Joe Namath rips the Jets for Tim Tebow trade: It will be a ‘tremendous distraction’

Just when it appeared Joe Namath may finally start giving the Jets a break and stop blasting them every opportunity he gets, New York went and acquired Tim Tebow. Naturally, Broadway Joe couldn’t resist sharing his opinion on such a high-profile transaction. In fact, that’s exactly what he thinks it is — a high-profile publicity stunt that was done with ticket sales in mind.

“This goes beyond X’s and O’s and football,” Namath told Yahoo!Sports on Thursday. “The Jets have a way of maintaining a high profile and this is another way again that they’re doing that.”

In a sense, Namath is probably right. After signing Mark Sanchez to a $58.25 million deal this offseason, it’s obvious the Jets expect him to handle all the starting quarterback duties from here on in. From a football standpoint, that makes Tim Tebow nothing more than an expensive backup who may or may not bring a wildcat element to New York’s offense. The money Tebow will generate up in merchandise sales will more than validate his contract, however.

“These guys are expected to be professional but it doesn’t work that way all the time,” Namath continued. “There’s a split there with the players and they’re a bit confused — I am too. I talk about Sanchez and the other players. You can’t help but like Tim Tebow, I’m sure all the guys do but this is going to be a tremendous amount of distraction for the players.”

In other words, Namath feels the same way about the trade that he does about the Jets draft picks over the last few years. Namath also added that he is hopeful the trade will work out for the team and the fans. While I would typically rip Broadway Joe for hogging the spotlight and not minding his own business, I tend to agree with his thoughts on the Tebow trade. If the Jets don’t trust Sanchez, they shouldn’t have given him such a lucrative extension. If they do trust Sanchez, it’s hard to believe bringing in Tebow was merely an insurance policy.

Joe Namath on His Relationship with the Jets: I Feel Awful About it

Some would say Joe Namath has a “strained” relationship with the current Jets organization. We would say the relationship doesn’t exist. The greatest quarterback in Jets history has tried to ruffle the feathers of the current team and administration, but his attempts have largely been unsuccessful.  It is unclear whether Namath feels his legacy would be threatened if the Jets build a contender, or if he simply disagrees with virtually everything the team has done since Rex Ryan took over.  On Wednesday, Namath expressed a desire to bury the hatchet for the first time.

“I feel awful about it. I feel awful about my relationship with the Jets right now in the sense — I’m talking about the ownership, general manager and head coach,” Namath told the Star-Ledger when discussing his upcoming HBO documentary. “I don’t want them upset with Joe, but damn it, I have to say what I see, what I think, what I feel.

“With the current Jets situation the last few years, I just tried to explain how I felt about things, and when we talk about our head coach, the Jets head coach, he’s unique. I’ve never seen that style in all the years I’ve been around football.”

In case you missed it, Joe just went third-person. Surprised? I didn’t think so.  Namath also compared Mark Sanchez to Eli Manning when he was in the early years of his career, saying Sanchez can learn from his mistakes but he needs help around him.

Not that he ever seems to care, but it sounds like Namath finally realizes how much of a blowhard he sounds like with his constant criticism of the Jets.  Even Ryan — who may possibly have the biggest mouth in football — has taken the high road any time Namath offers his opinion. If you can’t get a rise out of Rex, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate some of the things you are saying.

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Rex Ryan Wears Joe Namath Jersey, Joe Namath Makes Fat Joke About It

Joe Namath is not going to stop until he gets the reaction he is looking for. What exactly that reaction might be, we aren’t sure. What we do know is that no matter what the 2011 edition of the New York Jets does, Broadway Joe is going to find something wrong with it. If his latest comments are any indication, Namath isn’t even above cracking fat jokes to get a rise out of Rex Ryan and company.

As you can see from the picture to the right, Rex was recently spotted rocking a Joe Namath jersey in public.  During his regularly scheduled radio appearance with Michael Kay, Namath was asked what he thought about Ryan’s wardrobe selection to which he responded: “I’m just stunned that the jersey with No. 12 came in that size.”

Ouch.  It’s one thing to rag on your former team for what you perceive to be draft miscues or criticize them for poor play on offense, but talk about hitting below the belt.  As has been the case every time he’s had to respond to the legend turned whack-job, Rex simply fluffed off the comments and said he’s “still a huge Joe Namath fan.”

I don’t even like Rex Ryan, but I’m hoping he was trying to make a joke and/or patronizing Namath by wearing his jersey out in public.  Broadway Joe comes across as the type of guy who never wants another Jets team to be more successful than his Jets were, and he has never shown support for New York since Ryan took over.  If Rex wore the jersey just to antagonize Namath, he just earned a few more Del points.

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Joe Namath Rips Jets for Draft Miscues

An argument could be made that drafting players is the most difficult thing an NFL organization has to do. College and professional football are completely different games. In some senses, it is almost impossible to predict which players will be able to turn their collegiate success into NFL effectiveness.

Some would say the Jets have done well in the draft over the past few years.  Depending on your view of Mark Sanchez at this point, you could consider trading up to get him a success.  Darrelle Revis and David Harris were great defensive selections while D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold have anchored New York’s offensive line for almost five seasons.  However, it sounds like Joe Namath would give them a D at best.

“I’m not sure what’s going on there,” Namath told ESPN 1050 via the NY Post. “We picked some poor players and we’re not owning up to it. That’s what it amounts to. You’ve got guys on the roster who have been picked and you keep trying to say, ‘OK, they’re going to work out.’ Well, guess what? We tried that with [Vernon] Gholston and it didn’t work out. You have to [say], ‘Hey, I made a bad pick, a bad selection,’ and move on. The Jets didn’t do that and it’s a little late for the season to get it righted.”

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Joe Namath: Brett Favre Won’t Make it Through Cowboys Game

Earlier in the week, I wondered whether Brett Favre was faking, or at least exaggerating his elbow injury. While I concluded that he was probably bothered by the elbow (not to mention the nuts) but still exaggerating its effects, count Hall of Famer Joe Namath as one who believes in its legitimacy.

Joe Willie told Adam Schein on Sirius NFL Radio (via Newsday) that he thinks the injury is serious based on what he saw Monday night. Namath added that tendinitis is debilitating, and that rest is the only thing that can help it. He figures Favre would need a painkilling injection to play in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

The bold prediction is that he thinks Favre won’t make it through the game: “I think the combination of Dallas knocking him down, and Brett certainly having to throw the ball, is going to be too much for him. … His best interest is to get healthy. Going out there and throwing the ball, the way he throws it, certainly is not the method that you get that thing healthy. I think they’re in a dire situation right now so he is going to try his best to play but I don’t see him being efficient.”

I agree that the situation for Minnesota is dire and that Favre will play, but I think he’ll make it through the entire game. How well he plays is the big question. I think he’ll play alright, but not great, and that the Vikings will lose and drop to 1-4. At that point, the odds Favre misses a game or two down the road go up significantly. I agree with LBS commenter Eric Z when I say this is a story that won’t end well.

Broadway Joe Still Spitting Game

Was Joe Namath hitting on these two hot girls, or was Joe Namath hitting on these two hot girls?  If that isn’t the epitomy of an, “oh my God did you hear what he just said” face from the girl on the left then I don’t know what is.  As far as action at a preseason football game goes, I have to give the Jets-Giants New Meadowlands opener an A+.  We had Eli Manning’s bloody forehead, Fireman Ed’s shoving contest, and now we’ve tracked down a picture of Joe Namath hitting on two hot girls in a luxury box.

We’ll never know if Joe pulled some Suzy Kolber stuff up there, but he clearly got a few laughs and sometimes that’s all that matters.  Keep doing your thing, Broadway Joe.

UPDATE: A commenter, MW1218, has drawn to my attention that one of the young ladies is Namath’s daughter. Assuming it’s the brunette, Joe Namath has a hot daughter. Maybe he’s hitting on his daughter’s friend? As you can see, I’m not ready to completely back down, but thanks for the tip.

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