MLB players impersonate the cast of ‘The Expendables’ (Video)

For those of you who like movies that feature some of the most famous action-role actors of all time, “The Expendables” released a second installment of it’s over-the-top, explosion-filled masterpiece on Friday. In honor of the release of “The Expendables 2,” some players from around the MLB went on camera and did their best impressions of some of the famous cast including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Dolph Lundgren.

Within a sea of sub-par impersonations, Derek Holland killed the Schwarzenegger bit. Since Holland has been known to do funny things like this and this in the past, we can’t say we’re all that surprised he stole the show.

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Vince Young Warns People About ‘Dangerous’ Impersonator Stephan Pittman

In most instances, fans who impersonate players are harmless and simply trying to have a little fun.  We have seen several examples over the years of fans who dress up as professional athletes or take advantage of the fact that they look like a certain player.  This guy who impersonated Brett Favre caused quite a stir in Green Bay but was not harming anyone.  While we believe the Pau Gasol impersonator charges way too much, he was not stealing or scamming people.  And then there are people like Lil’ Bautista who are, well, children.

When someone like Stephan Pittman comes along, the joke is over.  On Monday, Vince Young came out and warned people in the Maryland area about a con-man who has been impersonating him in Prince George’s County, Md.

“I heard that he has been been taking money, taking pictures with little kids at hospitals,” Young warned. “It’s been real sick.”

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Joba Chamberlain Impersonator Ryan Ward Arrested by Cops

I don’t know what’s up with people and their fascination with impersonations. Why can’t they just be themselves? Ryan Ward couldn’t help himself from posing as Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain once Joba became famous in the Big Apple. It all started when people kept mistaking Ward for Chamberlain, until Ward decided to not only embrace the mistakes, but also encourage it:

But it wasn’t until June that he started to play along – even wearing a Joba-style flat-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Cops first ran into Ward at a Belmar bagel shop, Police Chief Jack Hill said.

After ordering a bagel and coffee, Ward reached into his pockets, told the manager he didn’t have the $1.50, and then pointed to a picture of Chamberlain in a newspaper sports section and asked, “Do you know who I am?” Hill said.

“He was selling autographs for free beer and money at a bar here on a night Joba Chamberlain was pitching and the game was on TV,” Hill said.

Ward, a Phillies fan, admittedly made the rounds of Belmar and other Jersey Shore towns for weeks, scoring dozens of free drinks before police arrested him.

Honestly, who’s so dumb as to sign autographs at a bar the same night the guy he’s impersonating is pitching? And who are these dunderheads not to figure it out? And what’s up with guys being so pathetic they have to be an impostor to get some? You think it’ll work if I tell chicks I’m Brad Pitt?

UPDATE: Ward says he nailed 100 chicks while impersonating Joba, the two will meet at Yankee Stadium on Friday.

Sonics Impersonator Gets Some Tail

Not that you didn’t already know it, but some people can be creepy. Really creepy. Take for instance Ronnie Craven. Mr. Craven has been professing to be one Jeff Turner, a former NBA player. I’ve never heard of Jeff Turner, and I’m guessing you haven’t either. I guess that’s what makes it perfect for Craven’s purposes. For instance, if you were planning to lie to some chick, telling her you’re Jeff Keppinger from the Reds works a little better than saying you’re Ken Griffey Jr., capiche? Well, Mr. Craven knew what he was doing all along. He said he was Turner and that he was an employee in the Sonics front office.

“I am going to be honest with you. I don’t work for them,” the man who posed as Turner said from his home in Somerville, a Boston suburb, when reached by the Seattle P-I on Monday. “(The situation was) all brought on by an online dating thing. Craigslist. I lied to her. Does that mean I can go out there and represent the Sonics? No. Does that mean that I did it to get some (sex)? Absolutely.”

“This wasn’t meant to be (anything negative) toward the Sonics,” said Craven, who said he has three daughters, is separated from his wife and works in property management. “People get lied to all the time. Did I do anything illegal against the Sonics? No. Did I go out and represent the Sonics in any fashion? I’m not actually proposing that I did that. Did I do this for the broad? Yes.”

From now on, when someone asks you why you lied, just tell em “I did it for the broad.” And in case you were wondering, when I’m doing my online dating, I just tell chicks my name is Drew Magary and their clothes come flying off. Works all the time.

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