Ken Shamrock working as bodyguard, provided security for 50 Cent

Ken Shamrock bodyguard

From the “where are they now?” files comes this story about fighting legend Ken Shamrock now working as a bodyguard, and even being hired to protect 50 Cent recently.

Shamrock, who was part of the UFC’s first Hall of Fame class, was working as one of Fiddy’s bodyguards at the CES convention on Wednesday. TMZ says Shamrock works for a company now that does private security for many high-end clients.

On his Twitter account, Shamrock described 50 as a “great guy”:

He also clarified that he is not 50 Cent’s personal bodyguard, but just was hired to provide security detail for the rapper.

Now this may be a dumb question but … didn’t 50 survive being shot nine times from close range? What does this guy need security for? He’s more indestructible than Boris the Blade.

Photo: Twitter/Lakerfan2345

James Toney and Ken Shamrock Nearly Fight at Press Conference (Video)

James Toney and Ken Shamrock had to be separated at a meet and greet Saturday evening at the IFC Gym in Van Nuys, California. The two were at the gym to meet fans and pose for photos in anticipation of their upcoming fight. The rules for the fight were explained: there will be eight 3-minute rounds and a 30-second time limit on the ground. The new regulation, intended to even the fight between the storied boxer and MMA fighter, was termed a “shot clock” by the promoters.

Shamrock promised to stand up and fight Toney, unlike Randy Couture who took Toney to the ground and submitted him. He said he would get in Toney’s face and stand up to him like a boxer, allowing the fight to be competitive.

Toney’s manager admitted that taking the fight against Couture using full UFC rules was a mistake, and they said the move was intended to embarrass boxing. We saw it as an opportunity Toney wanted to promote himself on a big stage. This time around it should be a more even fight where Shamrock will be subjected to Toney’s boxing skills more than Couture was.

James Toney and Ken Shamrock Will Have MMA Fight in September

There are some fights that are made that really get you pumped up. For me, Fedor-Henderson, Overeem-Silva, and Mayweather-Ortiz all spark interest. Then there are some fights that are strict pay days which we cover because it’s part of our job. And of course you inevitably have fights that never should be going on. Jose Canseco has had quite a few of those. Roy Jones Jr. has sadly joined the same category. And now, disappointingly, we can add one more.

Boxer James Toney and legendary UFC fighter Ken Shamrock will square off on September 23rd in El Paso, Texas according to BJPenn.com. Toney is a 42-year-old boxer who got destroyed by Randy Couture in his lone MMA fight. Toney looked so bad even Mike Tyson was laughing at him. The good news for Lights Out is he’s facing Shamrock who has gone 2-7 since 2005. The 47-year-old isn’t in top condition, but that doesn’t matter — Couture was the same age when he pummeled Toney.

Toney stands little chance to beat an MMA fighter in a mixed martial arts fight. If it were a boxing match, I’d install him as a 1:10 favorite. In the cage? The odds are the reverse. I would ask why he’s doing it to himself, but we all already know the answer — it’s to make money and remain relevant. LBS has a really interesting story on Toney we’ll be sharing later, so make sure you follow me on twitter @LBSports so you don’t miss it.

Lastly, any surprise Texas may be the venue? Keep in mind both fighters have been busted for PED-usage in the past and Texas’ athletic commission is lax when it comes to testing. Why do you think so many fights have been staged there recently?