Karina Smirnoff Playboy Cover Picture

Karina Smirnoff, the professional dancer from Dancing With the Stars, is featured in May’s issue of Playboy which is available on Friday. In case you’re unaware of Karina because you don’t watch the show, she’s engaged to Tigers pitcher Brad Penny (seriously, I’m still wondering how Penny does it).

On posing in Playboy, Smirnoff said “I’m thrilled to show off my strong, toned physique in the pages of Playboy and celebrate my sexiness.” For more on Karina, LBS actually conducted an interview with her three years ago where she talked about her former partners A.C. Slater and Floyd Mayweather Jr. It’s definitely worth a look. And here’s one more shot of the Ukrainian beauty:

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Brad Penny Dips His Pen Into the Celebrity Ink Again

Brad Penny and Karina SmirnoffThe more I read and see news about Brad Penny the more I’m convinced he cares more about maintaining his off-field profile than his on-field production. Case in point: after breaking up with actress Eliza Dushku, Penny was seen by TMZ necking with Dancing with the Stars’ dancer Karina Smirnoff last night. They apparently were at the Key Club on Sunset in Los Angeles for a Steel Panther show.

Smirnoff actually has a history here at LBS, having done an interview talking about her experience working with then dance partner Floyd Mayweather Jr. Smirnoff is also well known to be friends with Mario Lopez though we have no idea if anything’s ever materialized between her and A.C. Slater. Back to Penny, he’s been a steady mainstay on the Vegas and L.A. party scene, having been captured on film by TMZ several times recently. His worst move may have been being spotted in Las Vegas while the Dodgers were playing in the playoffs last year (he wasn’t on the postseason roster). We all knew he would be opting out of his contract but that still shows what kind of guy he is. I guess this proves once and for all what most women are after — money.

Interview with Karina Smirnoff, Dancing with the Stars

Typically I like to keep things pretty sports-centric around here, but since like 20% of the country watches Dancing with the Stars when it’s on TV, I figure some of you have to be one of those one-in-five watching (unless we all make up the other shmoes watching SportsCenter). Anyway, I had the pleasure of speaking with Karina Smirnoff, one of the best dancers in the world. She just made FHM’s 100 Sexiest list, and she’s dating A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell. Karina’s in the middle of her fourth season on the show and has been partnered with boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the past. I asked her what it was like for Floyd to take orders from a woman, how tough this whole dancing thing really is, and how much funny business goes on behind the scenes. Our interview follows, and make sure to vote for Karina Monday night and Tuesday morning (text 3405). And if you’re not going to vote, just remind your wife, girlfriend, and kids to do so. Besides, do you really want Jason Taylor or Kristi Yamaguchi whatever to win? Didn’t think so. OK, check out the interview …

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