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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Elijah Dukes Cleans Zoo Cages, Dawg

Now Elijah Dukes isn’t exactly a guy who’s received his share of coverage here at LBS, though he certainly has earned it. In fact, if you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Dukes, this oughta set you straight. Yes, Dukes is the same guy who got a foster kid pregnant and who texted his wife threatening messages, to refresh your memory. Anyway, Dukes happens to be a talented ballplayer whom you’d love to have on your team if you need a power hitting outfielder. Problem is he’s been hurt and on probation for his many transgressions off the field. But as is his want, Dukes did some community service to get out of the probation five months early. What did he have to do, you ask? Never would have guessed it.

To get his misdemeanor probation cut short by five months, former Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes spent 25 hours during the past week cleaning out cages and mopping at Lowry Park Zoo.

Attorney Grady Irvin and a team official for the Nationals, who traded for Dukes in December, said the ballplayer also passed weekly drug tests for six months.

Man, I will say this for Dukes: he does seem like he’s more than willing to work his way out of the probation. First off, not many athletes have the discipline to stay off the weed — certainly we know that’s the case with Josh Howard. And much more than the dank, it takes a lot for an athlete to swallow his pride and clean up freaking rhinoceros dung — I’m not sure if I’d even do it. I hope for his sake that much like the cages, he’s cleaned up his life, and ready to go back to playing ball. Would be nice to see him do the 180 Josh Hamilton style.

(via Ballhype, Dawg)

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