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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: gay athletes

Michael Sam’s dad driven to drinking by son’s announcement

Perhaps nobody took the news of Michael Sam’s announcement that he is gay worse than the football player’s own father. The New York Times posted a follow-up piece Tuesday to their Sunday article in which Sam, the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, revealed that he is gay. In the follow-up article, The Times says…Read More

Michael Sam had a boyfriend in college

Michael Sam was confident enough to become the first high-level football player to come out as gay, so it’s not too surprising to learn that he was comfortable enough to have a boyfriend while in college. Though Sam only officially came out to his Missouri football team last August, he says people around campus knew…Read More

Ryan Clark concerned about how players should interact with Michael Sam

There is a difference between expressing an honest opinion about a controversial topic and being discriminatory or insensitive. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark expressed concern on Monday over the prospect of Michael Sam playing in the NFL, but he did it without being homophobic. Sam, an All-American defensive end at Missouri, came out publicly as…Read More

Missouri DE Michael Sam comes out as gay

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam came out as gay on Sunday. Sam went public with his sexual preference in an interview ¬†with ESPN’s Outside the Lines, though he says his teammates and coaches have known since August. “I am an openly, proud gay man,” Sam said. Sam said he made his decision to come out…Read More

Google shows LGBT support for Sochi Olympics

Google is the latest corporation to take a stand against Russia’s anti-gay laws, and it may also be the largest and most influential. Beginning on Thursday evening, Google’s latest homepage “doodle” features a rainbow flag (the symbol of the LGBT movement) and several sports images. Below the graphic is the following quote. “The practice of…Read More

Former Oilers say two players on 1993 team were gay, nobody cared

While the topic of gay players on NFL rosters has garnered a great deal of attention over the past few years, it is hardly a new issue. There are likely gay men playing professional football today just as there were gay men playing professional football 20 years ago. According to a few former players, the…Read More

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