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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Jason Giambi

Report: Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi Drank Beer in the Dugout

As if we needed further confirmation that the Boston Red Sox aren’t the only team that has beer in its clubhouse, we now have reason to believe their biggest rivals have a history of imbibing as well.  Since the original report surfaced that the Sox starting pitchers drank and ate fast food during games this…Read More

Did Brian Cashman Want Jason Giambi to Go Back on Steroids?

I know Jason Giambi and Brian Cashman won’t ever mention the word, so I will — steroids. Jeff Pearlman has written a book about Roger Clemens called “The Rocket that Fell to Earth,” and in that book there was a good anecdote about Yankees GM Brian Cashman and his thoughts on Jason Giambi, a free…Read More

Jason Giambi Says Eff You to the Shift

Jason Giambi’s a colorful player, to say the least. It’s stories like his slump-busting golden thong and his lucky porn stache that endears him to the fans (and probably what gets him off the steroids hook in the eye of the public). Anyway, between the thong and the ‘stache, the latest act by Giambi to…Read More

Jason Giambi’s Mustache Now Certified

Earlier in the season it was Eric Byrnes who grew out a mustache while riding a hot hitting streak. Sporting the porn stache, Byrnes declared it The Year of the Mustache. Well, it wasn’t long after that Jason Giambi traded in his gold thong for a mustache when in need of a good luck charm….Read More

Jason Giambi’s Slump-Breaking Thong

Roids, HGH, non-apology apologies aside, this is what makes Jason Giambi a fun guy. In a recent interview with Portfolio, Jason Giambi said that he wears a Golden Thong whenever he needs to break out of a slump: The deepest, darkest secret harbored by the New York Yankees first baseman is that whenever he is…Read More

Morning Paper: Jason Giambi Reportedly Failed Amphetamines Test

The problems continue to mount for the Yankees DH as it’s now being reported that he failed an amphetamines test [MLB FanHouse] Is George Steinbrenner intentionally having his broadcasters on the YES Network make Joe Torre look bad? [Awful Announcing] Michelle Wie will try and make her first cut at the John Deere Classic in…Read More

Jason Giambi Admits He Did ‘Stuff’ and Wanted Baseball to Apologize

The latest from the FanHouse: Jason Giambi essentially admits to having done steroids and HGH, and says baseball should have put in rules and apologized a long time ago The Red Sox should have signed Roger Clemens, they could have crushed the Yankees’ hopes for the season Why not use the visiting team’s rules for…Read More

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