AJ McCarron girlfriend Katherine Webb rooting for Alabama over Auburn


Katherine Webb, the beauty queen/model girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, announced prior to Saturday’s huge Iron Bowl game between the Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers that she will be rooting for Bama despite being an Auburn grad.

A few hours before the game, Webb tweeted “RTR,” which stands for “Roll Tide Roll.”

She then explained why she would be supporting boyfriend McCarron over Auburn:

Webb has been attending Bama’s games all season to support McCarron, and there were questions about whether she would attend the Iron Bowl. Despite attending and graduating from Auburn, Webb has never been to an Iron Bowl game. She admitted during the week that she will be nervous about the game, but not because of what might happen with the fans; she’s nervous about Alabama pursuing the national championship.

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Katherine Webb ‘nervous’ about Iron Bowl game between Alabama and her alma mater

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarronFor those of you who are keeping track at home, it would appear that Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb are still together. There have been a number of rumors floating around about college football’s favorite couple breaking up over the past few months, but Webb has still been attending McCarron’s games with his mom and awaiting victory smooches.

During an interview with USA Today earlier this week, Webb spoke about the upcoming Iron Bowl game between No. 1 Alabama and No. 4 Auburn. Believe it or not, the Auburn alum has never been to an Iron Bowl game.

“This is the first actual game, Iron Bowl, that I will be attending,” Webb said. “I don’t know what to expect and I’m really nervous. I  didn’t get to go to the Iron Bowl whenever I was in school because I ended up having to sell my student ticket because I was running low on cash.”

Oh, how the times have changed. Webb has become pretty famous since Brent Musburger introduced her to the world last year during the BCS National Championship Game, so I’m sure she has plenty of extra cash laying around. Webb said McCarron is worried about opposing fans potentially being cruel to her, but she’s just concerned about the outcome of the game.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to expect,” Webb explained. “AJ just in his protective nature, we talked about it (Wednesday) night. And he was like, ‘I’m concerned. I don’t know what the fans are gonna do.’ And I’m like, ‘It’s OK. I’ll be sweet, genuine and nice like I always am if anything were to happen.’

“I’m not nervous about the fans. Of course I want to see AJ have that fourth championship ring, so I really want them to do well. That’s what I’m nervous about. I’m not nervous about his talent or abilities as a player. Of course, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the outcome.”

This year, the outcome of the Iron Bowl could ultimately determine which team gets to play for a national championship. Our advice? Never bet against Nick Saban.

Verne Lundquist jabs ESPN, Brent Musburger over Katherine Webb (Video)

Katherine Webb Dee Dee BonnerVerne Lundquist isn’t going to gush over Katherine Webb the way Brent Musburger did during the BCS National Championship Game, and he isn’t afraid to let you know that on national TV.

Towards the end of Alabama’s 38-17 win over LSU on Saturday, CBS decided to show two members of Bama’s first family. They flashed to Webb and Dee Dee Bonner (AJ McCarron’s girlfriend and mother), who were in the stands to watch their loved one compete.

Play-by-play announcer Lundquist kept his comments about Webb and Bonner brief, leaving Gary Danielson to question whether his partner was going to say anything else as the shot dragged on.

“That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say?” Danielson asked.

“You’re darned right. I don’t work for that four-letter network. Discretion,” Lundquist advised, as Danielson laughed.

Easy there, Verne. Next thing you know he’ll be calling Brent a pervert.

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Also – you have to read this story from SI about how Lundquist picked up his wife at a bar over 30 years ago. It was a bold move, Cotton, and it definitely paid off.

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Katherine Webb trying to show she and AJ McCarron are still together?


Katherine Webb is making it very difficult for us to determine if she and Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron have broken up. Two weeks ago, a report that sounded pretty legitimate surfaced claiming the famous couple has decided to split. Then we saw Webb give McCarron a kiss on the cheek after Alabama’s win over Ole Miss, although it did not seem like a girlfriend kiss at all. And have you checked out Webb’s Instagram page lately?

Webb wrote on Instagram that the photo you see above was taken before the Ole Miss game. She also uploaded a photo of her and McCarron’s mom with a caption that reads “Waiting on our victory kisses after the Ole Miss win.”

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Katherine Webb gave AJ McCarron kiss after Alabama’s win (Video)

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarron-kissLast week, a report surfaced claiming AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb have broken up. If that is in fact true, it appears college football’s most famous former couple has chosen to keep things civil. Following Alabama’s win over Ole Miss on Saturday, Webb gave McCarron a kiss on the cheek.

Webb was at the game with McCarron’s mother. If you remember, Webb was at the BCS National Championship Game last year with McCarron’s mom when Brent Musburger first drooled over her and introduced her to the world. It would seem that the two have remained close even if McCarron and Webb are no longer dating.

We can only speculate, but that embrace seemed to give credence to the reports about McCarron and Webb having broken up. If you ask me, that looked much more like an ex-girlfriend kiss than anything.

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Katherine Webb tweets ‘don’t believe everything you hear’ after AJ McCarron breakup rumors

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb reportedly broke up recently. The story first surfaced early Friday morning, with Webb’s mother supposedly telling a gossip website that the couple is no longer together. Shortly after word began circulating the internet, Webb sent out the following tweet.

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarronWebb could have squashed the rumor altogether and denied the breakup, but she did not. For that reason, I’m inclined to believe the split is legitimate.

So what could the tweet mean?

The report from Radar also said that Webb’s modeling gigs and television roles — like ABC’s “Splash” —  have forced her to travel a lot and strained her relationship with McCarron. She is said to have broken things off with AJ, not the other way around.

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Perhaps McCarron was the one who ended things, or maybe Webb’s busy schedule had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged split. Again, it would have been much easier for Webb to pull a Caroline Wozniacki and put the speculation to rest. She did not, which leads us to believe that the details of the breakup could be the issue.

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AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb reportedly break up

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarronThe most famous couple in college football has reportedly split. According to a report from Radar Online, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and former Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb are no longer dating. Webb’s mother told the gossip site that Katherine broke things off with McCarron.

“Yes [they've broken up],” Leslie Webb reportedly told Radar. “Katherine’s just trying to stay real busy.”

The report went on to say that Webb’s new-found fame has led to a great deal of traveling for modeling gigs and shows like “Splash,” which had become a burden on her relationship with McCarron. Less than a week after we posted a full history of how the Hollywood-esque story of Webb and McCarron came together, this certainly comes as a shock to LBS.

One friend of McCarron’s would not rule out the couple getting back together.

“It might end up just being a break, but for now they’ve called it quits,” the friend told Radar.

But that’s not all. Katherine and AJ have also stopped following each other on Twitter, which means the breakup just has to be for real.

McCarron and Webb had been seen less and less together over the past several months, but we were left to assume that was because Alabama’s season had started back up and Webb was busy capitalizing off of her good looks. Apparently there was more to it than that. This is truly a sad day for the WAG community.

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