Twins reliever Jeff Manship’s jersey spelled ‘Mansihp’ (Picture)

Note to all MLB teams: Start proofreading the backs of jerseys. We have featured a number of jersey mishaps here on LBS over the past few years, but this could be the first time we’ve shown you two of them on back-to-back days in the same league. Unfortunately for Twins reliever Jeff Manship, he had to take the field wearing his screwed up jersey on Wednesday rather than simply see it hanging in the pro shop with a price tag on it.

As you can see from the screenshot above that @cjzero shared with us, the Twins accidentally spelled Manship’s last name “Mansihp” on the back of his No. 49 jersey. According to Rhett Bollinger of MLB.com, Manship said after the game that he had no clue the jersey was misspelled when he took the mound. Bollinger also pointed out that this isn’t the first time his last name has been butchered. Check out this screenshot from spring training:

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Nats’ team store needs spell check for its Stephen Strasburg jerseys (Picture)

I don’t know who Stephen Strasbrug is, but I hear the Nats have a guy named Strasburg who is a pretty good pitcher.

I guess when you’re manufacturing thousands of jerseys, you’re going to screw one up here and there. But why does it always seem to happen to players in D.C.?

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Mike James Played Without a Name on the Back of His Jersey (Picture)

The Bulls signed veteran guard Mike James on Wednesday from the D-League, and he arrived in Chicago in time for his team’s game against the Wizards. Only there was one catch: the equipment managers didn’t have a chance to add a nameplate to the back of James’ jersey.

The 36-year-old saw 40 seconds of action and went 0-1 from the floor. Ironically, his last stint in the NBA came two seasons ago with the Wizards. He played four games for them and split time in China and Turkey last season before trying his luck in the D-League this year. The plan worked, because he ended up back in the NBA. Even though he didn’t have a name on his jersey, I’m sure he’s not complaining; he probably knew what a longshot he was to return to the league.

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Zack Greinke Wears Brewers’ Sunday ‘Bierbrauer’ Jersey on Saturday

Milwaukee pitcher Zack Greinke made a pinch-hit appearance Saturday for the Brewers. Greinke put down a sacrifice bunt in the fifth that moved Jonathan Lucroy over to second. As odd as it was to see a pitcher pinch hit, what was stranger was seeing Greinke wear a different jersey from everyone else:

The Outside Corner explains that Greinke was wearing the “Bierbrauers” uniform which the Brewers have set aside for German Heritage Day at Miller Park on Sunday. Nobody knows if Greinke wore the jersey on purpose or by accident, but now we know what to look forward to Sunday (in addition to the Craig Counsell bobblehead). Hey, at least this time the jersey screw up was a players’ fault and not the equipment manager’s.

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Matt Gutierrez’s Name Misspelled on Back of Redskins Jersey

The Redskins claimed quarterback Matt Gutierrez off waivers from the Bears earlier this week and had him in uniform for their preseason game Friday night. One problem: his last name was misspelled on the back of his jersey. It read “Gutierriz” instead of Gutierrez. I guess they really shouldn’t worry — not like Gutierrez is going to be dressing on game days during the season anyhow.

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Wilson Chandler’s Jersey Misspelled

It truly amazes me how frequently we seem to come across jersey mistakes for professional athletes. A few weeks ago it was Andray Blatche of the Wizards getting the treatment, and before that it was Danny Jennings of West Virginia and Kevin Williams of the Vikings. This happens so frequently it’s become a running thing here at LBS. The latest mishap was with the Denver Nuggets staff that misspelled Wilson Chandler’s last name:

Chandler just seems too easy to screw up. The good news is at least we know someone does the stitching manually.

Wizards Misspell Andray Blatche’s Last Name on Jersey

A metaphor for the Wizards’ season:

Yup, that’s supposed to be Andray Blatche, not Andray Baltche. That’s a pretty tough one to screw up so obviously someone wasn’t paying attention. I suppose it was fitting considering Blatche went 6-for-16 from the field in a 23-point loss to the 76ers.

What’s surprising is that this sort of thing happens much more than you would figure. It happened to Danny Jennings of West Virginia and Kevin Williams of the Vikings recently. Check out pics of their jerseys.

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