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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Girl Makes Music Video Asking Tim Tebow to Ask Her on a Date (Video)

A girl by the name of Kaycee Robertson joined YouTube this week for the sole purpose of trying to get Tim Tebow to ask her on a date. Robertson is a youth pastor at a church and she uploaded a video of her singing a song called “Ask me on a date, Tim Tebow.” This video differs from the one we shared with you last weekend in that last week’s video featured a sorority girl asking Tebow to her formal. Kaycee is doing the opposite; she wants Tim to be the one to ask her out. It’s a cute song, but who knows if it will work. Knowing Tim and his big heart, he’ll oblige if he can.

The song lyrics are posted below. Thanks to Hot Clicks for sharing the video.

You are the quarterback for the broncos
I am a youth pastor in hipster clothes

You’re good at football and probably everything
I glanced, and saw that you don’t have a wedding ring.

You love Jesus more than anything.
So I got my roommates to all help me sing.

Ask me on a date (ask her on a date) Tim Tebow

You love Jesus and people and ministry
I love that you love Jesus and people and ministry.

ArryMay Emay ImTay EbowTay
In pig latin, that is what I want to say

This song is mostly for fun but I totally mean it
I’ll be here, next time you’re in MInneapolis

Ask me on a date (ask her on a date) Tim Tebow

I know that Denver is far away
I’d drive 13 *hours to watch you play
I’ll think you’re hot til I”m old and gray.
So I’ll say, yes I’ll say.

Ask me on a date (ask her on a date) Tim Tebow

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