Floyd Mayweather left jail and 50 Cent was there to pick him up (Video)

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. received an early release from prison on Friday, and his good pal 50 Cent was part of the entourage there to greet the free man.

Mayweather was released after 63 days — 24 days earlier than his 87-day sentence dictated — because of good behavior. The top-earning boxer’s lawyer complained 12 days into his jail sentence that the conditions in prison were “inhumane.”

Floyd’s doctor “expressed deep concern for [Floyd's] health and explained that any lengthy period of time with an inappropriate diet, coupled with lack of regular exercise, will most likely lead to irreversible damage to Mr. Mayweather’s physique.”

So much for those claims. Floyd looked pretty ripped when he shared a picture on Twitter/Instagram on Friday shortly after his release:

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50 Cent implies he will promote Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights, not Golden Boy

Word emerged in April that rapper 50 Cent was starting a boxing promotion company, and we recently learned that “TMT Promotions” was likely to sign a few top fighters. What was left out is that 50 Cent is likely to begin promoting fights for pal Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is currently in jail.

50 Cent got into a Twitter argument with Oscar De La Hoya, whose Golden Boy Promotions promote Mayweather’s fights, when he tipped his hand.

It all started with what seemed to be a shot at 50 Cent fired by De La Hoya over Twitter on Wednesday:

50 Cent responded a day later and began calling De La Hoya “girl” (probably because of these pictures):

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Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao pass Tiger Woods as top-earning athletes

“Money” isn’t just a nickname for Floyd Mayweather — it’s a billing he has lived up to.

The undefeated boxer and current jail inmate topped Forbes’ list of the highest-paid athletes, unseating Tiger Woods who topped the list since 2001. What’s more is that another boxer was second on the list.

Manny Pacquiao — Floyd’s biggest rival even though they haven’t fought — came in second on the list. Floyd earned $85 million from his two fights, while Pac Man pulled in $62 million including $6 million from endorsements.

Tiger Woods’ total earnings were $59.4 million, 55 of which came from endorsements. LeBron James was fourth, Roger Federer pulled in over $52 million to come in fifth, and Kobe Bryant was the second basketball player on the list coming in sixth. Phil Mickelson was seventh thanks largely to his $43 million in endorsements.

Soccer players David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo were 8th and 9th respectably, while Peyton Manning came in 10th despite not playing last year because of a neck injury.

13 basketball players made the top 100, while 30 football players made it, topping any sport. However, the football numbers are somewhat misleading because several players were paid bonuses last summer that didn’t hurt the salary cap, but increased their earnings.

Athletes from 11 different sports made the list, including two cricket players and track star Usain Bolt, who earns $20.3 million. Two women made the list, and both were tennis players.

Maria Sharapova’s $27.9 million placed her 26th on the list. Li Na made $18.4 million thanks largely to endorsement deals with multiple Chinese companies.

So yeah, now that you’ve seen the numbers you know whey Floyd Mayweather Jr. tells everyone his paycheck is like your social security number.

Here’s the entire Forbes list.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. denied request to serve remainder of sentence at home

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be forced to stay behind bars after his request to serve the remainder of his three-month domestic violence sentence under house arrest was denied by a judge on Wednesday.

Mayweather’s attorney Richard Wright filed an emergency motion seeking the champion boxer’s sentence be modified to include house arrest because Mayweather is dehydrated, losing weight and unable to maintain his training routine (oh, I’m sorry; I thought you knew he was supposed to be in prison) and that his conditions at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas were “inhumane.” And we’re guessing “inhumane” doesn’t mean “no manis/pedis.”

Furthermore, Mayweather’s legal team argues that his time in jail is jeopardizing his career. The judge obviously called those claims bogus. Here’s the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Wright argued the boxer is being treated differently because Las Vegas police have isolated him because of his celebrity status. Wright proposed several sentence modifications, which included full-term house arrest or serving three days a week in the jail and the remainder on house arrest.

Mayweather lives in a 12,000-square-foot mansion in the ritzy Southern Highlands development, which sports a walk-in closet bigger than his jail cell.

Oh, the humanity!

“I’m not looking for special treatment for Floyd Mayweather,” Wright said. “I’m looking for fair treatment.”

The good news for Mayweather, if his sentence actually does hurt his career, is that in boxing you don’t even need to be the better fighter to win anymore.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. might not get to watch Manny Pacquiao fight on Saturday

Now that Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his perfectly pedicured toes are serving his 90-day jail sentence, he’s being treated like any other inmate at the Clark County Detention Center. That includes no special TV privileges, meaning Mayweather won’t get to watch his favorite enemy Manny Pacquiao‘s fight with Timothy Bradley this Saturday.

“I am not going to say that he absolutely won’t be able to watch it because it’s in the future,” Bill Cassell, a spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said, according to Game On!. “However, nothing special is being done to provide this television program or any other program in the jail. We don’t plan on having pay-for-view in the jail. Now, if ESPN or some other channel runs a repeat, he may be able to view it then.”

If Pacquiao bests the underdog Bradley, it still keeps alive whatever glimmering hope there is left for a megafight to take place between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Both say they would like to see each other in the ring, despite making almost every possible lame excuse to not go through with it.

But with Mayweather in jail for the next three months, at least he can’t duck away from fighting Pacquiao like he usually does by scheduling a bout with, like, Antonio Margarito or anybody else not named Manny Pacquiao.

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Floyd Mayweather got a pedicure day before heading to jail (Picture)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. spent his last day before going to jail doing the most Floyd Mayweather Jr. thing possible: he got a pedicure at home.

The undefeated boxer is scheduled to surrender for his three-month jail sentence on Friday. Mayweather was credited for 3 of his 90 days served, so he’s likely to be locked up for the next 87 days.

Mayweather probably won’t be able to enjoy the finer things in life — you know, like brand new Bentleys and $50,000 iPods — while he’s behind bars, so he had to soak it all in on Thursday.

As much as I may question a man getting a pedicure, I understand his desire to pamper himself before surrendering. Think about it — Floyd is going from a luxury mansion to this tiny cell.

Floyd Mayweather comes out in support of gay marriage

Manny Pacquiao has created quite a hullabaloo this week after his inner-Mitt Romney came out when he reportedly said he was against gay marriage. It was a stance that even got him temporarily banned from (cue dramatic music) The Grove shopping center in L.A.

Naturally, Floyd Mayweather has now put in his two cents for the same-sex marriage conversation and, shocker, has taken the polar opposite position of his arch enemy. And, for a second, you might think, “This is nice. He’s using his celebrity to promote equality for all.” But then you’ll realize this is Floyd Mayweather and he is merely just fanning the flames of his contentious rivalry with Pacquiao and once again trying to make him look like the bad guy. If only these two could just settle their differences with some sort of fight. Oh, right.

Here’s Mayweather’s decree on Twitter, and although he didn’t mention Pacquiao, his intentions were quite obvious:

So, to recap, Floyd Mayweather: racist, but definitely not homophobic. Good to know.

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