on television.  Only barbarians do that.  The commercial you see above that features reigning NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki recently caused an outrage among the vegetarian community.

According to a translation of a German newspaper article, the advertisement is for Ing-DiBa Bank.  The elderly woman behind the counter asks Nowitzki, “What did we always used to say?”  Nowitzki then responds, “So you grow big and strong” before downing the slice of wurst sausage.  The horror!

Vegetarians took to the bank’s Facebook page to express their outrage about Dirk eating ground up dead animals on TV. Perhaps they should have gone with cheese. Athletes and icons eating meat in public should be outlawed, right?

MLB Denied Rangers’ Request to Have Dirk Nowitzki Throw Out First Pitch?

NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki threw out the first pitch before a Ranges game in June, shortly after he led the Mavericks to the NBA championship. The Rangers won that game 8-1. Dirk’s toss wasn’t the best (watch video of it here), but the Rangers and their fans enjoyed having their local hero throw out a first pitch.

Texas liked Dirk so much that they apparently had him on a list of people they wanted to throw out the first pitch prior to one of their World Series games. MLB reportedly nixed the idea.

Sources told ESPNDallas.com that — with the NBA in the midst of a lockout that has spanned 111 days — at least some hesitation stems from the idea that MLB executives want to stand behind their basketball counterparts and have notified the Rangers that they can’t bestow first-pitch honors on an NBA player.

Major League Baseball insists that the NBA’s labor unrest had no impact on Nowitzki not being selected to throw out the first pitch.

“MLB absolutely denies that any part in selecting the first ball pitcher had anything to do with the current labor situation in the NBA,” MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said. “You want the club’s input in what makes sense for them and then we talk about what makes sense for the team and a good broad-base national appeal.

Hmm, so MLB says they want a person who makes sense for the team and has a good national appeal? Dirk is an extremely well known sports figure in North America. He’s a local star in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. What about the combination does not make sense? Why would MLB not allow him to throw out the first pitch? So far, they don’t have any good explanations. I’m not sure one exists.

Thanks to I am a GM for the heads up.

Jason Witten: Tony Romo Appreciated Dirk’s Tweet

Jason Witten and Tony Romo are pretty tight, so we’ve heard. The two may have to welcome a third man into their circle after receiving unsolicited support earlier in the week.

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki tweeted some words of encouragement for Romo on Monday after the Cowboys quarterback blew a 24-point lead against the Lions. Romo hasn’t responded to it, but tight end Jason Witten spoke for him.

“What [Dirk] really said at the bottom of that tweet is what it’s all about,” Witten told reporters. “Keep your mind focused and keep working hard. I think that’s kind of the mindset, on the outside, looks like how he went about his game.

“I think Tony’s done the same thing and we’re trying to do the same thing. We got a long way to go until we’re playing in those types of (championship) games (like Nowitzki did). It’s good to think about it. It’s good to prepare in those situations and hope that you put yourself in position. But it was a class act for him to do that. I know Tony appreciated it.”

It was a nice gesture of Dirk to support Romo, but their situations are much different. Dirk’s teams didn’t perform well in the playoffs until last season (and arguably 2006). Individually, Dirk never was the reason the Mavs lost. On the other hand, Romo has had some pretty epic choke jobs, including the season-opener to the Jets, and last weekend against Detroit. The encouragement is extremely thoughtful, but the situations are much different. I can’t wait to hear what Drew Pearson will say in response.

Drew Pearson Rips Dirk Nowitzki for Tony Romo Advice: ‘This Ain’t Basketball’

Stand back, Cowboys fans.  Drew Pearson is on the war path.  No matter how long it takes or how many people he has to blast along the way, the former Dallas receiver is determined to get through to this underachieving collection of talent that could one day become a team.  Pearson will not stand for anyone getting in between him and ripping on the Cowboys.  That even goes for you, Dirk Nowitzki.

On Monday, the day after Tony Romo threw three second-half interceptions against the Lions, Nowitzki offered the Cowboys quarterback a few words of encouragement.  Pearson’s message for the NBA Finals MVP: Knock it off — this is a real game.

“Hey Dirk, this is football, this ain’t basketball,” Pearson told KESN-FM’s Ben and Skin Show via Game On!. “This is a real game where a lot of emotions play a lot more heavily into what you’re doing out there as a professional. I respect Dirk, there’s no question, and I know where he’s coming from because he has sustained the criticism and now the criticism has stopped because they won an NBA championship. So what he should be telling Tony is if you want to stop the criticism, quit making those kinds of mistakes and lead your team to a championship.”

While the “this is a real game” portion of Pearson’s comments was probably uncalled for, he has a point.  If Dirk still hadn’t won a championship I doubt he would be telling Tony, “I get crapped on all the time too but just keep doing what you’re doing.” Nowitzki hushed his doubters the only way you can — by winning.  Until Romo learns to protect the ball with the game on the line, he will not be able to do that.

Helmet smack to Sportress of Blogitude for the story.

Dirk Nowitzki Tells Tony Romo to Ignore His Critics and Keep Working

As I sat and watched the Cowboys dismantle the Lions on Sunday, a few different thoughts ran through my head.  Among them were “last week’s win has given the Cowboys their swagger back,” and, “Detroit could be in the process of proving it is a pretender.”  By the time the clock ran down to 0:00 in the fourth quarter, order had been restored in the football world.

The Lions proved they are still a playoff contender; Calvin Johnson further solidifed his standing as the best wide receiver in the NFL; Matthew Stafford showed he can lead a team back from a huge deficit; the Lions defense proved it can get stops when needed; and Tony Romo reminded us that there is no quarterback in the NFL who is better at throwing away a game.

Romo may have thrown three interceptions and two pick-sixes in the second half to personally secure a Lions victory, but at least he has Dirk Nowitzki to pick him up if he’s feeling down. The reigning NBA Finals MVP sent this comforting message to Romo Monday:

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