Jason Dufner messes up putt in hilarious fashion (Video)

Jason-Dufner-botched-puttOne of the reasons I love watching golf so much is it gives terrible golfers like myself a chance to witness professionals making some of the same mistakes I make. During the Franklin Templeton Shootout on Saturday, Jason Dufner did something that every one of my buddies has done but I have never seen a PGA golfer do.

Dufner went to address his birdie put on the 9th hole and inadvertently tapped it, sending it roughly a foot sideways. Had something like this happened at the Masters, no one would have been smiling. Since it happened at one of those laid-back tournaments at the end of the season, the guys Dufner was playing with burst out laughing.

Dufner and his partner Dustin Johnson finished 11th out of 12 pairings. The botched birdie attempt contributed to that, but I’m sure DJ won’t hold it against him. Being there to witness Duf screw up like that was probably worthwhile.

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Jason Dufner asks Tiger Woods to reschedule tournament so he can watch Auburn-Missouri

Jason-DufnerJason Dufner had to walk on to the golf team at Auburn before anyone realized that the former baseball player is one of the best golfers in the world. A PGA Championship win and two top-five US Open finishes later, and the rest is history. As a proud Auburn alum, Dufner is also a huge fan of Tigers football.

On Saturday at 4:00 pm EST, Auburn will take on Missouri for the SEC Championship. Depending on what happens elsewhere in the nation, that game could determine who plays for the national championship. Unfortunately for Dufner, he will still be playing in Tiger Woods’ annual World Challenge golf tournament on Saturday. Unless, of course, Tiger fulfills Dufner’s request.

If this was a typical tournament, I’d say Dufner can just tank it and miss the cut. However, there is a small field and all of the golfers play four rounds. Plus, Dufner doesn’t have it in him to roll over like that. He’s just going to have to keep track on his phone and hope to catch the fourth quarter.

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Jason Dufner puts his new dog in the PGA Championship trophy


Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship on Sunday and then went out and bought himself a puppy. And what do you do with a massive major championship trophy and a new puppy? You combine the two, of course.

“The two newest additions to the Dufner household,” the 36-year-old tweeted on Wednesday along with the photo you see above. “I am a lucky man!”

We already knew Dufner was a lucky man when we were introduced to his lovely wife on Sunday, but a new puppy just adds to the joy. Now, the question is will Dufner sleep with the Wanamaker Trophy beside him while while the dog sleeps in the trophy? That would be the only logical way to enjoy his new additions.

Jason Dufner tells Howard Stern he grabbed his wife Amanda’s butt

Jason-Dufner-Amanda-butt-grabJason Dufner’s lovely wife Amanda was one of the first people to congratulate him after he won his first major at the PGA Championship on Sunday. As the two embraced while Dufner walked off the 18th green, his hand wandered a bit and he gave Amanda a pat on the backside. While it wasn’t a huge thing, everyone has been talking about it.

On Tuesday morning, Dufner made an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show.” Naturally, Stern and co-host Robin Quivers asked the 36-year-0ld about the women in golf and if he has ever noticed any golf groupies. Golf Digest transcribed the exchange for us:

Stern: “There are golf groupies though, right?”
Dufner: “Oh yeah.”
Stern: “Like you come off the course, and there’s so many chicks.”
Dufner: “Yeah, it’s like every other sport. But I stay away from that. I’m married.”
Robin: “Yeah I was just going to say, he’s married. And they were making comments about the hug you gave your wife.”
Dufner: “Yeah, I grabbed her butt.”
Stern: “See, you can’t win. If you’re into your wife and your grab her ass, you get in trouble.”
Dufner: “Yup.”
Stern: “And if you’re not into your wife, and you cheat on her, you get in trouble.”

Stern also got some other funny quotes out of Dufner, like getting him to admit that Rory Sabbatini is the biggest jerk on tour and that he “rubs everyone the wrong way.” Dufner also said he has no issue with fans yelling things like “baba booey,” which infuriates Ian Poulter as we learned from his recent Twitter exchange with Stern.

“No, I never think of that,” Dufner said. “It doesn’t bother me. Like you said, nobody does it while we’re swinging or before we’re swinging. It happens afterwards. Obviously, people are trying to get noticed. And clowning away that way. But sometimes the stuff is pretty funny that they say, you know?”

Judging by the way Dufner carries himself on the course, it’s obvious there isn’t much that bothers him. People yelling “baba booey!” and talking about him grabbing his wife’s butt fall under the same umbrella.

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Jason Dufner slept with PGA Championship trophy; Amanda says she’s been replaced

Jason Dufner won his first major at the PGA Championship on Sunday, and he has no intention of letting the Wanamaker Trophy out of his sight in the immediate future. And if that means sleeping with it, so be it.

Dufner’s wife Amanda, who has gained internet fame over the past two days thanks in large part to this photo from Sunday, posted the photo you see above on Instagram Monday and wrote “I’ve been replaced” alongside it. She also shared a photo of the trophy safely strapped in on the couple’s flight home.

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Jason Dufner gives wife Amanda pat on butt after PGA Championship win

Jason Dufner wife Amanda

Jason Dufner celebrated his first career major by giving his wife Amanda a pat on the backside.

Dufner, 36, shot a final-round 68 at Oak Hill on Sunday to capture the PGA Championship, which was his first major title. He held off Jim Furyk by two strokes, making the most of a superb 63 he shot in the second round on Friday.

The former Auburn walk-on has been playing strong golf since marrying longtime girlfriend Amanda Boyd in May 2012. He won the Byron Nelson last year, finished second at the Colonial, and finished a career-best tied for fourth at the US Open. This year, he finished tied for fourth at the US Open. His 63 on Friday tied the record for lowest round at a major and set the course record at Oak Hill Country Club.

And who was there waiting to congratulate him after his championship on Sunday? Lovely Amanda.

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Jason Dufner holes out for eagle at the PGA Championship (Video)

Jason-Dufner-eagleAfter shooting an opening-round round 68 at Oak Hill on Thursday, Jason Dufner got off to a hot start in the second round of the PGA Championship on Friday. The 2011 PGA Championship runner up spun a ball perfectly at the 2nd hole and holed out for eagle.

Players were able to post some incredible numbers in the second round with course conditions playing favorably after a morning filled with rain. Dufner took advantage by going right at a number of flags, one of which led to his eagle and has him in the hunt heading into the weekend. Unlike the other three majors this season, the PGA Championship should see low scores across the leaderboard into Sunday.