Joe Gibbs defends speaking to Cowboys, says it was about religion

Legendary former Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs spoke to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday before their win over the Carolina Panthers, and as you can expect it did not sit well with some of the fans in the nation’s capital. The Cowboys are arguably the Redskins’ biggest rival, so many fans were baffled that Gibbs would agree to give them a pep talk. Gibbs insists that’s not what it was about.

In an appearance on ESPN 890’s “Inside the Locker Room” earlier this week, Gibbs said the so-called “pep talk” was simply about religion.

“It was a chapel service, and Jonathan Evans and Tony Evans – Tony wrote one of the chapters in my book – and he was on about playing life the way God wants you to play life,” Gibbs explained. “I was there, it was a chapel service, and the guys invited me to the chapel and I gave my testimony.

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Joe Gibbs spoke to Dallas Cowboys before game

Joe Gibbs was the head coach of the Washington Redskins for 16 seasons and still maintains an affiliation with the team as a special advisor to owner Dan Snyder, but that apparently doesn’t mean he can’t also provide advice for the rival Dallas Cowboys.

Gibbs reportedly spoke to the Cowboys at their team hotel on Saturday, the night before the team faced the Carolina Panthers. Gibbs’ auto racing team is based in Charlotte, N.C., and he was invited by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to speak to the team.

Jones and Gibbs have had a good relationship for years, even though they were competitors. Gibbs even advised Jones when he was looking to hire a new coach.

Gibbs reportedly tried reassuring the Cowboys about their clock management problems that occurred last weekend’s loss to Baltimore. He told them about a brain fart he made at the end of a 2007 game against the Bills that cost his team the game. The message was apparently well received.

“A couple players told me, ‘If Joe Gibbs can screw it up at the last second, everybody else can screw it up,'” Jerry Jones said, per USA Today.

The speech may have served the Cowboys well. They beat the Panthers 19-14 and seemed to avoid any clock management problems. But Joe Gibbs giving advice to the Cowboys? Man, that’s just weird.

Joe Gibbs: ‘They always said I was queer for tight ends’ (Video)

When Joe Gibbs used to coach football, he apparently liked to stock up on tight ends. A lot of coaches who like to keep their options open do this throughout the offseason. During an appearance on ESPN Radio and ESPN News Wednesday, Gibbs spoke about how he used to keep a lot of tight ends on the Redskins roster and how a lot of guys who used to be tight ends in high school and college play in the NBA. Unfortunately, he used a regrettable description.

“They always said I was queer for tight ends,” Gibbs said. “I had more tight ends running around there with the Redskins … I look out there and I go, ‘That’s where all the tight ends are they’re out there playing in the NBA.'”

Obviously, there are a number of better ways Gibbs could have made his point. At least when someone like Roddy White makes a completely inappropriate comment on Twitter they can claim they were hacked or quickly delete it. Gibbs doesn’t have that luxury. When you’ve been out of the game for five years and don’t have a microphone in front of your face on a regular basis, things like this can happen.

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Joe Gibbs Studied Under Chris Webber

In a weekend full of emotion, leave it to Joe Gibbs to have a brain fart. The Redskins lost to the Bills 17-16 on Sunday. I’m not saying that the loss is his fault — it certainly isn’t — but he made a glaring mistake at the end of the game.

Gibbs’ decision to call not one timeout to ice Bills kicker Rian Lindell from 51 yards out, but two, was enough to make a difference. Lindell knocked down a 36 yarder to win it for the Bills 17-16. Though you would expect a man with oh, I dunno, say 16 years of head coaching experience to be familiar with the league’s rule book, you could be wrong.

Gibbs asked the official nearest to him whether he could call a second timeout.

“I felt like he said, ‘Yes,’ ” Gibbs said. “He said, ‘When do you want to call it?’ But I’m not laying it on him. I’m the guy, in all likelihood, that made a decision that very, very easily cost us the game. I told the team that. I want to tell everybody that. I should know the rule. I can’t blame that on somebody else.”

Shoot, Joe Gibbs can call five timeouts if he wants to, but he’ll still get penalized. I just don’t get how a coach can be so unprepared. Sure, things happen in the heat of the moment, but come on, you don’t kick an extra point when you’re down two at the end of the game, right? I would think this is just as easy of a decision. Joe Gibbs, shame on you, even Chris Webber would be disappointed.