Dustin Pedroia says he didn’t join Bobby Valentine on mound for conference because he swallowed his dip

Last week, a report surfaced that discussed the possibility that Bobby Valentine is losing the Red Sox clubhouse. Gordon Edes of ESPNBoston.com cited an unnamed player who said Valentine doesn’t have the support of “anyone” in the clubhouse. He was also told that Adrian Gonzalez and a couple of other players don’t communicate with Valentine.

Dustin Pedroia was also mentioned in the story because of an incident in Chicago where Valentine came out of the dugout for a mound visit and Pedroia was the only member of the infield to not partake in the discussion. Prior to Thursday’s game against the White Sox, Pedey explained what happened.

“I swallowed my dip, man,” he told reporters according to WEEI. “Bobby came out and right when I went to take a step I went to take my dip out and I (expletive) swallowed it. Man down. I chilled out right there. David (Ortiz) was playing first base and he said, ‘What the (expletive) is wrong with you?’ I told him, ‘I swallowed my dip, man.'”

Pedroia, who was very vocal in sticking up for Kevin Youkilis earlier in the season, went on to say that him and Valentine “get along great.” Swallowing your tobacco can’t be a comfortable feeling, and I’m sure Mike Napoli could tell us all about that.

With Cody Ross’s walk-off home run Thursday night, the Red Sox took three out of four from the White Sox. Assuming David Ortiz doesn’t miss a ton of time, the team seems to be getting healthy and showing signs of life. If they revert to losing, we’ll hear all about how none of the players respect Valentine. If they can keep the momentum that they have started to build in the second half going, everyone will talk about how Valentine is doing a tremendous job.

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Dustin Pedroia planning to let ‘clown question, bro’ reporter have it

Bryce Harper’s hilarious “That’s a clown question, bro” response to a reporter in Toronto led to one of the catchiest phrases of the year. Although Harper has been the object of our scrutiny here at LBS, we can’t say we blame him for his response; he was being set up with a dumb question by a reporter who was insensitive to the youngster’s religious beliefs.

Another person who didn’t like the line of questioning is Dustin Pedroia. The Red Sox second baseman says he knows the identity of the reporter and that he’s planning to “blow him up” when the team visits Toronto for three games beginning Sept. 14.

Pedroia felt Harper handled himself well.

“Poor kid,” Pedroia said of Harper on Wednesday. “I would have said [expletive] you, I’m 19.”

Of course he would have. That intense muddy chicken doesn’t mess around. Can’t wait to see what he does to the reporter in September.

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Andre Ethier Punks Dustin Pedroia, Poses as Boston Radio Caller (Audio)

You know how they say what goes around comes around?  An American League MVP found out exactly what that phrase means on Wednesday afternoon.  You might remember a few months back when Dustin Pedroia pranked David Ortiz by telling him the Red Sox scorekeeper had cheated him out of an RBI during a game.  The prank resulted in Ortiz interrupting Terry Francona’s press conference like an idiot, so the execution was obviously perfect by Pedroia. During an appearance on WEEI’s The Big Show on Wednesday, Pedroia was given a taste of his own medicine. 

The hosts of the show arranged for Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier to call in pretending to be a Boston fan and rip on Pedroia, telling him how much better the newly-acquired Nick Punto is than him. Ethier and Pedroia were teammates at Arizona State and are still close friends, so it’s possible Pedroia knew what was coming. Either way, the audio is fantastic. Skip ahead to the 1:20 mark for the fun stuff:

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David Ortiz’s Blow-Up Over Scoring Change Was Result of Dustin Pedroia Prank

When David Ortiz barged into the interview room and interrupted Terry Francona’s press conference last week, it left us all slightly confused.  There was no denying the spaz attack was real.  Ortiz, Francona, and the young lady who was trying to stop Big Papi are not good enough actors to pull off a prank like that.  Now that the real story has surfaced, we realize Ortiz was not playing a prank but had, in fact, been pranked.

According to Joe Haggerty of CSNNE.com, Dustin Pedroia played a prank on Ortiz after Boston’s win over the Indians that worked to perfection.  Ortiz was probably heated about the official scorer taking an RBI away from him to begin with, but the reason he thought the change was made is what really set him through the roof.

Haggerty informed us that Pedroia told Ortiz Red Sox owners John Henry and Larry Lucchino had ordered the official scorer to take Ortiz’s RBI away.  By doing this, the ownership group could in theory keep Ortiz’s stats lower in a contract year.  If I thought my boss had done that, I would be pissed too.

Don’t get me wrong, the way Ortiz went about it is still extremely selfish.  Players aren’t supposed to show the public that they are stat-hungry or money-hungry, let alone interrupt an official press conference to settle a personal issue.  However, the Laser Show’s prank makes it a tiny bit more reasonable. Now the question is, how does this compare to other baseball pranks we’ve featured here at LBS.

Adrian Gonzalez to Play Right Field, Dustin Pedroia Shares His Thoughts

On Monday, we told you about some of the complaints managers have had about interleague play, particularly Terry Francona.  David Ortiz has been one of the Red Sox’s best hitters this season, but he is as pure of a designated hitter as they come.  Without Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez both in the lineup, Francona has no choice but to give up a good amount of offense.  In the event that the Red Sox reach the World Series, Boston will have to find a way to get both players in the lineup on the road.  Experiment A will take place on Wednesday night.

According to Peter Abraham on Twitter, Ortiz will play first base Wednesday night in Philadelphia and Gonzalez will try his luck in right field.  If the Phillies are smart they will try to hit the ball to the right side all night.  With Boston’s defensive setup looking less than stellar, Dustin Pedroia is dreading the added responsibility he will have in the field

“It will be good for us offensively,” Pedroia joked. “But damn, I’m going to have to play second, first, and right.”

Sox fans had better hope the jockey got his rest last night, because he’ll probably have to cover some ground.  Ortiz isn’t terrible at first, but it’s going to be up to Pedroia to get to any blooper that’s hit between right field and behind first base.  Should be interesting.

Dustin Pedroia Gets Advice From M.J.

We all know the story by now.  Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia broke his foot back in June and did everything he could to get back on the field as quickly as possible, including taking ground balls from his knees.  Nobody knows if the Red Sox medical staff cleared him prematurely or if he just tried to do too much too soon, but Pedroia apparently wasn’t ready to return when he came off the disabled list and ended up re-injuring the foot, ending his season.

Pedroia, who made our list of the top 30 franchise players in the MLB, now finds himself seeking a second opinion to determine if he’ll need to undergo surgery on the left foot.  Along with the second medical opinion, Terry Francona arranged for Michael Jordan to give Pedroia some advice.  Francona and M.J. have a history together, as Tito was his manager when he decided to leave basketball and join the Birmingham Barons in 1994.  Coincidentally, Jordan suffered the same injury on the same foot while playing with the Bulls during the 1985-1986 season.

I don’t call Michael very much just because I know how much people bug him” Francona told WEEI’s Dale and Holley Show. But because of Pedey, I knew that Michael would enjoy talking to him, and he did. He was almost fatherly in his advice. He was like, “I went through this, it’s tough, you got to listen.” Pedey was all ears and that was good. When guys like Michael Jordan talk, people are apt to listen more.”

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Players Don’t Like When Things They Say Or Do Turn Into Shirts

I’ve started to pick up on a somewhat of a theme over the past few weeks.  For whatever reason, MLB players don’t seem to like when things they say end up as catch phrases on t-shirts.  I’m not sure if it’s because they want a cut of the profits, they’re embarrassed by the attention, or some other reason but, Dallas Braden and Dustin Pedroia have both recently expressed discontent over shirts that have been made in their honor.

Braden is the most recent example.  He thinks the “Get Off My Mound” shirts the Oakland Athletics are selling — which is of course a reference to the famous barking attack Braden unleashed on A-Rod when he ran across the back of the mound — are a poor marketing tool and he’d rather the incident go away.  Here’s what he had to say about the shirts, courtesy of Out of Bounds via New York Daily News:

It’s just not cool,” Braden told the New York Daily News, referring to the shirt. “It’s just a serious, gross lack of tact. At the end of the day, I hope I do not become associated with that kind of approach.”

“They’re trying to generate revenue, trying to get butts in the seat, I can see that,” Braden said. “It’s almost like, at what cost do you do that? They didn’t have permission. They were told on multiple occasions, that, no, it’s not a good idea. It’s not going to be approved. They just kind of put the horse-blinders on and ran with it.”

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