Jermichael Finley reportedly will be traded or released after season

Jermichael Finley has been writing his ticket out of Green Bay for the past two seasons, and it looks like the Packers are finally prepared to part ways with him.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported late Saturday that the Packers are prepared to release Finley after the season if they are not able to trade him first. Finley signed a two-year, $14 million extension in February. He has a $3.5 million roster bonus coming in March, so he is likely to be cut by then.

The Journal Sentinel says financial, competitive, and behavioral reasons play a role in the decision. Translation: Had Finley been playing like the sixth-best tight end in football — which is where his salary ranks him — then they might be willing to bring him back. And if he were playing well and proving to be an invaluable member of the team, they might overlook the criticism he and his agent have had for Aaron Rodgers.

Because Finley has underachieved despite the vast potential the team believed he had, they are prepared to get rid of him. He’ll no doubt be scooped up by another team at a lesser pay rate. Who knows? Maybe he’ll blossom elsewhere.

Brian Urlacher responds to Jermichael Finley with ultimate blast


When the Chicago Bears host the Green Bay Packers Sunday with the NFC North on the line, linebacker Brian Urlacher will not be playing. The 13-year veteran hurt his hamstring during a Week 13 loss to Seattle, and he is likely to miss the team’s next few games.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers enjoys competing against the best players, so he said he was disappointed Urlacher would not be playing.

“I am disappointed; I like him being out there. I enjoy the competition with him; it’s a competitive rivalry that exists between our teams and between him and I individually,” Rodgers said on his weekly ESPN radio show. “I think he plays the game hard within the rules and he’s a heck of a competitor, who has picked me off a couple too many times. I wish him the best and hope he gets healthy. He has been playing really well this year, that’s impressive to see because he has been around for a while.”

Rodgers’ remarks came as no surprise; he said last year he loved playing against Urlacher.

Rodgers’ tight end, Jermichael Finley, feels differently. He thinks Urlacher’s absence might help Chicago.

“Urlacher is at the end of his career right now; he’s playing a little slow out there,” Finley told FOX Sports Wisconsin on Wednesday. “I don’t think they’re losing too much if he’s out. Putting another guy in might help them a little.”

Finley tried on Thursday to retreat from his inflammatory comments about Urlacher.

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Jermichael Finley vents about his problems with Aaron Rodgers again

The more he talks, the more Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley makes himself sound like the scorned ex-girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers. There was a point in time a few years back where it looked like Finley could emerge as Rodgers’ favorite target and one of the best tight ends in the league. Now, any day with multiple catches is an above average one for the former Texas Longhorn.

Last month, Finley openly admitted that he and Rodgers have had serious chemistry problems over the past couple seasons. He reiterated it once again last week.

“Both of us need to just go out, maybe have a drink or two and just spill everything,” Finley said last week according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “It sounds easy, but it’s not. He’s throwing it to who he’s comfortable with. I think (Randall) Cobb’s taken my position from ’09. I want to line up where Cobb’s lining up because I know the ball’s coming there.

“But me and 12 just ain’t been on. He’s had some guys come through this year, and he’s gone to them instead of me. And really, it’s out of my hands at the end of the day. If I could throw myself the ball and run under it, I’d do it every play because he’s just not throwing me the ball like he used to.”

A nagging shoulder injury hasn’t helped, but Finley said he believes he is “about fourth” in terms of receiving options for Rodgers. In addition to the comments he made in October, Finley also said over the summer that he and Rodgers had no chemistry at all during the 2011 season.

At this point, Rodgers is probably just tired of hearing his tight end complain. Maybe they’ll go out and have a drink and sort all this out. Or maybe the more Finley talks the more Rodgers will pretend he doesn’t exist.

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Jermichael Finley: Aaron Rodgers and I have chemistry issues

Jermichael Finley seems to be writing his ticket out of Green Bay.

The Packers tight end is underachieving for his second straight season, and he said during the week that he and quarterback Aaron Rodgers are having chemistry issues.

“It’s OK,” Finley said to FOX Sports Wisconsin about his chemistry with Rodgers. “Not good enough at all. Something to be worked on, and try to work on it as much as I can, try to talk to him as much as I can, but like I said, it takes two people.”

Finley hurt his shoulder in Week 5 against the Colts. He was asked if he can still produce at the high level he wants despite the injury. That’s when he brought up his chemistry with Rodgers for the second time.

“I can, (but) it takes two people to do that,” Finley said. “And I need the quarterback on my side, and I need to catch the ball when he throws it to me. So it takes two things to get that going, the chemistry. I feel we need to get that going.”

This isn’t the first time Finley has said his chemistry with Rodgers was lacking. During OTAs in June, Finley said the same thing.

Finley has been considered a player with tremendous athletic ability who has been expected to break out the last few years. His stats have been above average for a tight end, but they’ve fallen short of expectations. A lot of that is due to his inconsistent hands; he’s had way too many drops. If he thinks Aaron Rodgers has less confidence in him, it’s probably because he hasn’t been a trustworthy target.

And now I have no doubt that Finley’s agent was reflecting his clients thoughts when he criticized Rodgers’ leadership ability.

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Jermichael Finley says he had no chemistry with Aaron Rodgers last season

If you look at the stat sheet, you might assume there are few quarterback-tight end combinations in the NFL that are more comfortable with one another than Aaron Rodgers and Jermichael Finley. The two Packers are no Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, but Finley set career highs in yards (767) and  touchdowns (8) last season and tied a career best with 55 receptions. Not bad for a player who says he had no chemistry with his quarterback.

“It was just my play,” Finley said according to ESPNMilwaukee.com. “I’m not blaming it on my offseason, but me and the quarterback didn’t have chemistry. The routes were off sometimes, and that’ll mess with your head when the ball comes. The contract didn’t bother me at all. Not one bit. Not one bit.”

Coming off a season that was shortened by a major injury in 2010, Finley bounced back nicely. He did, however, drop 11 passes. That is what bothered him the most, and he insists the lack of a new contract last season was not an issue. Finley received a two-year extension from the Packers this offseason.

If last season was Rodgers and Finley not on the same wavelength, I’d hate to be the rest of the NFC North when they get their act together and Finley has a full, healthy offseason to prepare.

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Jermichael Finley Says the Tim Tebow Coverage is ‘Disturbing’

As far as the Green Bay Packers are concerned, Tebowmania should be welcomed.  If analysts and media outlets are talking about Tim Tebow all the time, they can’t be talking about the 13-0 Packers, which is something Aaron Rodgers mentioned this week.  Considering Green Bay is pursuing a perfect season, the Tebow coverage takes away from any talk about them going 19-0.  That should help them in terms of focus, but Jermichael Finley said he is sick of it anyway.

“I sit at home, start watching TV and all I’m seeing is Tebow,” Finley said according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “That’s kind of disturbing. We have a guy here that’s breaking records every week and you have a guy in Tebow that’s saying ‘God’ every word and he gets coverage. Of course I love my faith and God but come on man.”

Finley is joining a long list of players and former players who have called out Tebow for talking about God too much.  As for whether or not Tebow’s success will last, Finley offered an opinion on that as well.

“People that don’t know the game outside of the fans, of course they’re going to hype it up,” he said. “But guys that see a good player and a good quarterback, they know what kind of guy he’ll be down the road when he gets exposed. Everybody who knows the game knows what kind of player Tebow is going to be.

“With me, I don’t care too much. I just look at it and say, ‘Wow, they’re not showing my guy, 12, love.’ He probably doesn’t care either but at the same time if you look at that win column and lose column, it talks for itself right there.”

Aaron Rodgers is having arguably the greatest season of any quarterback in football history, but I highly doubt he’s concerned with seeing his name on television shows.  Finley’s comments represent what many people are thinking across the league, but as someone who could benefit from the spotlight being elsewhere, he should embrace the worldwide frenzy that is Tim Tebow.

Jermichael Finley Got Pedicure Before Packers’ Monday Night Game (Picture)

How does one of the best tight ends in the NFL prepare for a nationally-televised game against a divisional opponent? By getting a pedicure of course. Jermichael Finley is not the only ballplayer we know of who gets a pedicure, but it’s the first time we’ve heard of a player doing it before a game. I suppose as long as he’s not wearing nail polish unlike some other all-stars, we shouldn’t give him too much of a hard time.

Helmet knock to Busted Coverage, picture via Jermichael Finley