Jimmy Kimmel loses to 2-year-old in basketball game (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel challenged a 2-year-old boy to a basketball shooting competition and ended up losing. Seriously.

The story begins on Feb. 3 when Joseph Ashby uploaded a video to YouTube of his young son, Titus, making trick basketball shots. The video (seen here) went viral and has nearly 9 million views. Titus was invited to the “Today” show to shoot baskets, and Kimmel called out the kid for stinking. That criticism led Ashby to film a video challenging Kimmel to face Titus. Kimmel accepted and invited the Ashby family out to his show.

Kimmel then faced Titus in a shooting competition where they each had 45 seconds to make as many baskets as they could. The 2-year-old beat Kimmel 10-6 in the competition, which aired on Thursday’s show.

After an embarrassing display like that, I only have one question: Did Kimmel lose on purpose? That’s pretty much all he has left to say at this point.

Things were so bad that at one point Kimmel even went over to block Titus’ shot!

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Jacoby Jones tells Jimmy Kimmel he badly wants to go on Dancing With the Stars: ‘Do polar bears poo on ice?’ (Video)

Jacoby-Jones-Jimmy-KimmelBaltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones loves to dance, and he earned the right to put his moves on display in the Super Bowl when he scored on a kick return and a 56-yard reception. On Thursday night, Jones made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and was asked if he would ever consider going on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“Let me ask you this,” Jones said to Kimmel with a serious look on his face. “Do polar bears poo on ice?”

I’ve heard of the expression involving a bear crapping in the woods, but the polar bear one is new for me. Whether polar bears poop on ice or not, it’s obvious Jones is excited about the possibility.

“I think I’d get down,” Jones said. “I’d get down, baby.”

Jones’ kick return in the Super Bowl already resulted in nearly $600,000 worth of free furniture for some people in Baltimore, so he might as well continue putting smiles on people’s faces by going on the show. It sounded like Kimmel was authorized to offer him a spot on the show on behalf of ABC, but we’re not sure if anything is official yet. I’m sure the network doesn’t want Jones quite as badly as it wants this lovely lady.

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Jimmy Kimmel illegally tweets prep hoops star Anthony Bennett to sign with UNLV

Earlier this week, high school hoops standout Anthony Bennett irked many in Big Blue Nation when he eliminated Kentucky from his list of prospective schools. Bennett, the seventh-ranked prospect in the class of 2013 according to Rivals, briefly made news after the decision for being berated with negative, often vulgar, tweets from scorned Wildcats fans. Now, Bennett, who’s presently deciding between Oregon and UNLV, and his Twitter account have caught the spotlight again, and this time it involves a popular late-night TV host.

On Tuesday, funnyman Jimmy Kimmel, who grew up in Vegas and briefly attended UNLV but did not graduate, reached out to Bennett on Twitter, trying to convince the Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.) power forward to sign with their hometown Rebels:

While the tweet seems harmless, it still counts as an NCAA recruiting violation, believe it or not. As College Basketball Talk pointed out last month, anybody who attempts to persuade a recruit to sign with a certain school classifies as that scary B-word in college athletics: a booster. And, obviously, boosters aren’t allowed to recruit prospective student-athletes (which, honestly, sounds like circular logic, but what else do you expect from the NCAA?). We highly doubt Kimmel knew he was in the wrong by sending that tweet.

It seems like such a petty violation for the NCAA to attempt to monitor, with the thousands on top of thousands of shameless fans on Twitter who are guilty of this. But given Kimmel’s prominence, this totally egregious violation of the NCAA’s sacred recruiting rules will probably lead to him being slapped with a 10-year show-cause penalty for late-night TV.

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Jimmy Kimmel encouraged Super Bowl party pranks, and the results are fantastic (Video)

That no-good, evil, jokester of a television host Jimmy Kimmel came up with a scheme for a great Super Bowl prank, and the results are splendid.

Kimmel encouraged some of his viewers to unplug the television at their Super Bowl party during a key moment in the game. This practice is also known as “How to piss off 20 people in the same room in one second for $200, Alex.”

The guy with the Christmas tree, and the dude at the 2:45 mark were my favorites. Some of these looked staged, but others looked real, and they were spectacular.

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Jimmy Kimmel Harasses Chris Paul for Being a Clipper (Video)

Kudos to Chris Paul for being a good sport and going on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show this week.  Knowing that Kimmel is a Lakers fan and also happens to be extremely witty, CP3 had to have known he was in for plenty of verbal abuse.  As expected, hilarity ensued.  Here is a clip of the first part of Paul’s appearance that I Am A GM shared with us:

It’s a good thing Kimmel didn’t mention the “lob city” nickname, because as we recently discovered the Clippers have a strong dislike for it.  Per usual, Jimmy was on-point.

Aaron Rodgers Told Jimmy Kimmel About Photographers who Spoke ‘European’

Aaron Rodgers was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night in an effort to promote the debut of his music group, The Make. He talked about the lockout, winning the Super Bowl, photobombing pictures, and then he shared a particularly humorous story. Around the 4:10 mark, Rodgers begins his story about some photographers who got into a fight at the Super Bowl and started flipping each other off. The best part was when Rodgers said they were speaking “European.” Check out the video:

Good thing they were speaking European and not Chinese, ay Paul Silas? Hey Aaron, we’ve seen broadcasting blunders from pros like Doris Burke and Greg Gumbel on live TV — we won’t hold this against you. I do wonder though, when Tony Parker and his girlfriend talk on the phone, is it in French, or European?

Jimmy Kimmel Punks Ron Artest With Crazy PETA Ad (Video)

Ron Artest is one of those people who you can never seem to get a read on.  Buried within the maniac who drinks liquor at halftime and chokes opposing players on the court is a humanitarian who gave up his championship ring for mental health charity, showed up at a fraternity rush event, and was even nominated for the Citizenship award by basketball writers.  If that seems like a wide array of stuff, it is.

While he may be one of the most volatile personalities in all of sports, no man is off-limits for the brilliant Jimmy Kimmel.  Since we know Artest does a lot for the community, it shouldn’t surprise you that he agreed to do a public service announcement for PETA.  Little did he know he was being completely punked by Kimmel.  Check out the Jimmy Kimmel Ron Artest PETA video:

How great is that?  Artest’s reactions just get better and better as the video goes along, yet he just keeps on trucking.  A+ work for Kimmel.