Joe Torre feels ‘terrible’ about omitting George Steinbrenner from speech

Joe Torre Hall of Fame

Joe Torre had a lengthy Hall of Fame speech at Cooperstown on Sunday in which he recapped in detail his glory days managing the New York Yankees. He mentioned multiple players and staffers with whom he worked throughout his career, and he thanked his family for all their help. But one thing Torre failed to do during his 27-minute long speech — the longest of all inductees — was thank George Steinbrenner.

Torre acknowledged shortly after his speech that he failed to mention “The Boss” and made sure to address that with the media.

“I missed thanking the most obvious guy in the world when you’re talking about the Yankees,” Torre said per the New York Daily News. “I mentioned George, but my plan was to thank him and the fact that we had a great relationship.

“It was the proudest time in my whole career and I just feel terrible I omitted that.”

Indeed it was the proudest time of Torre’s career. Though he had a great career as a player and managed three teams prior to the Yankees, it was with the pinstripes that he won four World Series, leading to his induction. He even said early in his speech that he would “cut to the chase” and spend most of his time talking about the Yankees winners he managed because that’s where his most prominent work was done.

Some may speculate that Torre’s omission has to do with his rocky departure from the team after 2007. Torre was offered a new contract but would have had to take a pay cut, and he took offense to that. He ended up signing to manage the Dodgers instead.

Despite his issues over the insulting offer, Torre made it back to Yankee Stadium in 2010 when Steinbrenner was honored with a monument in Monument Park and insists there are no hard feelings.

Below is video of his speech:

Jimmy Breslin Downplays George Steinbrenner’s Success

Sportscenter called retired New York journalist Jimmy Breslin on the phone Tuesday afternoon to get his thoughts on the passing of New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and things got a bit awkward. Although he reiterated several times that he “likes” The Boss and “had good times with him,” it would seem as though Breslin isn’t ready to credit him with the Yankees success over the last 37 years. Needless to say, I disagree with his opinion as I expressed earlier on Tuesday. Check out the Jimmy Breslin Sportscenter phone interview talking about George Steinbrenner, courtesy of YouTube user h8torade1:

We all know the Yankees won a ton of championships before Steinbrenner took the reins in the 70s, but we also know baseball wasn’t the mega-business then that it is now. Steinbrenner helped turn the Yankees, and Major League Baseball, into its own economic industry. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don’t think Steinbrenner deserves much credit that’s fine, but I don’t see what his not having played the game or gotten his name in the record books has to do with it. I’ve already told you I wasn’t, and still am not, a Steinbrenner fan. However, Unlike Jimmy Breslin, I try not to have a hair across my a** about it.

Video Credit: YouTube user h8torade1

George Steinbrenner Did it Right

Man, did I hate George Steinbrenner. I mean I really, really hated the guy. Today, I can safely say that if it weren’t for the fact that he was as good at his job as any owner in the history of professional sports, I probably couldn’t have cared less.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died Tuesday morning at the age of 80 after suffering a massive heart attack. Steinbrenner had been in charge in the Bronx since 1973. During that 37-year span, he brought seven World Series titles and 11 American League pennants to New York. He oversaw one of the most dominating franchises in Major League Baseball history and was one of the most feared figures in all of sports.

Growing up in the Boston-area, George Steinbrenner emerges as one of your first enemies. If your family was passionate about sports and wanted to teach you who you should love and who you should loathe, the hatred started right there. If you hated America, you probably hated the U.S. president. If you hated the Yankees, you certainly hated the man who became known most commonly as “The Boss.”

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