Shantel Jackson was ringside for the Floyd Mayweather fight

Shantel Jackson Floyd Mayweather

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. may no longer be engaged, but they still are close enough to the point that Miss Jackson attended her (ex?) boo’s big bout with Canelo Alvarez last weekend.

Jackson was sitting ringside for Mayweather’s fight at the MGM and noted on her Instagram account that she would “never miss a #fightnight.” Just saying that she never would miss a fight night implies that her relationship with Floyd is on the rocks, but she still attended anyway.

I didn’t happen to spot Miss Jackson in the crowd, but someone did and took this screenshot of her:

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Canelo Alvarez confirms he lost badly to Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez’s comments following his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. over the weekend further cement the notion that he was totally outclassed in the fight. Canelo (42-1-1, 30 KOs) recognized that he was unable to catch Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs), which is what anyone who watched the fight saw. Everyone except boxing judge CJ Ross, who inexplicably scored it a draw.

“He’s very elusive, he’s a great fighter and that’s why I couldn’t catch him,” Canelo said after the fight. “I didn’t know how to get him. It’s as simple as that. He’s very elusive. He’s a great fighter.

“The frustration was getting in there. But simply he’s a great fighter. I didn’t want to lose. I didn’t want to leave here with a loss. But it happens and it hurts.”

It was clear watching that fight that Alvarez couldn’t touch Floyd. Mayweather was too quick and elusive for him. I seriously question whether Alvarez hurt Floyd even once during the entire bout. Did Alvarez land more than 20 good punches the entire fight? The punch stats said he landed 117 total punches, which is less than 10 per round. He didn’t do any damage to Floyd. This was one of Mayweather’s best, most one-sided performances in years. Yet somehow one judge thought it was even. How could the fight be even when one guy admits he couldn’t catch the other one?

So why did Mayweather have such an easy time with Alvarez?

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Floyd Mayweather mocks Oscar De La Hoya over Instagram

Oscar De La Hoya

Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not think highly of Oscar De La Hoya. That’s nothing new. But it was still a little surprising to see the undefeated boxer take a jab at the Golden Boy by re-posting a boxing meme to his Instagram account on Monday.

Mayweather posted a meme that mocked De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez. De La Hoya, who lost to Floyd in 2007, said he had been giving Canelo — one of his promotional company’s most popular fighters — a blueprint on how to beat Mayweather. Mayweather won the fight easily (even if he was only credited with a majority decision win). Floyd earned the right to mock Oscar for saying before the fight that he had given Canelo a blueprint to victory, but seeing him post the meme was a surprise.

De La Hoya entered rehab last week and did not attend the fight, which was a pretty shocking turn of events and interesting side-story in the buildup to the bout.

Last week, Mayweather made his thoughts on De La Hoya pretty clear.

“Richard Schaefer’s a good guy, but Oscar’s [not],” Mayweather told the LA Times regarding Golden Boy Promotions’ top two figures.

Mayweather also told The Times that De La Hoya’s public appearances were “real embarrassing. I wouldn’t even show up to the fights if I were him.”

Maybe Floyd’s comments hit Oscar hard, because the Golden Boy ended up going to rehab. And Oscar’s biased pick of Canelo to win the fight proved to be a foolish one.

UPDATE: Mayweather issued a statement of apology for the photo and said he was not the one who posted it.

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CJ Ross scored Mayweather-Alvarez a draw, also had Bradley over Pacquiao

CJ Ross boxing judgeBoxing judge CJ Ross is responsible for two of the most embarrassing, unjustifiable boxing scores of our time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. thoroughly dominated Canelo Alvarez on Saturday in Las Vegas and won by majority decision. Floyd won the fight easily, but didn’t receive a unanimous decision. Why? Because Ross scored it 114-114. Yes, Ross scored it 6 rounds to 6. A draw. She thought Mayweather and Alvarez had an even fight, even though Floyd landed about 115 more punches and was hardly touched.

Ross also scored the Timothy Bradley-Manny Pacquiao fight 115-113 (7 rounds to 5) in favor of Bradley to help him win a split decision last year.

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Boxrec.com has a history of Ross’ controversial decisions. This is the sixth time since 2011 that she has scored a fight controversially, meaning she either scored it drastically differently from the other two judges, or gave more points to someone most felt did not deserve it.

Judge Dave Moretti scored the fight 116-112 for Mayweather Jr., while Craig Metcalfe had it 117-111.

Below is a look at all three judges’ scorecards for the Mayweather-Alvarez fight. Ross’ is on the right and blown up below:

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Floyd Mayweather all smiles at weigh-in for Canelo Alvarez fight (Video)

Floyd Mayweather smile

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had the smile of a man who knows he’s making $41 million this weekend. “Money” was just hamming it up for the cameras during Friday’s weigh-in prior to his fight with Canelo Alvarez. He wore the expression of a relaxed, confident man. Heck, he was chewing gum throughout the weigh-in and even got Canelo to crack a smile during their staredown because he was smiling so much.

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Floyd Mayweather upset with entourage member for putting honey in his coffee

Floyd Mayweather honey coffeeFloyd Mayweather had an absolutely hilarious reaction to one of his “The Money Team” entourage members screwing up his cup of coffee.

Mayweather was holding court with a group of media members this week to promote his Saturday fight with Canelo Alvarez when he took a sip from his cup and reacted like he just tasted some sour milk. Mayweather didn’t immediately berate the person who screwed up the coffee, but asked some questions to get to the bottom of why it tasted funky. He quickly figured out that someone put honey in his coffee and asked why.

“He’s the only employee I got that f— up every day,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather then said that same employee once almost put diesel fuel in a Ferrari. Though whole thing was pretty funny and reminded me of Nicky Santoro’s classic line from “Casino” about Artie Pescano.

You can watch the video below. Lots of F-bombs fly:

H/T Business Insider via Hot Clicks

Floyd Mayweather not bothering with trash talk for Canelo Alvarez

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a masterful self-promoter, but he is not necessarily known as a huge trash talker. Sure, he’ll trash talk plenty if it’s called for, but he has been pretty respectful of opponents in the past. Why is that? Because he hand picks his opponents and only fights guys he knows he can beat. Most of his trash talk is reserved for guys he’s really afraid of, like Manny Pacquiao.

Those following the buildup for Mayweather’s fight on Saturday against Canelo Alvarez know that Money hasn’t been bringing the trash talk. Aforementioned reasons have a lot to do with that — Mayweather just isn’t too worried about Canelo. But another reason he hasn’t been too vocal is simple logistics.

“The kid can’t speak English,” Mayweather explained to ESPN’s Tim Keown. “He wouldn’t know what I was saying anyway, so what’s the point?”

There’s more to it than just that. Mayweather has been able to accomplish something that few others can: he has mastered the art of making himself a villain without becoming a villain to his opponent. By being cocky, boastful, and unlikable, he gets fans to buy his fights because they want to see him knocked out. He doesn’t need to play off another person to sell a storyline; he sells himself.

The amazing part of Floyd’s plan is that it helps him disarm his opponents.

All of Floyd’s opponents are enjoying their biggest pay day and publicity rush they will ever have. How can they really be mad at Mayweather when the undefeated boxer is helping to build their career and lifetime savings? Mayweather is truly brilliant in this manner.

Alvarez was asked about Mayweather’s lack of trash talk leading up to their fight, and he offered an explanation.

“I think it’s because his other opponents want to talk trash. I respect everyone except when we get in the ring.”

When you have two guys being passive towards each other, there aren’t many fireworks. But none are needed; enough people want to watch Floyd fight to see if this will finally be the time he loses. And Canelo has so many Mexican fans who watch his fights, he already has a built-in audience. No phony trash talk has been needed for this one; it sells itself.