Joe Theismann: Kirk Cousins has played ‘much better’ than Robert Griffin III

Robert-Griffin-RedskinsIf Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins were battling for a starting job in the preseason, Cousins would probably be in the lead. In three games thus far, Cousins has completed 35-of-54 passes for 370 yards, four touchdowns and only one interception. Griffin, who played just one series in the first preseason game, has completed 13-of-20 passes for 141 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions.

Some beat writers have even claimed that Cousins is outplaying RG3 during practice drills, though there has been some dispute there. But on Saturday night, Joe Theismann — who works for the Redskins Broadcast Network — said Cousins is outplaying Griffin and it isn’t close.

“Let’s stop beating around the bush,” Theismann during the fourth quarter, per Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog. “Kirk Cousins has played much better at the quarterback position than Robert Griffin III has. Now, Robert is learning to work out of a pocket. He doesn’t look as smooth or as comfortable throwing the football. I mean, your eyes will tell you everything you need to know.”

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While Cousins has had more opportunities, he has made more of them than RG3 has made of his. Cousins looks far more comfortable throwing the football than Griffin, though many would argue that Griffin’s speed makes him more dangerous. Theismann believes head coach Jay Gruden should evaluate the situation carefully.

“It’s going to be a decision that Jay Gruden is going to have to make,” he said. “Right now, Robert Griffin III is his quarterback. Now, if there was a quarterback competition, it wouldn’t be a competition. Kirk Cousins would be the man I believe he would have to go to, because of the efficiency with which he has run [the offense]. Now Kirk, like I said, is basically a drop-back quarterback. I see Andy Dalton in Cincinnati, I see Kirk Cousins that way.”

The important thing for RG3 is that the preseason means nothing. Cam Newton had an atrocious preseason with the Carolina Panthers his rookie year before lighting the NFL on fire during a record-breaking season. If Griffin struggles through the early part of the season and can’t stop turning the ball over, Gruden will have a tough decision to make.

Joe Theismann wants Peyton Manning to retire

Peyton ManningThere were rumblings leading up to the Super Bowl that Peyton Manning would retire after the big game, but the 37-year-old quarterback has not indicated any plans to retire. Former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann is one person who would like to see the Denver Broncos quarterback hang up the cleats.

“I personally would love to see him retire,” Theismann told “Amani and Eytan” on NBC Sports Radio Monday. “I think that what he can do is take a look at the offseason, figure out what you want to do — because remember now, he’s going to be a year older — I don’t know what the physical beating is like for him. I’m not sure exactly where he is in that situation, but I do know one thing — his arm is not going to get any stronger going forward.”

Not only does Theismann believe things will get more difficult for Manning physically, but he thinks opposing defenses will improve their schemes against him.

“You have to look at what happened (for him) with Seattle and say, ‘how many more teams are going to want to try and attack him that way? And will the Denver Broncos be able to do the things they want to do?’

“I think Peyton still has gas in the tank. It’s not like it’s over for him. It’s just that he’s done so much. I don’t believe his legacy was affected at all in this game. I think if he won it, his legacy would be enhanced. But I don’t believe that we should look at Peyton Manning and think anything less of what he accomplished.”

Theismann is saying that Manning has nothing left to prove even though he played poorly in the game. Some probably would agree with him, while others, such as Deion Sanders and myself, believe it negatively affects his leacy.

I don’t know much about Manning’s thought process at this point, but I can’t imagine he would want to go out in this manner. Maybe he would have given serious consideration to retirement had he won the Super Bowl, but after that disaster, I bet he comes back. And one point of disagreement with Theismann. Even if opposing defenses will try to do what Seattle did to Peyton, none of them have the personnel to replicate what the Seahawks did. Why do you think Peyton carves most of them up?

Joe Theismann switched to Monday Night Raw during Redskins’ loss to 49ers

Joe_TheismannJoe Theismann is a Washington Redskins legend. The former quarterback was named NFL MVP in 1982 and went on the win the Super Bowl that same season. Like many, many others, Theismann had to have been disgusted by the performance Robert Griffin III and company rolled out against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night.

In fact, we’d even venture to say Theismann couldn’t bring himself to watch. How do we know that? For starters, he was clearly watching WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” at some point during Washington’s embarrassing loss.

Could he have simply been flipping back and forth during commercial breaks? I suppose, but I highly doubt it. It was either watch guys get kicked in the nuts for real or watch it happen under Vince McMahon’s watch. Theismann made the right decision.

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Joe Theismann typo leads to best Beyonce tweet of Super Bowl

Joe Theismann tweet

Joe Theismann had the best Beyonce-related tweet of the Super Bowl, all because of a simple typo. The amazing tweet from the former Washington Redskins quarterback stood for five minutes before he corrected himself:

Phew, I was getting worried for a second that this was an outtake for one of his prostate commercials.

Joe Theismann: ‘Tony Romo isn’t a very good quarterback’

Tony Romo is easily one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in football. There are times when he looks like a Hall of Famer and others when he doesn’t appear to be in the top 25 at his position. Following his most recent stinker, a five-interception loss to the Bears on Monday night, former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann said we all just need to accept that Romo isn’t good.

“Soon or later we have to come to the realization that Tony isn’t a very good quarterback,” Theismann told Brady & Lang on Sportsnet 590 The Fan Tuesday, according to the Dallas Morning News. “He throws interceptions that (make) you shake your head. If it’s all the wide receivers’ fault then maybe he should get some new wide receivers, or they need to come up with some new route combinations that guys can understand.

“What hit me last night is, Tony isn’t really that good. Just because he wears a star on his helmet — we all think that people who are Dallas Cowboys, ‘ooh they’re wonderful and ooh they’re terrific, ooh they’re the next Roger Staubach’ or whatever the heck they want to say. They’re full of bologna.”

Theismann alluded to the fact that Romo has had a lot bad games. He also pointed out that he overthrew Miles Austin and Dez Bryant on what should have been easy touchdowns against Chicago.

“You can say, ‘well, everybody has a bad game.’ Tony has too many bad games,” Theismann continued. “Tony Romo is not a very good quarterback. Somebody has to say it so I just did. He should be a lot better, or the reputation he’s carried should have him play a lot better.”

This is the same Theismann who said Peyton Manning will never play football again, so it’s up to you to decide if his opinion is valuable or not. From a skill standpoint, Troy Aikman said he believes Romo is better than him and will eventually win a Super Bowl. As one Giants defensive lineman pointed out, that will depend on Tony’s ability to make plays in the clutch — something he has rarely done throughout his career.

Helmet knock to Pro Football Talk
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Joe Theismann: Colts Should Draft Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning is Done Playing

Over the past few weeks, we have heard so many different opinions about what the Colts should do with their draft pick in April that it is just about time to stop listening. Most people seem to believe Andrew Luck is the obvious choice and a quarterback that could contribute almost immediately in Indianapolis. At least one former Colts coach believes Robert Griffin III is the better choice and would have more to offer an NFL offense. Former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann is a member of Team Luck, but for a slightly more dramatic reason.

“First of all, if you’re the Indianapolis Colts, you have to draft Andrew Luck,” Theismann said during an interview with SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio on Friday. “He’s as complete a package as you are going to get coming in to professional football. Andrew Luck, if you have him available and you are the Indianapolis Colts and you saw what happened when you lost Peyton Manning, you have to go draft him. Dan Orlovsky, Curtis Painter are not the future of the Indianapolis Colts. So I think you have to draft him irrespective of what gets worked out regarding Peyton.

“I hope (Manning) does come back, but I would say right now on this show, I don’t think Peyton Manning will be back in a uniform to play football, for his health and for his safety. Ever again. I mean, he hasn’t practiced. He hasn’t taken a hit. You’re rolling the dice on $28 million for him to take a hit. Would you do it?”

Manning returned to throwing toward the end of the season, but his future is up in the air.  History tells us he’ll do everything he can to get back into playing shape over the offseason, but if he’s at risk of seriously injuring his neck Theismann could be right.  Colts fans aren’t yet ready to face the possibility of Manning never playing again because it came on so abruptly, but unfortunately it isn’t that far-fetched an idea.

Joe Theismann on Tim Tebow’s Success: Enjoy the Circus While it’s in Town

Everyone wants an opportunity to share their opinion about Tim Tebow. To say that Tebow is a hot topic would be one of the greatest understatements in sports history. A lot of the debates are centered around religion, but plenty of others have tried to figure out why Tebow continues to win despite his poor performance throwing the ball.  Add Joe Theismann to the list of retired NFL quarterbacks who are willing to share their opinion about professional sports’ most discussed topic.

“I think what we all ought to do is enjoy the circus while it’s in town,” Theismann told the Associated Press via ABC News. “You’ve got Aaron Rodgers, you’ve got Drew Brees, you’ve got Tom Brady that set a standard of excellence in football that we haven’t seen. What makes 2011 so unique is we have seen quarterback play in this league at such a high extreme and in Tim’s case, the bottom rung when it comes to completions.

“That defense is as good as any in football right now. The offense doesn’t turn the ball over. There’s been one interception in seven games. I say this tongue-in-cheek: The way Tim throws the ball sometimes, nobody has a shot at getting it, his guy, the defenders. It’s either bounce it in the ground or throw it in the third row.”

It would appear that Mr. Theismann and the statistics geeks over at Harvard share a similar opinion.  The thing people tend to forget about Tebow is how young he is.  Between his success as a Bronco and his celebrity status at the University of Florida, it feels like he has been around for 10 years.  This being only his second season in the NFL, Tebow has time to work on improving his passing.

We know Tebow carries a winning mentality with him into every game and has no problem taking the ball in the clutch, so the mechanical issues can be worked out over the next few seasons.  Perhaps Tebow will never become an efficient passer in the NFL and opposing teams will figure out how to exploit his weaknesses, but writing him off at age 24 seems a bit premature.

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