Floyd Mayweather Sr: 50 Cent is a ‘player hater,’ should fight my son

Floyd Mayweather Sr.Floyd Mayweather Sr. was asked for his thoughts on the ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. during an interview with “The Vegas Take” on Fox Sports 760 Las Vegas on Thursday, and per usual the elder Mayweather did not disappoint. From what we could understand, Mayweather Sr. is not happy with 50.

“50 Cent, let me tell you something, 50 Cent seems like he’s got a problem since Floyd left him,” Floyd Sr. said. “Whatever it was that made Floyd leave, he left. Floyd had nothing else to say about it. That’s 50 Cent that keeps putting stuff all over … He’s a world known singer and acting like a kid, man.”

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Mayweather Sr. also pointed out how 50 Cent was asked to spell some word (we aren’t sure what he’s talking about) and couldn’t do it. He then called the rapper a “player hater.”

“All the hip-hop fighters, all the R&B fighters, all of them — I don’t give a damn if they’re white, black, Jew, mexican whatever, pretty much all of them have dropped out of school,” Mayweather said. “My son ain’t got no reason to look back about nothing. He did his job. He ain’t gotta worry about nobody like 50 Cent because 50 Cent is a player hater.”

And of course, Mayweather Sr. thinks 50 should stop talking and put the gloves on if he has a problem.

“Put the video out when he go up against Floyd, he weighs over 100-something pounds over Floyd,” he said. “Let him go against Floyd, then we’ll have something to talk about. Floyd will stop all that s— in the papers. There won’t be no more said when Floyd gets ahold of his ass.”

While 50 recently said he loves Mayweather Jr. and just disagrees with the concept of The Money Team, it’s obvious he is determined to get under the champ’s skin. He seems to have pissed Floyd’s dad off in the process.

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. thinks Marcos Maidana fought dirty

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is known for being a trash-talker who doesn’t give much credit to fighters other than his son, and that’s exactly how he was after “Money” beat Marcos Maidana via majority decision Saturday.

Floyd Sr. was interviewed by Hustle Boss on Monday, two days after Floyd’s narrow win over Maidana (I thought it should have been a draw). Though Maidana presented Floyd’s biggest challenge in years and many people had him actually winning, Floyd Sr. refused to give “Chino” credit and instead essentially said the man fought dirty.

“I think it was a superb, masterful boxer fighting an MMA fighter,” Mayweather Sr. said. “He was an MMA fighter!”

“[Maidana] hit him in the balls, he hit him all around, on his hips, hit him in the back of the head, head-butted his eye, and beat him in the back of the head. Man, c’mon.

“Maidana doesn’t deserve (credit).”

Floyd Mayweather Marcos Maidana headbuttFloyd Sr. even went so far as to say that because of all the dirty tactics by Maidana, Floyd Jr. should avoid a rematch.

“With all that stuff that Maidana did, hitting below the belt, twisting the arm, hitting behind the head, hitting him with the head and busting that eye, if I was Floyd, I wouldn’t fight him again.”

Pops can say what he wants, but the reality is Floyd got roughed up by a rough fighter who overwhelmed him in several rounds. Headbutts happen regularly in boxing. Unless you’re Timothy Bradley, they’re considered part of the game, not a dirty play. And with any nut shots or hits behind the hit, that stuff just tends to happen, too. I think this is just an excuse coming from Floyd’s corner to cover up for him not looking too good in the fight. Maidana goes all-out and that’s part of what makes him so tough.

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. fights Robert Guerrero’s father outside gym (Video)

Floyd-Mayweather-Sr-fight-outside-gymFloyd Mayweather Sr. is 61 years old and retired from boxing, but the elder Mayweather proved earlier this week that he has not thrown his last punch. On Wednesday, Mayweather Sr. got into a fight with Ruben Guerrero, the father of professional boxer Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, outside a boxing gym in Las Vegas.

TMZ reported that both men were at the gym shooting footage for a reality television show, but the argument outside the training center was not scripted. As you can see in the clip above, Mayweather Sr. threw some swings at Guerrero while a bunch of people tried to break the scrum up. It doesn’t appear like anyone landed any solid punches.

Mayweather Jr. fought Robert Guerrero last May and cruised to a relatively easy victory, despite a whole lot of trash talk from Guerrero before the fight. In one press conference leading up to the bout, Ruben went off on Mayweather Jr. and called him a “woman beater” several times. It comes as no surprise that the two families are not fond of one another.

Freddie Roach roasts Floyd Mayweather Sr., says he looks like ‘Predator’

Floyd Mayweather Sr Predator

The trash talking regarding Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao doesn’t only go one way.

Floyd has been active on social media the past week talking all kinds of trash. Prior to Christmas, he sent out his “Christmas card” that totally ripped Pacquiao. A few days later, Floyd shared a photo on Twitter of a guy who he said looked like a cross between Pac-Man and Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach:

I have to admit, that guy does look like Roach.

Well Freddie wasn’t about to let Floyd make him look like a dufus without so much as a response. He took a shot at Floyd’s dad and trainer, Floyd Sr., by comparing the man to “Predator”:

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. says father used to beat him with belt or extension cord

Floyd Mayweather Sr.Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. have very different recollections of the younger Mayweather’s childhood. Mayweather Sr. has been credited with teaching his son the defensive skills he has used to become one of the greatest boxers of all time, but at what cost?

Mayweather Jr’s mother was a drug addict who died from complications associated with AIDS. Floyd’s father went to prison for five years when the welterweight champion was 16. Prior to that, Mayweather Sr. was incredibly hard on Mayweather Jr. and forced him to train from a very young age. During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show Wednesday, Mayweather spoke about his father abusing him.

“My dad was kind of hard on me,” he said. “As a child I didn’t really have a child life. I was jogging with combat boots on and chopping wood at the age of 10.”

Stern asked Mayweather if he ever feels resentful because of the way his father treated him or wonders if he would have been a great fighter without being stripped of his childhood.

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. has mole inside Canelo Alvarez’s camp?

Floyd Mayweather Sr. says he has some inside sources at Canelo Alvarez’s camp leaking information to him.

Floyd Sr. is back working with his son for the second fight in a row after the two previously had a falling out. Chris Robinson at Hustle Boss caught up with Floyd Sr. in Las Vegas last week, which is when the trainer revealed that he has inside info on his son’s Sept. 14 opponent.

Floyd Mayweather Sr.Floyd Sr. was asked about reports that Canelo (42-0-1, 30 KOs) was destroying his sparring partners in camp. Mayweather Sr. trainer laughed off the reports.

“It’s a bunch of a b.s.,” Mayweather said. “That’s all it is — a bunch of b.s. Because I’m getting a bunch of knowledge myself. I’m getting a whole bunch of knowledge about what’s going on. [Canelo is] telling his trainer what to do. He tells his trainer what to do. His weight is still up there. None of that stuff is true.”

When asked a followup question about the implication that there is a mole in Canelo’s camp feeding information, Floyd gave a cautious answer.

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Floyd Mayweather Sr: I’m the reason my son didn’t get hit

Floyd Mayweather Sr.Floyd Mayweather Jr. thoroughly dominated Robert Guerrero on Saturday in Las Vegas to improve to 44-0.

Mayweather was hit a bit in the early rounds, but Guerrero hardly touched him after that. Guerrero landed 113 total punches. The lack of hits Floyd took was a big change from his previous fight when he was belted pretty badly by Miguel Cotto, who landed 75 power shots.

Though I and others believe the difference between the amount of punishment Mayweather took in this fight compared to his last is due to the skill level of his opponents, his father, trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr., believes he is the reason for the change.

Mayweather Sr. has had a tempestuous relationship with his son, but the two reunited for this fight. Mayweather Sr. believes that was the reason his son hardly got hit.

“If you’ve been getting hit all the time, then I come along and now you ain’t getting hit … what’s that telling you? It’s so plain to see Ray Charles can see it!” Mayweather Sr. said at the post-fight news conference.

Mayweather Sr. also expressed regret over his past problems with his son and said he was happy to be working with him again.

“I feel good about me and my son getting back together.”

Mayweather Jr. agreed that his father made a big difference. He also said he was the one who reached out to bring in his father.

“[In] the Miguel Cotto fight, I felt like I got hit with shots I shouldn’t have been hit with. So I had to bring the defense master back — my father,” Mayweather Jr. explained.

Floyd Jr. also credited his father for developing an excellent gameplan.

“My dad said, ‘I’m going to tell you what’s going to get him — the right hand,’ ” Mayweather Jr. explained. “He said, ‘Yes, you can use the jab, but I’ll tell you what’s going to get him — right hands all day.’ So I went out there and executed the gameplan that was given to me.”

Sure enough, Guerrero couldn’t stop Mayweather’s right hand.

Mayweather Jr. says things went really well in his training camp and that he, his father, and his uncle, Roger, all worked well together. The result, no surprise, was an easy win for Floyd Jr.