West Virginia lost bowel in bowl game, according to newspaper typo


Most fitting newspaper typo ever? Quite possibly. That typo appeared in Sunday’s edition of the Weirton Daily Times in West Virginia. West Virginia lost the Pinstripe Bowl to Syracuse 38-14 on Saturday. When you get smashed that badly by a 7-5 team, you deserve a typo like that.

Here are all the other awesome newspaper headline mistakes we’ve seen in the past.

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ESPN Soccer Headline: Dann Suffers Ruptured Testicle, Kean on Sack

Blackburn defender Scott Dann apparently suffered a ruptured testicle injury and will be out six weeks. Blackburn is also 2-10-4, and coach Steve Kean is on the hot seat. That gave ESPN Soccernet the opportunity to use the old “Dann suffers ruptured testicle | Kean on sack” double headline. Better yet, if you take a look at the Kean story, the headline reads “Kean rejects talk of the sack,” (click twice on the picture above to enlarge).

I’m guessing that plays much differently here than it does in the U.K., where sack doesn’t equate to scrotum. I have no idea if the page’s editor did that intentionally, but it sure is appreciated by us 4-year-olds here at LBS.

As awesome as the headline is, it has nothing on two of our other favorite inappropriate headlines: this and this.

Thanks to LBS writer Danny Lee for the tip.

Gay Sets Straight Record, Too Easy

Anytime sprinter Tyson Gay does something incredible on the track the ensuing headlines are too predictable. They’re filled with double entendres you’d expect to encounter in notes being passed by fourth graders. On Sunday, Gay broke a record for a 200m sprint, but the catch is that it wasn’t on a typical track where the second hundred meters was around a curve. Naturally it produced this headline that was on the front page of ESPN.com for part of the afternoon, as pointed out by LBS tipster Howie. Here it is:

Had to know that was coming. Nothing to this date though beats the headline used two years ago when LSU hired Trent Johnson as their coach. That was classic.

LSU Basketball Likes Big Packages

Copy editors are like the unsung heroes of the newspaper world. The Pippen to the Jordan, the Drysdale to the Koufax, the Jarri Kurri to the Gretzky. They don’t have the big superstar name, but they’ve held up well in their own right and contributed to the team’s success in large ways. Largely unheralded and doing most of the dirty work, the copy editor goes unnoticed. But there are those rare instances where the copy editor gets his day in the sun — the chance to hit that game winning shot or score the overtime goal. And when the copy editor knocks it out of the park, we sure do appreciate it. This week in the LSU Daily Reville, it was time for an editor to shine:

Not quite as good as the Cocks getting jacked, or the ladies getting jacked off, but still had me laughing out loud. Credit JS with the Daniel Hackett-like assist on the play.

When the Cocks Lose to the Jacks…

Amazing headlines ensue. Last week, we had the fantastic headline of the “Lady Jacks Off,” in reference to the Northern Arizona women’s basketball team. This week, trickblue from Cowboys Zone passes along this fantastic paper headline, from the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel, following a win by the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks over the Jacksonville State Gamecocks.

Cocks Get Jacked Newspaper Headline

What can I say, I have the sense of humor of a five-year-old. That gets me every time.

What Also Not to Use as a Headline:
Lady Jacks Off

What Not to Use as a Headline

This is apparently an Arizona paper’s headline regarding Northern Arizona University — the Lumberjacks. Nice find by the exceptional gentlemen of 100% Injury Rate.

UPDATE: The supposed Editor in Chief of the paper that produced this headline left a comment at 100% Injury Rate — check it out.