Serena Williams, Jelena Jankovic get into it again (Video)

Jelena Jankovic Serena WilliamsSerena Williams and Jelena Jankovic got into it again Thursday during their quarterfinal match at the Dubai Championship over Jankovic supposedly serving before Williams was ready to receive.

Williams won the match 6-2, 6-2, and the issue came up when Jankovic was serving down 2-5 in the second set. Jankovic had an exchange with chair umpire Kader Nouni after saving a double-match point to make it 30-40. Williams seemed to hold Jankovic up before the serve, and Jankovic won the next point to make it deuce.

Williams did the same thing to Jankovic again before the next point. After Williams delayed her, Jankovic decided to take her time in response. She walked around the baseline before settling in to serve again. It was all pretty silly, but it was Jankovic’s way of showing she wouldn’t be controlled by Williams’ pace.

The two then exchanged words.

Beyond the Baseline believes Jankovic said, “You can take more time, it’s yours.”

“Do you want to do this again, Jelena?” Williams responded.

By “do this again,” Serena was likely referencing similar past incidents between them.

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Jankovic then exchanged words with Nouni again.

Serena went on to win the game and match, and she and Jelena talked at the net after shaking hands. Things seemed to be fine between the two. Jankovic even indicated that her issue was not with Serena, but with the chair umpire, who complained that she played too slowly and too quickly.

This sort of incident is nothing new for Jankovic and Serena. Last year at the Family Circle Cup the same thing happened. You can see the video below:

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Jelena Jankovic Almost Missed Match After Car Ran Out of Gas

What is it with female tennis players and bad luck?  Never would I have imagined getting to a tennis match could be so difficult for the pros, but we’ve quickly learned that they can get themselves into the same unfortunate situations we sometimes find ourselves in.  Take Jelena Jankovic for example.  The former women’s world No. 1 told reporters earlier this week that she almost missed her match in Cincinnati when her car ran out of gas.

If you recall, earlier this month Bojana Jovanovski had one of the rarest mix-ups you’ll ever hear of and almost missed her match in Carlsbad.  Jankovic explained her equally strange experience to reporters earlier this week and Busted Racquet passed the details along.

“On our way to the site, we were driving, me and my coach and my mom and my [hitting partner], and all of a sudden she was supposed to turn on the highway and then the car completely stopped,” she recalled. “Then my mom was like, ‘Oh, this car is not working.’ We were like, ‘What do you mean it’s not working?'”

“We looked, and it was zero gas inside the car. I was like, ‘Oh, my God. Great. I have 20 minutes before my practice session.'”

Fortunately for Jankovic a gas station was nearby and she and her coach ran and bought a small tank to fill the car with.  What is truly interesting about her story is that Jankovic told reporters some other players passed by and looked confused when they saw what was going on.  Wait, so they didn’t stop to help? Now that’s what I call gamesmanship.

Tennis Player Jelena Jankovic at Center of Sperm Bank Controversy

Jelena Jankovic is the women’s tennis player many of you know from this peep show she put on mid-match. I have a feeling after this story you all are going to remember her for something else.

On The Go Tennis shared with us the story of Jankovic’s recent controversy. A Swiss sperm bank apparently had these pictures of Jankovic on postcards to use as an advertisement. The caption says “make a donation here.”

Jankovic says the postcards were printed without her knowledge and consent, and apparently the company that printed them has pulled the cards. Hey, just as long as they’re only using the pictures to lure customers in and not to help the sperm-generating process, I think we’ll all be fine.

Jelena Jankovic Gives Fans a Peep Show

And I thought it was weird when Kansas State freshman guard Bill Walker decided to use the sidelines of a college basketball floor as a urinal. I think this might trump what Walker did. Check out tennis player Jelena Jankovic getting pretty slick during a side change:


OK, maybe Walker’s was slightly more gross. Still, this is pretty strange. And how did the photogs not get some upskirt shots??? Via With Leather, surprise, surprise.