Mike Woodson wants J.R. Smith’s shorts pulled up

Mike Woodson is going to make a professional out of J.R. Smith, and he doesn’t care what it takes to accomplish that goal. The Knicks interim coach has been speaking with Smith since the guard’s Tuesday ejection against the Pacers. He wants Smith to make many changes.

“I told him I’m going to continue to coach him as long as I’m coaching the team,” Woodson said Thursday. “I told him I’m not going to let him off the hook. I want his shorts pulled up. I want him to look presentable. Be a professional. That’s what it’s all about.’’

Woodson also wants Smith to improve his body language on the court. We don’t know if the Knicks will give J.R. the John Wall treatment, but it may be worth a shot to eliminate the pouting.

It may look like Woodson is getting too picky with Smith, but it’s about time Earl started acting more professionally.

Carmelo Anthony was reportedly against Knicks signing J.R. Smith

It may not be his fault, but the Knicks have struggled since they added J.R. Smith to the mix back in mid-February. Since Smith made his first appearance on Feb. 19, the Knicks have won just three out of 10 games. J.R. himself has been struggling, shooting only 37 percent from the field and 28 percent from beyond the arc. According to the NY Post, Carmelo Anthony may have seen this coming. That is why he was reportedly against the Knicks signing his former teammate.

Contrary to popular belief, Anthony was leery of the Knicks bringing in his former Denver teammate three weeks ago and gave a thumbs down to upper management, according to a person close to the Knicks superstar…

…“If it happens, it happens and I’ll be happy,” Anthony said publicly before the signing.

But, according to the source, Anthony was not gung-ho and was “hurt’’ Knicks upper management tossed his advice out the window

As we know, Smith made headlines last week for posting a picture of model Tahiry Jose’s derriere on his Twitter account, which earned him a $25,000 fine from the league. The Linsanity seems to have worn off in New York and the Knicks have reverted to their early-season ways. Smith certainly isn’t the problem, but he doesn’t appear to be a solution either. It looks like Melo is two-for-two regarding personnel decisions this season if you count — you know — him telling Mike D’Antoni to play Jeremy Lin. That happened, right?

J.R. Smith regrets posting picture of Tahiry Jose’s rear on Twitter

J.R. Smith spent the past several months playing basketball in China. While he was gone, he must have forgotten how easily things can go viral.

The Knicks guard was with model Tahiry Jose Thursday night and shared a picture of the woman’s bottom on his Twitter account. Jose’s rear, marketed as the biggest ever, was only covered by a hardly visible thong. Smith joked that the behind was so large it was blocking his view of the TV.

Smith deleted the picture shortly after posting it online, but it was too late and it went viral over the next 24 hours.

Prior to his team’s game Friday, he expressed no remorse for posting the picture. After the loss, he was singing a different tune.

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J.R. Smith brings his ridiculous haircut to the Knicks (Pictures)

J.R. Smith could be a huge addition for the Knicks as the season progresses. Now that their back court has been stabilized by some dude named Lin, Smith could provide New York with the player they need off the bench to drain clutch three pointers and hit big shots. Smith contributed immediately in his first game on Sunday, as he scored 15 points during a 104-97 win over Dallas. Another thing he’ll apparently be bringing to the Knicks is his bizarre haircut.

As you can see above, Smith’s new haircut looks like he was about to replicate LeBron James’ hairline but decided against it at the last second. We’re not ready to call his new look dumber than Carlos Boozer’s attempt at pretending he’s not bald, but what’s going on here? Is this a new fashion trend? I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. J.R. is his own breed. We didn’t forget that just because he played in China for a few months.

Photo Credit: Deadspin and @theDunk360

All-Star Weekend party flyer says JR Smith will make celebrity guest appearance

Titans running back Chris Johnson and free agent receiver Mike Sims-Walker, both Orlando natives, are co-hosting a welcome to Orlando party on the first day of NBA All-Star Weekend. The list of celebrity guests the flyer says will attend includes a few NBA and NFL players. The one name on the flyer that stands out is J.R. Smith. We figure that refers to basketball player J.R. Smith, who’s currently playing in China.

Smith will be a free agent when he returns to the NBA and he is being courted by several teams. The problem is he can’t return to the NBA until his current season finishes. His Chinese team is currently 9th in the standings and the top eight teams make the playoffs. If they finish outside the playoffs, he could be back in Florida in time to appear at the party. His squad may miss the postseason, but I doubt he’s back in town for this one.

Picture via Chris Johnson

Casey Jacobsen: J.R. Smith was biggest ballhog, me-first teammate

Former NBA player Casey Jacobsen is now playing ball in Germany. He’s written a few blog posts for SLAM Online and his latest entry made some ripples. Jacobsen, the former Stanford star, gave his “yearbook awards,” and his award for J.R. Smith was not kind.

Most selfish teammate: JR Smith

I played with JR his rookie year in New Orleans in 2005. We were a bad team, full of me-first guys, but he took the crown. I’d never seen a guy so intent on shooting the ball every time it hit his hands and I’m sure I never will again. Watching him during his latest Denver years, I can see that not much has changed.

The best part of that burn is the last sentence. At first I thought the paragraph was going to have a happy ending and talk about how Smith has become a better teammate … but not really. Still, Smith is a good enough player where he’ll have a home in the NBA because he can score. Not many guys can drop 60 in a game off the bench.

via I am a GM

J.R. Smith’s Sister Reportedly Choked Woman During Fight with Chinese Fans

J.R. Smith’s sister reportedly choked a woman during a fight in the stands of her brother’s basketball game, as the picture above shows. Deadspin’s Timothy Burke says J.R. Smith’s Chinese basketball team — the Zhejiang Golden Bulls — was playing the Bayi Rockets, which is the same team that brawled with Georgetown over the summer. Apparently Smith drew contact but no foul was called, causing his sister to go on a rampage. Smith’s sister reportedly threw a bottle on the court before trying to fight fans in the stands..

The other pictures shared by Deadspin shows Smith’s sister getting crazy in the stands. The woman wearing the white shirt reportedly is JR’s girlfriend. Here are the other pics:

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