Kellen Winslow Makes an Amazing One-Handed Catch on Tipped Ball

The Pittsburgh Steelers are completely waxing the Buccaneers right now, but if there has been one bright spot all day for Tampa Bay it has to be Kellen Winslow’s one-handed catch.  Last week we were fortunate enough to see Randy Moss reel in touchdown pass with one hand, but Winslow’s catch is a close second.  What makes the tight end’s catch so impressive is that the ball was tipped and he somehow managed to stay with it and keep his feet in bounds while making one-handed catch.  You can check out video of Kellen Winslow’s one-handed catch here.

Kellen Winslow Is Not Happy with the Browns, GM Phil Savage

Though Kellen Winslow has quite the rocky past with the media, he has very little history here at LBS. Matter of fact, this might be a first in terms of mentions for K2. There was an easy opportunity I passed on last week when I chose not to get in the middle of Winslow’s “undisclosed illness” that caused him to miss the Monday night game against the Giants. I felt it was more important to respect K2’s privacy in the matter. Now Winslow has come out and explained he was sidelined by a staph infection which has been quite the killer in Cleveland. Staph infections have claimed seven players over the last four years, including a near-death situation for LeCharles Bentley. Winslow explained his frustration:

“A big reason I’m upset right now has to do with [the staph infection],” said Winslow. “I heard from Romeo Crennel and I heard from my position coach [Alfredo Roberts] when I was in the Clinic. I heard from my teammates. But I never heard from the main man — Phil Savage — and that really disappoints me. Sometimes I don’t even feel a part of this team.

“I feel I’ve done a lot for this team, played through a lot of pain and given it my all. I just thought there’d be a little more ‘how are you doing?’ by him.”

Winslow said he was so disgruntled that he held back from going T.O. or Ocho Cinco on the Browns. Furthermore, he restrained from requesting a trade from the team at the deadline. I admire all the pain K2 has played through and it does sound pretty inappropriate that Savage didn’t call him. Additionally, if Cleveland can’t get something as routine as medical care for its players down properly, I wouldn’t want to be around either. What the heck is their deal with those staph infections??