Cavs reportedly trade Jarrett Jack to Nets, clear room for LeBron James

Jarrett-Jack-CavsThe Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly agreed to a three-team trade with the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics that will send Jarrett Jack to Brooklyn. The Cavs needed to move Jack, who is owed $6.3 million next season, in order to clear the space needed to sign a player to a maximum contract. They’re hoping that player will be some dude named LeBron James.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Nets will get Jack and Sergey Karasev while sending a future first-round pick and Marcus Thornton to the Celtics. Thornton is owed more than $8 million next season, so the Cavs had to involve a third team in order to shed contracts without taking any on. Cleveland also sent Tyler Zeller and his $1.7 million to Boston.

The Cavs facilitated the trade with one goal in mind — creating salary cap space. While we have no way of knowing for sure what LeBron’s future plans are, it is fairly obvious that Cleveland is doing all it can to sign him. The decision is now solely in LeBron’s hands.

Meanwhile, Danny Ainge has parlayed the Cavs’ desperation to sign LeBron into a nice haul for the Celtics. Boston will get a free look at Zeller while also acquiring another future first-round pick. With Ainge reportedly still trying to figure out a way to trade for Kevin Love, could that future first-rounder become valuable? Let’s not get carried away…

Jarrett Jack, Carl Landry unlikely to be back with Warriors

Jarrett Jack WarriorsThough the Golden State Warriors added Andre Iguodala on Friday, they likely lost more than the players they traded to the Utah Jazz.

Marcus Thompson of Bay Area News Group reports that the Warriors had to renounce their rights to Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry because of the four-year, $48 million deal they agreed to with Iguodala.

Landry is a free agent after choosing not to pick up his $4 million player option with the Warriors. He is looking for a multi-year deal.

The Warriors were interested in bringing back Jack, who is an unrestricted free agent, but they are unlikely to be able to afford him. The Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks reportedly have shown interest in Jack, who had a fantastic season for the Warriors last season, averaging 12.9 points and 5.6 assists while shooting 45.2 percent from the field.

Jack seemed to be disappointed about his fate:

The Warriors have a lineup that looks strong, but they will lose some depth without Jack and Landry.

UPDATE: On Saturday, Landry agreed to a four-year deal worth $26-27 with the Sacramento Kings. Less than an hour later, Jack agreed to a 4-year, $25 million deal with the Cavs.

Jarrett Jack’s crossover made Metta World Peace fall on his butt

Jarrett Jack put a nasty crossover on Metta World Peace Friday that was so sick it dropped the Lakers forward to his butt. Metta was totally wrong-footed on the play and wasn’t able to gain his balance, leaving him to fall on his backside.

Part of the issue may be that World Peace’s left knee isn’t in as good of condition as he’s let on. He returned less than two weeks after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. If his knee were in more stable condition, he probably would not have fallen the way he did.

If it’s any consolation to Metta, here’s a video of Jack getting crossed over by Steve Nash in the preseason:

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Jarrett Jack throws one of the most inaccurate full-court heaves ever (Video)

Jarrett-Jack-full-court-heaveNo shot in basketball yields worse results than the full-court heave. When you are tossing up a desperation shot from 80-plus feet away, there is really no such thing as a bad miss. Although, the attempt Golden State Warriors point guard Jarrett Jack tossed up at the end of the first quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder was pretty fun to watch.

As you can see, Jack caught an inbound pass with less than a second left, turned and heaved the ball about 10 rows into the stands behind the basket. The shot attempt actually didn’t count because the buzzer had sounded, but the distance he missed by was a sight to behold.

Now do you see why Kevin Durant admitted he avoids desperation heaves when he can? Not only do they hurt your stat line, but they could also take someone out who is sitting in the balcony.

Jarrett Jack says the NBA has warned him about flopping

It may only be the preseason, but the NBA is apparently already warning players about flopping. As we know, the league intends to take acting jobs very seriously this upcoming season. Or that’s the intention, at least. The league has announced it will review potential instances of flopping after games and fine players accordingly, similar to the way technical fouls are upgraded or downgraded after reviewing film.

According to Golden State Warriors point guard Jarrett Jack, the league has already begun cracking down.

The Warriors played the the Nuggets on Monday night, so we’re guessing the play in question must have occurred then. Although Dirk Nowitzki recently ripped the new rules and other players undoubtedly feel the same way about them, at least the NBA is making an effort to inform players about what will earn them fines once the regular season begins. Clearly someone like Jack can’t say he wasn’t warned.

Jarrett Jack thinks Ray Allen is a ‘traitor’ for choosing the Heat

After taking a few days to consider his options, Ray Allen decided to join the Miami Heat.

Allen spent the past five seasons in Boston and helped the Celtics reach two NBA Finals and win one championship. Although he was a free agent, many NBA observers — and Celtics fans in particular — feel that Allen betrayed Boston by signing with the team that beat them in the playoffs the past two seasons. Even Hornets guard Jarrett Jack chimed in with his opinion:

There is little doubt that the fan jersey burning will soon commence in Boston and that fans are hurt that Allen chose to sign with the Celtics’ biggest conference rival. But what did they expect?

We passed along a report in April that said Allen felt slighted by the Celtics and unsure if he wanted to return after the season. He was nearly traded to the Grizzlies, and he was benched in favor of Avery Bradley. On top of that, his relationship with Rajon Rondo was reportedly strained. All signs have been pointing toward Allen signing with the Heat, and it probably became even more enticing for him once LeBron James and the Heat started recruiting him as hard as they did.

Yet, despite all that, Allen was said to be “torn” between signing with the Heat and returning to Boston.

It’s easy for Jack to label Allen a “traitor” as an outsider, but he might feel differently had he been in Allen’s shoes this whole time.

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