Aja Metoyer confirmed to be Dwyane Wade’s baby mama

Aja Metoyer

Everyone was wondering who the mother of Dwyane Wade’s new baby son is, and we now have the answer: it’s Aja Metoyer.

Aja is 30 years old and listed as the mother of the child, according to a birth certificate obtained by TMZ Sports. The child’s name is Xavier Zechariah Wade, and he was born on Nov. 10.

TMZ says Aja has two other children, and Damon Wayans Jr. is the father of both.

Wade has known Metoyer for at least three years. In 2010, back when Aja had a Twitter account, Wade wished her and several other women a happy Mother’s Day:

Though it might look bad that Aja Metoyer has a child with Dwyane Wade, reports say she is not a groupie or jumpoff. Media Take Out says Metoyer has her own career and life and she and Dwyane are working to handle this amicably. They also have pictures from Aja’s purported baby shower.

So that’s not a bad score for Aja. She has two kids with Damon Wayans Jr. and one with Dwyane Wade. At least in terms of child support, she should be all set.

Dwyane Wade has a kid from another woman, not Gabrielle Union

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union recently got engaged, but not all was going smoothly with their relationship.

Though the two have been together since 2007, Wade said in an interview this year that the two took a break earlier this year. Apparently Wade ended up fathering a child with another woman during their time apart.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Wade recently spent time with his new baby son. They say Union was aware of the baby prior to Wade proposing and that the two are working things out. Wade also supposedly has known the mother of his most recent child for many years.

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Wade had two sons — Zaire and Zion — with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches. He has full custody of the two boys. This new baby boy is his third child. Entertainment Tonight also reports that Wade raises his nephew.

Wade’s new son is a month old. He spoke about the son to the media on Monday and called his boy a “blessing.”

You can see Wade, Union, Wade’s two sons and his nephew in this photo:

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union family

H/T Black Sports Online

LeBron James throws down sick alley-oops from Dwyane Wade (Videos)

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade put on a show for the Miami Heat’s Christmas day game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday with a couple of sick alley-oops.

The first one (seen below) came in the quarter off a feed from Wade. The second one — which was the best — was a pass from Wade off the glass. LeBron threw it down with his left hand to make it even more special. Though he shoots right-handed, James is actually pretty ambidextrous and writes with his left hand.

LeBron James alley oop

Videos via GIFD Sports 1, 2

Dwyane Wade engaged to Gabrielle Union and gave her a massive ring

Dwyane wade Gabrielle Union ring

Dwyane Wade and girlfriend Gabrielle Union are officially engaged to be married.

Both Wade and Union shared the same photo on their Instagram accounts Saturday of Union wearing her new engagement ring, which is absolutely massive.

Here were the tweets from each of them:

The Miami Heat star and actress have been dating for several years, though Wade revealed during an interview with Jay Leno that went through a rough patch because of their busy lives and took a break earlier this year. They eventually got back together, and things must be going well because now they’re engaged.

This will be the second marriage for each. Union, 41, was married to Chris Howard from 2001-2006. Wade was married to Siohvaughn Funches, the mother of his two sons, from 2002-2007. Though he filed for divorce in 2007, the proceedings weren’t finalized until 2010. His divorce has been a mess since then, with Funches even taking to the streets and claiming she was homeless to protest the settlement terms.

Wade and Union have been dating since 2007. They quickly began receiving congratulations.

This came from Wade’s teammate Mario Chalmers:

From Chris Bosh:

From Chris Bosh’s wife:

Wade’s engagement to Union comes three months after LeBron James got married to his longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade do wheelbarrow to videobomb Chris Bosh (Video)

LeBron James Dwyane Wade wheelbarrowThe Miami Heat stars continued their video and photobombing battles, and this time LeBron James and Dwyane Wade worked in tandem to get Chris Bosh.

Bosh was interviewed after the team’s 122-103 win over the Sacramento Kings on Friday, and James and Wade interrupted by doing a wheelbarrow move that made both Bosh and his interviewer laugh. We’ll definitely give them points for creativity, but the wheelbarrow was a lot better of an idea in theory than it was in practice.

A wheelbarrow move? What’s next, the guys breaking out some potato sacks or bobbing for apples? Like our friend @CJZero said, the next move might be nudity.

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Video via GIFD Sports

Dwyane Wade does cartwheel to photobomb LeBron James (Video)

The Miami Heat have engaged in photobombing battles for the past few seasons, but Dwyane Wade may have taken things to the next level. As LeBron James was being interviewed following the Heat’s 107-92 win over the Phoenix Suns on Monday night, Wade did cartwheels to ruin the shot.


Do you think Wade hit LeBron with a “Vote for Donnelly” as he whipped by?

Here it is in GIF form:

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Dwyane Wade works out son Zaire hard for basketball training

Dwyane Wade’s older son Zaire is a top middle school basketball prospect. Earlier this year, a highlight compilation of Zaire balling as a 5th-grader went viral. Now Zaire is in 6th grade, and his dad is working him extra hard.

Wade shared a few photos and a video on his Instagram account Sunday of how he’s training Zaire. In the video, you can see Zaire dribbling balls with Dwyane holding two ropes for resistance. In the photos, you can see Zaire doing various forms of resistance training:

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