Jahvid Best Credits Lions Fans for Creating Six or Seven False Start Penalties

Detroit was fired up to host its first Monday Night Football game since 2001. The rowdy fans had Ford Field rocking early on, and they combined with Detroit’s intimidating defensive line to induce several false starts by the Bears offensive line. In fact, the Bears committed an NFL-record six false starts in the first half of the game. The Lions were quick to credit their fans for the achievement.

“It was crazy out there. The fans caused at least six or seven false starts,” running back Jahvid Best said. “That place was rocking. There was a lot electricity in the air and we were definitely feeling it.”

Speaking about the fans and atmosphere, quarterback Matthew Stafford said “It was unbelievable. Especially early on, some of those third downs, you couldn’t hear yourself think.”

The atmosphere in Detroit was incredible, and it provided a clear advantage on the field. It was also the same old sad story for the Bears offense. Not only were the offensive linemen moving early, but they failed to give Jay Cutler more than two seconds to throw the ball on nearly every play. Detroit’s defensive line may be the best in football, but you have to hold them up for longer than two seconds. Mike Martz’s offensive system is getting Jay Cutler killed, and the poor offensive line play has turned the quarterback into a sympathetic figure.

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Why Was Jahvid Best Even Playing Against OSU with a Slight Concussion?

Jahvid Best Concussion

We’ve already posted about the crazy fall and concussion Jahvid Best sustained against Oregon State on Saturday and we’re glad to hear he’s been released from the hospital. The injury comes at a curious time where the NFL was forced to answer to alarming studies that reveal the severity of concussions in governmental hearings. Much of the data suggests concussions impair people later on in life and that there is a greater susceptibility to a second concussion if there hasn’t been enough healing time following the first. After reading that, it makes sense that Best looked so knocked out after his fall (dropping from five-six feet in the air doesn’t help either).

The severity of the concussion raising the most critical question: why was Best even playing in the game? I asked the same question when Tate Forcier played against Delaware State despite suffering a mild concussion against Iowa the prior week, and why Tim Tebow was playing against LSU two weeks after suffering a concussion against Kentucky. Yesterday alone, we saw Eagles running back Brian Westbrook sit out against the Cowboys because he was still having headaches from his concussion suffered two Monday nights prior against the Redskins. The bottom line is that long-term health matters more than the short term desire to win one game. If a young player like Best suffered a concussion in one game, he shouldn’t have been playing the very next week. Just because players used to tough things out back in the day doesn’t mean it was the smartest thing to do. We constantly pride ourselves on our ability to learn, discover, evolve, and improve. If new data overwhelmingly proves the link between concussions and brain injury, we shouldn’t be resistant; we should change for the better. I think Cal learned its lesson.

Jahvid Best Badly Hurt on Touchdown Dive

Cal running back Jahvid Best had a scary moment early in the game against Oregon State that has many fans holding their breath. Best went airborne to score a touchdown and was hit by someone who catapulted him even higher than he already was. Jahvid may have been six feet in the air at the peak of his leap (plus the push) before he came to a crash on the ground. Best landed on his back and may have injured his neck or back severely on the play. Here is video of Jahvid Best’s touchdown run and the hit that hurt him:

Jahvid had to be carted off the field on a stretcher and as you can tell, it did not look good. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the situation and we hope it’s nothing serious though at this point that’s wishful thinking.

UPDATE: Best has a concussion but has movement in all his extremities

Jahvid Best Solidifies Heisman Campaign with 5 Touchdowns, Airborne Score

The difference between Cal and USC is that a school like Cal goes out and loses to an Oregon the week after getting lots of attention and praise. I have a feeling that’s what will happen now that I and many others are giving Jahvid Best love for the win over Minnesota. Best scored every touchdown for Cal in their 35-21 win over Minnesota on Saturday. Best score three times in the first half including runs of 34, 2, and 27 yards, and then he punched in two short runs to help solidify the win in the 4th quarter. The first TD may have been the most impressive and it will be the one played on all the highlight shows. Check out video of Jahvid Best’s airborne touchdown against Minnesota:

Two elements really came together to make that play work so well. The first is the way they ran the fake end-around (that even tripped up the camera guy), making the defense freeze. The second is Best’s speed that allowed him to beat everyone to the sideline and then to the corner of the end zone. Gotta love the way he punctuated the touchdown with the airborne leap into pay dirt. That reminded me a lot of Knowshon Moreno’s run for Georgia last year against Arizona State. All the talk before the season was about the three quarterbacks and which one of them would get the Heisman — Bradford, Tebow, or McCoy. Best was widely considered a darkhorse candidate but now he must be thought of as one of the frontrunners. It was also hard to watch in the 4th quarter and not think Tedford was doing his best to pad Best’s stats. It sure worked.

Cal’s Jahvid Best Hit so Hard by Maryland’s Kevin Barnes He Throws Up

We’ve already seen Brandon Jacobs run over LaRon Landry, and Sheldon Brown crush Steven Jackson, but the hit of the year might be Kevin Barnes of Maryland on Cal running back Jahvid Best. I’m not sure you can place a hit on some more squarely than this one. No doubt Jahvid agrees.

Thanks to LBS tipster Andy, a saddened Cal fan, for emailing that in. We know lots of Cal fans who traveled cross-country to watch this game. Let’s just hope they didn’t see Best puking from where they were sitting, considering that one play probably encapsulates the entire game for Cal fans. Video courtesy of Mister Irrelevant via Deadspin.