Woman offers herself up to this year’s Mr. Irrelevant (Video)

We’ve seen these YouTube proposals to professional athletes such as Ricky Rubio and Tim Tebow before. But never before have we seen one that reaches the sleazy and high-potential-for-a-cold-sore level that this one has.

That frizzy-haired and wanton lass in the (possibly fake) video below bills herself as “Mrs. Irrelevant” and has one mission and one mission only: to sleep with the last pick in this year’s NFL Draft. It’s pretty much the only thing somebody about to join the Colts can look forward to at this point.

“Whoever is this year’s Mr. Irrelevant is going to have himself a night … alone … with me,” she seductively declares. “And our time together, I guarantee you, will be anything but irrelevant.”

Sounds a lot more fun than a parade in Newport Beach.

I say, instead of that old dude, we have this chick announce the last pick in the draft.

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College student invites Jeremy Lin to her senior formal with a creative video

People making videos to ask celebrities on dates or to formal events is becoming played out, so you really have to be creative to stand out. One girl named Lina, who says she is a senior at William & Mary in Virginia, made a video asking Jeremy Lin to be her date for her senior formal. Lina really went all-out for the video. She interviewed the school’s president, she went down to a restaurant, and she played some basketball.

I don’t think Lin will have time to fulfill the request given that he’s busy trying to recover from knee surgery in time to rejoin the Knicks for the playoffs and all, but it still was a worthwhile effort by Lina. It was definitely better than most other ones we’ve seen recently.

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Air Force member Jamie Walden asks Tim Tebow to Military Ball (Video)

Tim Tebow has already been invited to a sorority formal, and now he has been asked to attend a Military Ball. Jamie Walden is an active duty member of the Air Force and she made the video above to invite the Broncos quarterback to be her date for the 2012 Military Ball in Shreveport (La.).

If Tebow accepts, he will be the latest celebrity to attend the Military Ball. Actors Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis both attended the 2011 Military Ball after accepting invitations.

Between the sorority formal, the musical date, and this, Timmy is going to have a very busy offseason if he grants every girl’s request. And that’s not even counting all the other celebrities who are chasing him.

UCF Student Challenges Dwight Howard to Free Throw Contest, Wants Him to Pay for Her College Education (Video)

Listen lady, I know you saw that sorority girl who asked Tim Tebow to her formal and were inspired. But you think challenging Dwight Howard to a free throw contest so he can pay for your college education makes sense? That’s not how proposition videos work, yo.

Margo Lorbecke is a junior at Central Florida and studying to be a pediatrician. She thinks that Dwight will be willing to fork out thousands of dollars to pay for her college education if she beats him at a free throw contest. And what will she do in return?

“I’ll paint myself blue or wash all his cars,” she says.

Umm, somehow I don’t think that’s a fair trade. Margo says that she just wants to meet him. Right. If that’s what you’re shooting for, you’ll have to get a little more creative.

A word of advice: If you want to issue a challenge, you have to go for someone’s strength, not their weakness. You’re not proving anything by beating Andy Reid in a time management competition.

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Girl Makes Music Video Asking Tim Tebow to Ask Her on a Date (Video)

A girl by the name of Kaycee Robertson joined YouTube this week for the sole purpose of trying to get Tim Tebow to ask her on a date. Robertson is a youth pastor at a church and she uploaded a video of her singing a song called “Ask me on a date, Tim Tebow.” This video differs from the one we shared with you last weekend in that last week’s video featured a sorority girl asking Tebow to her formal. Kaycee is doing the opposite; she wants Tim to be the one to ask her out. It’s a cute song, but who knows if it will work. Knowing Tim and his big heart, he’ll oblige if he can.

The song lyrics are posted below. Thanks to Hot Clicks for sharing the video.

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Christian Sorority Girl Brittany Salvesen Invites Tim Tebow to Her Formal (Video)

Tim Tebow’s getting offers like these on a daily basis, and we’re really supposed to believe he’s a virgin? Oh wait a second, I forgot — the girl in question, Brittany Salvesen, belongs to a Christian sorority. They believe in waiting until marriage, correct? Eh, I don’t know all the rules. All I know is that Lindsey Vonn now has some competition. Or maybe Vonn and Tebow can do a pity double date.

Teebs needs to make this happen once his season is over, which could be in a day.

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