Hooters ballgirl refuses to move as player chases foul ball (Video)

Hooters-ballgirl-foul-ballThe Hooters ballgirl that has been shagging balls during the Philadelphia Phillies’ spring training games this year officially went from doing too much to doing too little earlier this week. Last week, the young lady confidently fielded what she thought was a foul ball and handed it to a fan, only to later realize she had picked up a ball that was in play.

This time, the same young lady (or another young lady who looks strikingly similar) decided she was simply going to park it rather than risk picking up a live ball. The problem is she dangerously got in the way of a player who was chasing down a fly ball in foul territory. Typically the ballboy or ballgirl will stand up and grab their chair to get out of the way, but that didn’t seem to be an option here.

I don’t know if having a Hooters girl serve as a ballgirl has helped sell tickets, but I think all the players would agree at this point that the experiment has not gone well.

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Hooters ballgirl mistakenly fields live ball at Phillies game (Video)

Hooters ballgirlAnother spring training, another error committed by a Hooters ballgirl at a Phillies game.

The Philadelphia Phillies make their spring training home in Clearwater, Fla., which is 1.5 miles away from the original Hooters, which was established in 1983. As a result, the Phillies have a nice deal going where they use Hooters girls to guard the lines at spring training games.

On Saturday, the Hooters girl working the left field line mistakenly fielded a live ball in the top of the sixth inning. Tampa Bay Rays DH Shelley Duncan hit a ground ball down the line that was fair, but Hooters girl Priscilla fielded it and tossed it to a fan. Duncan was awarded a double without even having to challenge the left fielder, leading Rays manager Joe Maddon to praise the ballgirl.

“She moved her feet well,” Maddon said, via The Tampa Bay Times. “I thought she presented her hands to the ball very well also. The overall package was very, um, efficient.”

You can always count on Maddon for a solid quote. And you can always count on a mistake from a Hooters ballgirl at a Phillies spring training game. Remember this one from last year? At least we should give credit to Priscilla for fielding the ball well and generously giving a fan a souvenir.

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Dan Snyder, Mike Shanahan stop by Waco Hooters while scouting RGIII (Picture)

The Redskins were on the Baylor campus Wednesday checking out the pro day of likely their next quarterback, Robert Griffin III. The Redskins’ contingent, which included owner Dan Snyder, head coach Mike Shanahan, his son and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and GM Bruce Allen, flew into Waco on Tuesday and evidently soon after made their way to a local Hooters. Can’t imagine a more awkward fit than Dan Snyder going to Hooters.

According to one Waco-area Skins fan, that wasn’t the first restaurant/bar they went to Tuesday night. On a Redskins message board, the fan wrote a first person account of meting the team’s brass at another watering hole that night, where they were meeting with Griffin. (Among the more interesting details, the fan recounts a conversation he has with Allen: “He talked about how excited they are about RG3 and how Griffin is glad it wasn’t Cleveland that moved up to number 2.” Yikes, Cleveland just can’t catch a break.) The thread became quite popular also turned up the above Hooters photo. Shanahan and Snyder can say they went for the wings, but we all know nobody goes to Hooters for wings (except Pacman Jones).

Oh, and Griffin looks like he’s going to be really good.

Helmet knock to Hogs Haven via DC Sports Bog
Photo via ExtremeSkins

Hooters girl guarding foul line at Phillies spring training game whiffs on grounder

Apparently the Phillies use Hooters girls to guard foul lines during their spring training games in Clearwater, Fla., so Monday’s exhibition against the Tigers was no exception. In the 7th inning of the game, a grounder was hit to left field and the poor lass missed it, letting it go five hole. Clearly she was overmatched out there, but I don’t think most fans are complaining.

If you’re wondering why they have Hooters girls working the lines, outside of the obvious reasons, apparently the original Hooters, which opened in 1983, is only a mile and a half from the park. Hey, that’s synergy. Oh, and apparently Phillies fans were booing.

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