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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: John Axford

John Axford was 18-for-18 on his Oscar predictions

Much of the country spent Sunday evening watching the Academy Awards and Cleveland Indians pitcher John Axford was among those who tuned in. Axford has fared quite well over the past few years with predicting Oscar winners. He was correct on 14 of his 15 picks last year, 11 of 15 in 2012, and 11…Read More

John Axford signs pregnant Brewers fan’s baby bump (Picture)

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher John Axford has joined an elite club. Not all professional athletes will get the opportunity to sign a baby bump before their careers end, but Axford was recently given the privilege courtesy of a Brewers fan named Kristin Corcoran. As you can see from the above photo that Concoran shared on Twitter…Read More

John Axford Has a Killer Mustache

We here at LBS have had a long standing fascination with athlete’s facial hair. A few years ago it was Eric Byrnes bringing back the porn stache, then it was Jason Giambi sporting a lucky stache, and this Spring it was Jayson Werth invoking the Jesus look. On Thursday night, I and many others noticed…Read More

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