Joel Zumaya considering retirement, career as fisherman, after latest arm injury

Joel Zumaya says he’s considering retirement after suffering his latest injury. Zumaya signed with the Twins in January, but he tore the UCL in his right elbow during a bullpen session Saturday. He missed all of last season after getting major surgery on an elbow injury so brutal we thought it could be career-threatening. Looks like we were right.

Zumaya is considering Tommy John surgery, but there’s no guarantee he will attempt a comeback. In fact, he’s already considering other options.

“I know I’m young, but I’m going to probably be going on six surgeries if I get another one,” he said. “I’m only 27 years old and I’ve taken a lot of wear and tear on my body, especially my arm, and then rehab — it’s a lot out of you. So I have a little two-and-a-half-year-old; maybe it’s time to move on. I’m a pretty dang good fisherman, so I might pursue professional fishing.”

Zumaya will discuss matters with his family before deciding his future. We’ve ragged him for hurting himself while playing Guitar Hero and for doing keg stands while rehabbing, but it’s hard not to feel badly for the guy. He hasn’t thrown more than 40 innings in a season since his debut in 2006.

Joel Zumaya Could Be Done for Good

I’ve had my share of fun with Joel Zumaya in the past. It was hard not to when he injured his arm playing too much Guitar Hero and then showed us how hard he was rehabbing by doing keg stands. But now is not the time for fun. Really, after seeing Zumaya go down on Monday night following a pitch against the Twins, it’s hard not to feel badly for him. Here’s the Joel Zumaya injury video via SB Nation Detroit:

You can tell how painful the injury was just by seeing Zumaya’s reaction. If that doesn’t already tell you enough, catcher Gerald Laird said he could hear a pop 60 feet away. Manager Jim Leyland said it made him sick to his stomach which is probably the same reaction many of us had. It’s really a shame because Zumaya’s been battling injuries on a yearly basis, unable to pitch more than 40 innings since 2006. I hate to say it, but in light of some of the above referenced stories, the baseball gods may be striking back against someone who didn’t respect and appreciate the gift he was given: his right arm.

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Joel Zumaya’s Rehab Going Well

For the most part, I’m not too big on posting pictures of athletes partying and boozing it up with chicks and whatnot. If I were ever in their shoes, I’d probably appreciate people keeping those photos to themselves rather than sending them to TMZ or some other gossip site. But sometimes the pictures are just soooo good, I can’t resist the urge. For instance, most of you are probably familiar with the tales of Joel Zumaya — the Tigers flame-throwing reliever who had to go on the DL because he was playing the Guitar Hero video game too much. To make matters worse, Zumaya — currently on the DL — was seen playing more Guitar Hero recently. Yeah. But if that wasn’t bad enough, he was photographed recently showing how hard he’s working on his rehab.

Probably not what Dave Dombrowski wanted to see while his team is 2-9 and giving up runs left and right in their middle relief. Zumaya = commitment to excellence. Another, more clear photo of our man Joel attempting to break my house record of 48.7 seconds on the single chug after the jump:

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