Jake Long feared to have torn ACL injury

Jake Long injury

The St. Louis Rams fear Jake Long suffered a torn ACL injury during Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Long was carted off the field a few minutes after the game began with what appeared to be a right knee injury. He was able to stand up despite being hurt, but the bad news is it was a non-contact injury, which usually signifies something gave out.

FOX sideline reporter Laura Okmin says Rams coach Jeff Fisher told her they feared Long suffered a torn ACL.

Long was the Rams’ big free agent signing in the offseason. He signed a four-year, $34 million deal that called for $16 million guaranteed. There is already speculation that the Rams could draft a tackle next year.

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Bill Parcells Questions Drafting Jake Long over Matt Ryan and Later Pat White

Bill Parcells has built a lot of successful football teams and has helped turn around several franchises. He has been part of rebuilding processes in New York, New England, Dallas, and most recently Miami. With the Dolphins, Parcells was lauded for improving the team by 10 wins in his first year (from 1-15 to 11-5). Since the major turnaround however, the Dolphins have slipped to 7-9 in consecutive years and they’ve been plagued by a lack of consistency at quarterback.

Now, several months after leaving the front office in Miami, he has opened up about a few questionable draft selections they made.

In an interview with The Miami Herald via Pro Football Talk, Parcells admitted some of his picks were questionable. On the decision to draft Jake Long first overall instead of quarterback Matt Ryan who went third to Atlanta, Parcells says “maybe, we should have,” drafted the QB.

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Jake Long’s Even Richer Than Before

The South Florida Sun Sentinel posted this weekend about Dolphins left tackle Jake Long and his contract. Apparently the writer was cruising through the NFLPA and saw that Long’s going to be making some serious coin in the upcoming seasons. The former first overall selection signed a five-year $57 million deal worth $30 million in guarantees. Apparently he’ll be seeing almost all of that money thanks to a bump likely for making the Pro Bowl. Check out the raises Long is getting in the upcoming years.

    2009 – $3.75 $6.5 M
    2010 – $4.5 to $9M
    2011 – $5.25 to $10M
    2012 – $6 to 10M
    2013 $6.75 to $10.75M

Now we’re not 100% sure about this one but it seems likely that the increase was due to Long making the Pro Bowl as a rookie. Whether or not that’s the case, spending $9-$10 million a season on a starting offensive lineman seems a little absurd. Especially consider that the franchise tag for a running back only pays around $6.5 million a season (that’s the average salary of the top five players at the position). Then again, you put the right blockers in front of a runner and anyone will be a Pro Bowler.