Little kid snubbed on handshake by Jack Nicholson has saddest reaction (Video)

Man, Jack Nicholson is just generating all sorts of negative vibes. First, the Lakers’ most notable fan goes out and attends a playoff game for the rival Clippers. Nobody likes a frontrunner, Jack. And then he goes out there and does this?

Oh man, Jack, you are just killing the karma right about now. Did you see the defeated look on the poor kid’s face?

Jack Nicholson kid handshake

Here’s the GIF:

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Jack Nicholson took a duck face selfie at Lakers game

jack nicholson wavesJack Nicholson has been spotted doing a lot of things at Los Angeles Lakers games over the years. The 76-year-old actor has been going to Lakers games forever and is arguably the most notorious fan in team history, but he still surprises us every now and then. How? By taking duck face selfies.

Nicholson appeared to be having a great time with a woman that was sitting next to him during Tuesday’s loss to the Indiana Pacers, which happened to be LA’s fifth straight. At one point, the blonde started taking selfies with Jack on her phone. She even got him to flash the duck face.

We have seen Nicholson walk out on the team with Adam Sandler and nod off during games before, but this is a first. If you hate the duck face as much as I do, you’re probably just as disturbed by seeing Nicholson do it.

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Maria Menounos on Conan: Jack Nicholson got me kicked out of Lakers game

Maria-Menounos-ConanJack Nicholson is easily the most obnoxious Los Angeles Lakers fan in America. Any NBA official who has ever worked a game at the Staples Center would almost certainly agree. But the Lakers love having him, and “Extra” host Maria Menounos learned that the hard way during the NBA Finals in 2010.

Menounos, who grew up in Massachusetts and is a huge Boston sports fan, told Conan O’Brien earlier this week that she was sitting courtside with Dane Cook (really?) when Lakers security removed her from her seat for cheering like crazy. Guess who was behind it.

“I was at the Lakers game, I think it was Game 6 in Los Angeles,” Menounos explained. “Dane Cook and I were sitting courtside. We had made it like our job to go to all of these games and rally for our team. All of a sudden we’re sitting courtside, I’m wearing my Celtics gear screaming and going crazy, and I get booted. These guys come and pull us out of courtside. I’m like, ‘What is going on?’

“We end up in the chairman’s lounge at halftime and I’m hiding in this hallway, and all of a sudden Jack Nicholson comes out of the bathroom and he’s like (insert imitation of Nicholson’s laugh). He goes, ‘I see they moved your seat (more Nicholson laugh).’ He got me kicked out. I heard later that he called Jerry Buss and had me removed.”

This is why we like Jack better when he’s caught falling asleep at Lakers games. The fact that LA’s brass listens to him to the point where they remove people from their seats who are cheering for the opposition is pretty sad. Although, nobody likes Dane Cook, so that was probably best for everyone.

Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler walk out on Lakers (Video)

jack nicholson wavesHow bad are the Los Angeles Lakers? So bad that actor Jack Nicholson decided to walk out of a game with over seven minutes left.

Nicholson is one of the franchise’s most notable fans. He has been a Lakers season ticket holder since 1970 and a fixture sitting courtside at the team’s home games for years.

On Friday night, he appeared to be so disgusted with the Lakers’ play that he left the game with the team down 103-81 and 7:31 remaining. But that’s not all — Nicholson also took actor Adam Sandler with him.

The Lakers lost 116-101 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They have now lost six in a row and are 15-21.

On the bright side, at least Nicholson wasn’t caught sleeping during the game this time.

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Was Jack Nicholson sleeping at the Lakers game Friday night? (Video)

The sunglasses make it difficult to read. At first glance, I thought Jack Nicholson was looking down at his phone or reading something. It’s still somewhat of a mystery, but it certainly looks like Jack was sleeping durig the Lakers win over the Suns on Friday night. You don’t just spring up like that unless you were startled awake.

I’d like to say this happens to the best of us, but I can honestly say I’ve never nodded off at a sporting event. I’ve never had courtside seats, but I’m 100 percent certain I wouldn’t doze off if I did. Jack is probably numb to attending Lakers games since he’s gone to so many, but isn’t this supposed to be their biggest fan? You don’t see Spike Lee taking naps at the Garden. Then again, Jack doesn’t have Linsanity to keep him awake.

Jack Nicholson Trades Laker Gold for Bruin Blue

What would Laker fans have to say about one of their most high profile, not to mention devoted, fans jumps ship over to the college game? That’s right, Jack Nicholson broke out the big guns and stepped into Pauley Pavilion Thursday night to take in the clash between #3 UCLA and #7 Stanford. As you could imagine, Jack was rooting for the good guys (and wore neutral colors, unlike Eva Longoria in Utah), even getting pretty pumped up when Russell Westbrook came flying in to putback a miss and pull the Bruins within a point of Stanford at 60-59:

You know what, I do have to admit, it is pretty cool to have Jack show up courtside to take in a game. May I speak on behalf of Bruins fans when I say we welcome you with open arms. Oh yeah, and congrats to UCLA for winning their third straight Pac-10 regular season title. That’s pretty impressive.