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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Articles tagged: James Harden

James Harden wears cowboy hat to game after attending rodeo

Attending a Houston rodeo on Thursday got James Harden in a cowboy mood, because the Rockets guard showed up to his team’s game on Friday wearing that great cowboy outfit. And if you think that picture is good, you’ll love this one, which is infinitely better: If you're feeling down an out, here's a picture…Read More

Dwyane Wade flops big time after James Harden fakes him out (GIF)

Dwyane Wade was beat by James Harden during Tuesday night’s Houston Rockets-Miami Heat game, so he reached into his bag of dirty tricks to bail himself out. After Harden caught him with a fake and got past him, Wade pretended like he was hit by a flailing Harden arm and went down for the count….Read More

James Harden rubs his beard on Trevor Ariza (Video)

Now this is just plain weird. After the Houston Rockets beat the Washington Wizards on a last-second layup by James Harden Wednesday night, Harden appeared to wipe his beard on Ariza’s chest. Was Harden doing that in a disrespectful manner? Was that his answer to Ariza talking some trash after the game? That’s my guess….Read More

James Harden’s strep throat so bad he struggled to drink water

James Harden has been playing for the Houston Rockets despite being ill. The Rockets guard scored 31 points in a surprising Game 5 win over the Thunder in Oklahoma City on Wednesday night, which was extremely impressive considering he was sick and later diagnosed with strep throat. Harden still played in Game 6 despite the…Read More

Evolution of James Harden’s beard

James Harden has become almost as well known for his beard as he is for is All-Star play for the Houston Rockets. Harden had a trimmed beard during his two seasons in college at Arizona State from 2007-2009, and then he began growing it out while he was with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The beard…Read More

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