Elijah Dukes arrested after trying to eat a plastic bag of weed so police wouldn’t see

Welcome back, Elijah Dukes. We missed you. The 27-year-old former Nationals and Rays outfielder was arrested once again early Thursday morning, and he may have outdone himself this time. Dukes has been arrested five times in the past year on various charges such as driving with a suspended license and assaulting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. This time, Elijah was taken to the clink after he was pulled over and tried to go “Super Troopers” on the police. The Tampa Bay Times has the details:

Police said after they pulled Dukes over (for a traffic violation), they noticed a small bag of marijuana on his lap. He then tried to dispose of the marijuana by sticking it in his mouth as if he was going to ingest it.

Then, after police removed the bag from his mouth and took Dukes into custody, they noticed a marijuana blunt “resting on his right ear,” according to the report. Dukes was booked just after 3:30 a.m. and was still being held at the Hillsborough County Jail Thursday morning.

If you’re going to try to scoff down a bag of weed to hide it from the police, you have to do it before the cop gets to your window. How dumb do you have to be to try it right in their face? Dumb enough to yell something like this at Mets fans and get arrested five times in a year — that’s how dumb.

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Elijah Dukes Signs with Newark Bears

Elijah Dukes has been one of the most troubled players in baseball over the past few years. His talent led him to get drafted by the Rays in the third round in 2002 and he made it to the bigs as a 23-year-old outfielder in 2007. Dukes had major issues including getting a foster kid pregnant and texting his wife threatening messages, dawg. The Rays gave up on him and traded him to the Nats where he proceeded to fight with his manager and Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey.

In a surprising move, the Nats released Dukes back in March without explaining why. Now, as Rotoworld points out, the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League have signed Dukes.

As Bears GM Charlie Dowd told us, manager Tim Raines’ relationship with Dukes is what led to the signing. Dowd also is aware of the potential implications of the signing, saying that the team is entering the deal “with eyes wide open” and that the move “has been discussed at great length.” Dowd noted that Dukes understands the reason he’s not playing in the major leagues, saying that “it’s not for lack of talent.”

Dukes will join the likes of other former major leaguers Rickey Henderson, Jose Lima, Jose Canseco, Jaime Navarro, and Lance Johnson, who have also played for Newark. Currently representing the former MLB crowd in Newark are Daryle Ward and Carl Everett. Scott Spiezio, Nook Logan, and Armando Benitez have also spent time with the team, with Benitez recently having signed a minor league deal. I guess there is hope for Dukes if he does well for the Bears.

Elijah Dukes player page [Rotoworld]

Elijah Dukes Fights with Mike Pelfrey, Tells Mets Fans to Literally Suck it

Last time we touched on Nats outfielder Elijah Dukes, it was to share the tale of his run-in with his own managerManny Acta. Acta was pissed that Dukes had big-timed a home run and let him hear it, but Dukes wasn’t having any of that discipline. Well, Dukes the hothead was at it again, picking a fight with Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey. Pelfrey denies there was anything intentional at play when he came inside on Dukes:

“I definitely was not trying to hit him,” Pelfrey said. “I was just happy in his last at-bat when I hit him [in the fifth inning] that he knew it wasn’t on purpose. He’s probably not the guy, you know, you want to make mad. He flipped out, and I didn’t even think that ball was even close, so I looked back at him and said, ‘Why would I hit you?’ I know he’s an aggressive hitter, and I was just trying to get the ball in on him.”

After Dukes settled back into the batters box, he whacked a double and later came around to score. On his way to the Nats dugout, he blew a kiss to Mets fans that were booing him, and then used his arms to pound his groin area so as to say “Suck it!” with his arms. Check it out at the 1:50 mark in this video, or the pictures below.

Elijah Dukes Dissed His Manager, Dawg

LBS and MLB FanHouse favorite, Elijah Dukes, had another magnificent moment on Tuesday night. After clubbing a 9th inning double against the Pirates, he was driven in by Lasting Milledge’s go-ahead two-run HR which eventually won the game. The pair did a little handshake at the plate which has so often become the trend these days. In the dugout, something happened between Acta and Dukes, though I’m not quite sure what set it off. This guy says Dukes gave Acta a little slap in the back. I’m not sure what it was, but the war of words pictured above is what ensued. You can also check out the video, too.

The best part, aside from Dukes’ total lack of respect for his manager, occurred after the game when the Nats were doing their postgame handshakes. As the players were going down the line exchanges fist pounds and high fives, Dukes saw Acta coming and put his hand down for the total snub, as pointed out by Baseball Tonight. As soon as he passed Acta down the line, his hand went back up to fiving everyone. Acta just laughed it off in one of those “What an effing punk” type ways. Classic. Gotta live Mr. Dukes. Doesn’t matter how talented he is, those opportunities are going to run out if he keeps acting like this. Getting let go by the Rays is bad enough. The Nats are like a last resort. Watch yourself, Dukes.

Elijah Dukes Cleans Zoo Cages, Dawg

Now Elijah Dukes isn’t exactly a guy who’s received his share of coverage here at LBS, though he certainly has earned it. In fact, if you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Dukes, this oughta set you straight. Yes, Dukes is the same guy who got a foster kid pregnant and who texted his wife threatening messages, to refresh your memory. Anyway, Dukes happens to be a talented ballplayer whom you’d love to have on your team if you need a power hitting outfielder. Problem is he’s been hurt and on probation for his many transgressions off the field. But as is his want, Dukes did some community service to get out of the probation five months early. What did he have to do, you ask? Never would have guessed it.

To get his misdemeanor probation cut short by five months, former Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes spent 25 hours during the past week cleaning out cages and mopping at Lowry Park Zoo.

Attorney Grady Irvin and a team official for the Nationals, who traded for Dukes in December, said the ballplayer also passed weekly drug tests for six months.

Man, I will say this for Dukes: he does seem like he’s more than willing to work his way out of the probation. First off, not many athletes have the discipline to stay off the weed — certainly we know that’s the case with Josh Howard. And much more than the dank, it takes a lot for an athlete to swallow his pride and clean up freaking rhinoceros dung — I’m not sure if I’d even do it. I hope for his sake that much like the cages, he’s cleaned up his life, and ready to go back to playing ball. Would be nice to see him do the 180 Josh Hamilton style.

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