Joey Crawford interrupts Kevin Durant to yell at scorekeepers (Video)

Joey Crawford Kevin DurantNBA referee Joey Crawford was jealous that Donald Sterling was getting all the headlines on Tuesday, so he did what he could to ensure he got some attention.

Crawford decided to interrupt Kevin Durant, who was preparing for a second free throw with 27.5 seconds left in overtime of Game 5 between the Thunder and Grizzlies, in order to yell at people keeping track of the game at the scorer’s table. It sounded like he wanted them to place a team foul on the scoreboard, though it was tough to tell exactly what he was complaining about.

Then again, this is Joey Crawford we’re talking about — it doesn’t take much for him to go bananas.

Crawford icing Durant definitely worked, because the Slim Reaper missed the next free throw, and the Thunder lost 100-99.

I don’t care what Crawford had to say, I don’t think he needed to jump in front of Durant to do it.

Here’s what Thunder coach Scott Brooks said about it after the game:

Joey Crawford scolds ball boy over his mop work (Video)

Joey-Crawford-ball-boyJoey Crawford has a reputation for being one of the most short-tempered officials in the NBA. We have seen him hand out technical fouls to plenty of players and coaches throughout the years, but we saw something new from the old grump on Tuesday night that raised an interesting question — can ball boys get T’ed up?

The Philadelphia 76ers were set to inbound the ball in the third quarter when Crawford spotted a wet spot on the floor. He motioned for one of the ball boys to come over with a mop to wipe it up, and a young man responded by hastily trying to remedy the situation. As he was walking away, something set Crawford off.

Joey then walked toward the kid like he was going to toss him out of the game, if that’s even possible. Crawford berated the ball boy some more before two other kids came over and tended to the wet spot with towels.

Now do you see why players joked about shooting Crawford on Halloween? He doesn’t just have a quick trigger with tossing players. The guy obviously has a short fuse in general. Settle down, Joey. They’re just kids.

Video via Next Impulse Sports

Joey Crawford ejects Chris Paul, Zach Randolph at end of game

Joey Crawford wasn’t content letting the final minutes of Game 6 between the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers play out. Oh no. The veteran NBA referee decided he had to make himself a central story.

Crawford decided to eject Chris Paul with 2:29 left in the game. Tayshaun Prince was at the line and made his second of two free throws to put the Grizzlies up 113-99. After the second free throw, Paul and Matt Barnes sandwiched Marc Gasol who was in the lane. Paul ran up and rammed into Gasol with his elbow first. It was a physical play, but it didn’t seem to deserve an ejection. Either way, Crawford gave Paul a technical and tossed him.

Chris Paul Marc Gasol

“I don’t understand how you can throw Chris out of the game,” coach Vinny Del Negro said after the game. “Unless it’s something incredibly flagrant — which it wasn’t.”

Paul said his team had a small lineup on the floor and that he was going down to help box out Gasol.

After his ejection, CP3 gave a hug to Prince, Zach Randolph, and Jerryd Bayless before leaving the court.

Then with 1:57 left in the game, Crawford tossed Randolph. Mike Conley was at the line and getting ready for his second of two free throws when Crawford ejected Z-Bo. No real reason was given for the ejection.

The Grizzlies went on to win the game 118-105, but Crawford’s officiating was suspect. Chris Paul’s brother, CJ Paul, accused Crawford of having a role in fixing the end of the game:

With such a quick trigger, is there any surprise some Spurs players pretended to shoot a fake Crawford on Halloween? He really had no business ejecting those players, but that’s Joey Crawford.

In all, there were seven technical fouls called, two ejections, and the Grizzlies shot 47 free throws compared to 24 for the Clippers.

Manu Ginobli: Photo of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker aiming gun at Joey Crawford just a joke

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker decided to have a little too much fun at a Halloween party this year, and now they are hearing about it from all angles. As you can see from the photo above that was posted on Reddit and quickly made the internet rounds, Parker and Duncan dressed up as characters from “The Avengers” and held fake guns to the head of a person dressed as NBA officiating veteran Joey Crawford.

Many people thought the bit was violent and in poor taste. Parker and Duncan were not made available for comment on Monday, but teammate Manu Ginobili didn’t think the costumes were a big deal.

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Referee Joey Crawford says he once broke his finger giving someone a technical

Any legitimate NBA fan knows the name Joey Crawford. This year, Crawford is celebrating his 35th anniversary as an NBA official. In a sport that has seen the reputation of its officials destroyed by guys like Tim Donaghy, you have to be pretty efficient at what you do to still be holding the whistle after three and a half decades. Like everyone else in the human race, however, Crawford makes mistakes.

Many of the 35-year veteran’s lapses in judgment have been a result of his temper, which Crawford admits he has seen a sports psychologist to help him control. Crawford, who is known across the NBA for having a short fuse and being quick to hand out technical fouls, recently sat down for an interview with the New York Times. He admitted that when he first started giving out technicals it was “like giving candy” and shared a couple of funny accounts from times he felt he made a mistake.

“Once, I threw out Don Nelson for staring at me,” Crawford said. “He just folded his arms and looked at me. He called a timeout to do it. Looking back on it, I was not happy with that.

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