Jason Terry gets tattoo of Celtics’ leprechaun holding championship trophy (Picture)

Jason Terry revealed a new tattoo that is sure to endear him to Boston Celtics fans.

Terry, who played with the Mavericks the last eight seasons before signing with Boston in July, shared a few pictures of his new tattoo via Twitter on Saturday. His new ink features the Celtics’ leprechaun logo with the championship trophy swapped in where the leprechaun would otherwise be balancing a basketball on his finger. The tattoo appears on the inner part of Terry’s left biceps, opposite the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy tattoo on his right biceps.

Terry’s original championship trophy tattoo became a source of controversy when it was revealed he got the tattoo before the 2010-2011 NBA season began. At that point he hadn’t won an NBA championship, and he promised to get it removed if the Mavericks didn’t win the title.

As fate would have it, Dallas rallied to beat Miami in the NBA Finals, making the tattoo decision look prescient. Celtics fans are hoping the new ink will result in the same outcome.

As an interesting note, the Celtics’ leprechaun logo was actually designed by Red Auerbach’s brother Zang in the early ’50s.

Jason Terry agrees to sign with Celtics

The Celtics may be losing Ray Allen in free agency, but they’re hoping they have found a proper replacement.

Boston reportedly has agreed on a three-year deal with free agent Jason Terry. The deal is for the mid-level exception and is expected to be worth more than $15 million.

Terry was said to be a possibility for the Heat, but they may be focusing on Ray Allen instead.

Terry will be 35 by the time the season starts, but he’s still in good shape. He was a consistent sixth man for Dallas and has played 31 minutes per game each of the past two seasons.

Though Terry is not quite as good of a shooter as Ray Allen, he should be a suitable replacement for Boston given that he’s in better shape and not coming off a major ankle injury. He’s also a former NBA champion and has the type of mental toughness that should fit in well in Boston.

Coach Doc Rivers hopes the team will be able to bring back Ray Allen in addition to signing Terry, but that’s unlikely. This was their insurance policy and it helps keep them among the top teams in the East.

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Jason Terry broke every broom in his house to avoid a sweep by the Thunder

Jason Terry‘s uber-superstitiousness has previously been well-documented. So with his Mavericks facing a possible sweep by the Thunder on Saturday, Terry is calling on his own weird brand of superstition to bail his team out. The Star-Telegram’s Dwain Price tweets us the details.

“I broke every broom in the house. That’s a little superstition, so I don’t think there will be any sweeps going on.” – Mavs G Jason Terry

A lot of people have their own quirky superstitions. But there are superstitions and then there’s erring on the side of crazy. And yet, it’s still right in line with something Terry, who sleeps in his opponent’s shorts the night before games, would do.

If the Mavs do avoid the sweep, I’m interested in what Terry would pull out of his bag of tricks next. Maybe he’d start listening to Maroon 5 nonstop to give the Mavs an added boost for Game 5. And for a potential sixth game: Staying in a Motel 6?

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Jason Terry is another player who says he would join the Heat

If the Heat are looking for a veteran guard this offseason, they should have no trouble finding one. It may come this year or it may come sometime in the next few, but LeBron James and company are more than likely going to win a championship. That’s common knowledge and it makes Miami a preferred destination for soon-to-be free agents. Jason Terry is one of them.

“No question, they need a veteran shooter, a guy who can score besides LeBron (James) and (Dwyane Wade), and they know they can count on,” Terry told FoxSports.com’s Chris Tomasson when asked if he would consider going to Miami. “I’m a guy that’s been in this league 13 years, (averaging) 15 points a night, easy. Off the bench or the starting lineup, it doesn’t matter. So I think I’d be an asset to them.”

“They didn’t even lowball me,” Terry said. “They didn’t want to bring anybody back from last year… (Team officials said they’re) clearing the cap as low and we can and this summer we’re going after Dwight Howard, which hasn’t happened, and Deron Williams, which they still have an opportunity.”

If the Heat are looking for a veteran presence in their back court next season, they already have open offers from Steve Nash and Terry. Either of those players would seemingly be a fit in Miami. Adding LeBron James and Chris Bosh may have made people despise the Heat, but sometimes the pros outweigh the cons.

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Jason Terry on the Mavericks: ‘It’s time for a change’

The Mavericks are in the midst of a 2-6 stretch since the All-Star break, and if Jason Terry‘s latest comments are any indication, emotions in the defending champs’ locker room appear to be boiling over. Following the Mavs’ head-scratching loss to the Kings on Friday — a day after he complained about being benched late in Thursday’s loss to the Suns — Terry talked about how the Mavs are in dire need of making an adjustment.

“It’s time for a change,” Terry said, according to ESPN Dallas’ Jeff Caplan.

“We’re not a team right now. … It shows, so until we become a team and play together on both ends of the court, we’re not going to be very good.”

The Mavs have fallen to seventh in the West, and any chances of them repeating as champs appear to be dwindling. But after they gutted their roster in the offseason to prepare for the upcoming free agency sweepstakes this summer, those chances probably weren’t very real to begin with. It’s obvious Dallas needs to make adjustments, but, with Deron Williams and Dwight Howard potentially there for the taking this summer, the long-held belief is that Mark Cuban is going to wait until the offseason. As for Terry, who is in the final year of his contract, it’s possible “the Jet” could be flying elsewhere next season.

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Jason Terry on Jeremy Lin: Any guard in Mike D’Antoni’s system can succeed

Prior to Sunday’s game between the Mavericks and Knicks, Jason Terry was not yet a believer in Jeremy Lin. He still may not be, but Lin did his best to state his case with 28 points 14 assists during New York’s 104-97 win. Terry’s argument before the game, however, was that he would be riding the pine if he turned the ball over as much as Lin has. He also said Mike D’Antoni’s system is designed for any guard to succeed.

“I’ve been a point guard in this league and (45 turnovers in seven games) would have gotten me on the bench real fast,” Terry said according to the Star-Telegram. “He’s in D’Antoni’s system, and any player that plays a guard position in D’Antoni’s system has opportunities to be able to put up good numbers, and I think that’s what he’s been able to do. The ball’s in your hands a lot and you’re going to have turnovers.

“I think it’s a lot of hype right now. Is he going to be a good player in the future? If he continues to work, he will. But given the opportunity, he’s taken advantage of it. But everybody’s making a lot out of just the seven games he’s played.”

As we told you earlier today, Reggie Miller shares a similar opinion to Terry. But it is worth noting that the Knicks back court was virtually nonexistent before Lin started seeing regular minutes. Last I checked, D’Antoni was still the coach before Lin was inserted into the lineup. Lin will have to learn to be more careful with the ball, but if people aren’t going to give him credit for lighting up the scoreboard during a short stretch they shouldn’t fault him for turning the ball over. He’s still learning the NBA game and can only become more dangerous if he learns to limit mistakes.

Dirk Nowitzki ribs Jason Terry who wants in on 3-point contest ‘He needs to start making a few’

Mavericks guard Jason Terry didn’t make the All-Star team, but he wants to participate in the three-point contest. Teammate Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t seem to think he deserves a spot.

“He needs to start making a few,” Dirk said of Terry Friday, “especially on the road he hasn’t really shot the ball that well.”

Dirk’s right — Terry’s only shooting 37.6% on his three pointers this season. He’s a 38% three-point shooter for his career, which is alright, but nothing special. If he really wants a spot in the competition, he needs to be up with Ray Allen who’s second in the league at 51.5% for the season.

You might find it strange that Dirk would be so critical of a teammate, but it’s nothing new. Last year in the Finals, Dirk called out Jason Terry for his poor play the first two games of the series. The remarks worked and JET became one of Dallas’ best players the rest of the series. Maybe his words on Friday will inspire better shooting from Terry in the future.