Jon Miller Proves He’s Still Bitter at ESPN with Dave Van Horne Congrats

When a person is fired after 20 years of service, they can have a number of different reactions. Sometimes that person will thank their former employer for allowing them to be a part of something for such a long time. Other times they will feel like they have graduated from the company and look back on their time with a positive mindset, regardless of the ending. And on many occasions, the canned employee will hold a grudge.

As you may have guessed, Jon Miller falls under the category of grudge-holder.  The Jorge Sedano Show on 790 The Ticket (WAXY-AM) recently put together a montage praising Dave Van Horne for being given the Ford C. Frick Award — an annual award from the National Baseball Hall of Fame given to a broadcaster for “major contributions to baseball.”  Having won the award in the past, Miller gave Van Horne an awkward congratulations while taking shots at ESPN.  Here’s the hilarious audio:

Glad to see Jon is no longer upset with ESPN for letting him go.  Also glad to see he doesn’t let his feelings get in the way of congratulating a fellow award winner.  If he used someone else’s special moment as an opportunity to take a shot at his old boss, that would be messed up.  At least he was professional about it.

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan to be Replaced by Dan Schulman, Orel Hershiser on ESPN

Jon Miller is one of my favorite broadcasters around. Joe Morgan is my least. It’s unfortunate that the latter all but certainly cost the former his job. Jimmy Traina shared with us the New York Times report that ESPN is breaking up its Sunday Night Baseball team after 20 years. They say Orel Hershiser, who joined Miller and Morgan as part of a three-man team this past season, will serve as the analyst to Dan Schulman.

The move from ESPN was long overdue. It got to the point with Morgan where I couldn’t listen to the man speak without thinking there was something wrong or erroneous about what he was saying. That happens when you tell lie, after lie, after lie on national television and the listening audience calls you out each time. Joe Morgan has a big name but zero credibility. Not that having zero credibility has not stopped networks from hiring people before, but it should be a huge factor in putting someone in front of millions.

The good news is we don’t have to endure Morgan regaling us with falsehoods any longer. Also, Jon Miller may continue doing Sunday night play-by-play for ESPN Radio, so he might not be entirely missed. Lastly, Schulman is an excellent play-by-play man and Hershiser provides great commentary, so I’m looking forward to hearing them on TV in the future. Good move by ESPN, it was about time and they did a great job picking the replacement team.

Jon Miller Does a Japanese and Spanish Vin Scully Impression

Sunday marked the 60th anniversary of Vin Scully calling Dodgers games — a truly remarkable feat. Several people wrote tributes to Vin including Tony Jackson at ESPNLA, Eric Stephen at TrueBlueLA, and the Associated Press. All of those were lovely tributes to one of my favorite broadcasters of all-time. But there was one tribute that topped them all and it came from Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks. Jimmy linked to an audio clip of Jon Miller (another one of my favorite broadcasters) doing an impression of Vin Scully in both Japanese and Spanish. I hadn’t heard these clips in over five years and there’s just as funny now as they were then. Check em out and skip ahead to the 1:30 mark:

For important background on the impressions, Miller is not mocking Scully; he’s explaining that broadcasters abroad tried to mimic Scully and he was replicating those calls. Well, that’s the background unless I’m falling for a joke. Speaking of jokes, my man Eddie Garcia at FOX Sports Radio told me a classic Jon Miller story. Apparently Miller was down by the boardwalk in Venice, CA and went up to a hamburger stand by the beach. Miller asked the worker if they had any veggie burgers. After Miller received the perplexed look he wanted, Jon went on to order a double cheeseburger. Classic Miller.

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